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Apologies if this has been posted before, but I have just discovered this today.

There is now a seemingly simple procedure to add the PPMXL catalogue (about 900m stars to mag 20) to CdC - http://www.ap-i.net/skychart/en/news/ppmxl_catalog.

I won't be adding it to my laptop version, but will probably give it a go on my desktop, as a recent test (https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/275697-it-only-took-a-minute/) suggests that UCAC4 is just not going to be good enough any more!



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Just done a quick test for a couple of degrees (88n/89n) - realized that I could do it in batches, using the 'add' option in catgen.

Not surprisingly, it slows down the program when shifting from one position to another, so I have set it only to use the catalogue when using the 30' FOV or smaller (settings 0-1). For some reason there seems to be a total absence of these faint stars in an 8' radius circle around Polaris. How useful this will be will obviously depend on how many of these anomalies there are, but I will carry on for a little while anyway.


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