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New EPs + O-III + more 'Secret Deep' objects

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Over the past few weeks I have purchased a 20mm and 9mm Myraid 100 degree EPs and although I have a Lumicon UHC and Astronomic O-III both these filters are 1.25". I wanted a 2" O-III but did not want to pay the high premium of either the Lumicon or Astronomik. I have studied the graphs of many of less expensive 2" filters and in the end decided to take a risk and bought a Castell.

Last night was the big test for these EPs but also the Castell O-III.

I started with M13 and it was magnificant in the 12" Dob with the 9mm Myriad. Now the first test and I placed the Castell O-III filter into the 20mm Myriad and viewed the Veil. Well the view of both East and West together with the Pickering Triangle was very clear - so the Castell passed it first outing. Over to M57 and with the 9mm Myraid and Castell O-III I obtained a much better defined view than without the filter.

I now switched to viewing more objects from the Secret Deep by Steve O'Meara. I started with open cluster NGC 6811 and viewed it with the 9mm Myraid. I then viewed HDE 226868 Cygnus X-1 a star associated with a Black Hole followed by an Asterism defined by O'Meara as OM3 or Alessi J20053+4732. This Asterism has quite a number of stars and is quite a nice cluster when viewed with the 20mm Myraid.

The next object was the PN  NGC 6891 in Delphinus which is bright but tiny Planetary. I had to use a bit of magification to confirm its identity. Back to an open cluster NGC 6910 again which is a pleasant view in a 100 degree EP. Being in the area I tried to view IC 1318 an Emission Nebula which O'Meara states is very easy in a small scope - well I failed - even using a 30mm EP and an UHC filter.

Still in Cygnus I viewed two close PNs NGC 7026 and NGC 7048. The first was easy again using an O-III helped. But NGC 7048 really caused me problems and I could not understand why. I tried for 10/15 minutes cross referencing the Instellarium and O'Meara's guide. In the end whilst changing EPs I noticed that the secondary was totally misted up. Well the 12 volt hairdryer came to rescue and then with a O-III filter this pretty faint PN came into view. NGC 7048 is not easy but its a great object to seek out and view.

I ended the night with M15, M33 and the double cluster which in a 12" Dob and a 20mm 100 degree EP is incredible.

So in conclusion I have to praise the Revelation 12" Dob the Skywatcher Myraid range of 100 degree and the Castell O-III filter.

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Lovely reading Mark. I'm really glad the Revelation is proving...well... I guess it's proving to be a revelation ;)

A great range of objects you caught there, from the classics to some more obscure but very interesting targets. Glad the Castell proved to be worth taking a punt on.

Let's hope this autumn and winter give us plenty of observing opportunities to try all this kit out!

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Nice report of a good session!  Glad to hear the Castell OIII has worked out for you.  This (the 2") was the first filter I bought and was very happy with it.  Certainly it does the job as it has a little wider pass it also works pretty well in small apertures.   I went the other way as I needed a 1.25" and opted for a much narrower band-pass that the Baader OIII gives for extra contrast.

I haven't tried for NGC 7048 yet but it looks an interesting one so I'll have to give this one a go next time I'm out.

I've really enjoyed O'Mearas books and often use them as reference to objects.  Although his extremely dark skies and hawk-like vision make me rather jealous!

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