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Found 8 results

  1. Good day all, I collected this images today and processed them as well. A lot of work all in a day but got er done. My whitelight set up was a bit lacking today. Didn't clean my refractor properly so I will have to redo it again tomorrow. I just had to get images of AR2670. Hope you all got some sun! FC, AS!3, ImPPG and GIMP Thanks for looking!
  2. Good day all! What a specutaclar sunspot group, AR2665, along with some huge prominences! My handcontroller is still acting up but I am able to work quickly and get some solar images in. The usual gear- Equinox 80mm with Baader Solar Contiuum filter and Lunt Herschel wedge and LS60THa with and without a reducer, and 3x barlow. Captured with ASI120mm. FC, AS!3, ImPPG Thanks for looking!
  3. Good day fellow SGL members! I got some good imaging in yesterday, unfortunately I had some mount problems. I will have to begin diagnosis. My motors/hand controller delayed engaing to move the mount after a while, or just stopped working all together. Considering this is a very expensive mount, I will have to try and figure it out. I have been very good with my connectors, could be running the laptop and mount off of the garage power. Also concerning, I believe it happened running off of my battery box as well. Anyways, I was not able to shoot white light close ups because of mount failure. I did stack more frame % (20%) on this run. Close ups to follow. Thanks for looking and clear skies!
  4. Hello, after a considerable amount of work, I am finally ready to present two animations I took a ton of data from clear skies on Saturday. These are my first close up animations. Due to rotation from poor polar alignment and clouds (even after running the video through PIPP), I had alignment issues so I had to separate them. Hope you enjoy. I always like seeing the sun in motion. Images were from 11:45am to 1445pm approx. With some cloud interfering after 1300. No flats either hence the Newtonian rings. I may have one more short animation to post soon still, which I will update this post with a new comment. These are both about 20 frames each, and will have another one for about 7-8 frames. Thanks for looking
  5. EDIT- I screwed up the date in the title, this was Saturday June 3rd whoops After a crazy few months with life events, I finally jumped back on the horse. Finally figured out how to image with this 224MC camera and actually see surface features. You have to go into RGB channels in fire capture and turn down the red channel to 0 in order to see the disk otherwise you're imaging blind. I received my ASI120MM 3.0 today so I will be using that for now on. AR2661 put on quite the show, I had to cloud dodge to get anything in. I cant decide which inverts I like better, so I decided to share the ones I think turned out best, all of the final runners up are on my flickr. Firecapture, AS!3, ImPPG Cheers from Canada. Thanks for looking and clear skies!!
  6. Hello fellow SGL members, hope you're all getting some sun! I was graced with several hours of clear skies and good seeing. These images are my personal best, IMO (based on noise,presence of newtonian rings, chromosphere details,ect). I also tried experimenting with a whitelight mosaic and another animation. I am having stacking issues with my white light, but I will be getting started on my animation soon. I am excited to show you that, if it turns out. This images are taken with the usual gear and processing. Thanks for looking and clear skies (especially for the eclipse). Comments welcome
  7. Solar grab and go set ups for white light and hydrogen alpha. by SolarT RM, on Flickr Solar grab and go set ups for white light and hydrogen alpha. by SolarT RM, on Flickr August 6 , 2017 Solar session. 1045 am start. Roughly noon finished. I am on holidays for a second time this summer. This time it is one week and a day, strategically place within long weekend. Spending the night with extended family in Red Deer. Got too drunk / tired for any night observing. Woke up to some blue skies. Out comes the solar gear, and a white towel to cover my black pants and shirt (poor wardrobe choice) Good thing I pulled out the gear from the trunk of car, dew on everything packed away - which was very surprising. Out in the sun we go! Dew disappears. I knew Active region 2665 survived its journey around the sun, now with the designation 2670. A killer sun spot that launched two flares last trip around. Out comes the white light set up , SW Equinox 80mm. Porta II. Baader click lock 2" to 1.25" adapter , 1.25 lunt Herschel wedge with Baader solar continuum filter. Eyepieces used. 32 mm highlight plossl, 22 panoptic, 13 mm nagler with Barlows. 32mm plossl - plenty of black space around a green sun. Slight pepper look to the surface , the solar granulation cells. Too far away though for my liking. 22mm Pan. Okay but not as good as it was in the Ha scope. Had some dew I blasted off though. Umbra and penumbra visible. Granulation present. Plenty of black space around a green sun. 13mm nagler. Now we are talking. Fine granulation detail visible. This eyepiece is the right combination of magnification with black space around for Hand tracking with slow motion controls. Nice detail in the sunspot 13mm nagler with 3x TV Barlows. Barely able to get a full disk of the Green sun around , if I pan my eye in every direction around the field stop. It is the best high power view of AR2670. Sunspot looks like cell division, umbra about to split into two. Maybe in a day or so. Almost like a Xmas tree in shape. Left side larger than right side. There is a small black umbra speck not in the large group but close to the left side. 13mm nagler with 5 x powermate. Views dimmed but plenty of detail in umbra and penumbra. Looks like there are actually two small minute specks besides the larger "half" of active region 2670. Also, the potential splitting of the spot appears to be complete. A tiny green line of sun "appears" to run across the black expanse of the Umbra only visible at high power. Packed away white light set up. Took a water break and came back out and set up the Ha scope. LS60THa with zoom eyepiece , 22 Pan and 13 mm nagler. First up was the zoom. The pumped it up higher mags, and was floored. A very busy disk. Each time I think the sun can't surprise me, it shows me something that does. A massively thick prominence about 11-12 o clock. I pulled out the 22 Pan. Razor sharp. It looks like the base of it has 4 or 5 stems that all connect into a massive prom. Like two major proms merged together. Also. Beside massive prom, about 1030-11 o o'clock, two twin small proms. This region looks insane, I needed another witness, so I got my gf's auntie to come look at the view which she agreed was very crazy to see. Proms also at 9 o clock. The second biggest one. Looks like a tent. At 5 and 6 o clock, small little proms. 3 o clock another prom medium sized with irregular shape. The surface was very sharp in the sweet spot. Plasma all across the disk. Two large filaments by active region 2670. Time for new eyepieces. 13mm nagler. It is here I see two more smaller filaments and some light red areas which looked like plage by 2670. More smaller proms and the irregularities spikey chromosphere show nicely. Closer inspection on massive prom group at 11-12 o o'clock show about 5 stems connecting a fainter base. That 1030-11 o clock smaller prom twin section beside it are actually 6 small prom stems coming up off the disk. 2 of the 6 I would say are medium sized. Further observations get my mind thinking. It looks like massive prom kind of reminds me of a horse rearing on its hind legs. With a man holding the head with the reins trying to bring it down. I wish I had my imaging set up to document this, I may consider sketching for solar work now, to compliment imaging when I don't want to lug out the gear. Thanks for reading and clear skies.
  8. Hello all, I love trying new ways of processing. I tried flats first the first time (which failed to improve the images so I removed them). Today's Main goal was to try my first ever animation. I am still going through that data and learning curve, so that will come later. But here are some close up shots taken with a TV 3x barlow. This data was processed a bit more aggressively. I have softer versions available if you think there is too much noise on these. Comments welcome, animation to come!
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