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  1. "An OSC camera is best used as an OSC camera - that is a broadband natural colour camera." Obvious, but interesting. In your opinion, what are some of the best broadband targets (OSC being deliver next week...). Thanks.
  2. Haven't been inside a store since February, but ordered several different lengths of 1/4-20 and picked them up curbside. I had to use a Losmandy mount because there was no screw that fit through the rings on the Stellarvue as well as the plate on the Esprit, but got it done with a 1" 3/4", so Imperial after all. Thanks for the help.
  3. No doubt... Got an initial reply from Skywatcher but they thought I was asking about the finder scope, even though I said specifically I was looking for "the measurements of the guide plate that is on th OTA." Maybe second time will be the charm
  4. Thanks much. Kays is in the UK, apparently, and would probably take an extra week or so to get here. But I will scour eBay fo a domestic supplier. Looks like a variety of 1-4/20, 1-4/26 and M6 is what I need .
  5. ;-). Yes, I am familiar with "technical difficulties" since I got my first Apple II in 1981 Smoking hard drives, non-functioning RAIDs, buggy operating systems, and for my super macro studio, lighting and exposure and positioning and stability issues Headaches are all part of the game. (AP is just a new game ...) The big difference these days from 1981 is the great resource of these forums and the vast range of expertise forum members have, plus their willingness to share (also the same for macro and just about any other hobby) I do expect problems not just initially, but for as long as I pursue such hobbies. Hopefully I can get the correct measurements form Skywatcher, but I will also just buy a bunch of nuts and bolts and be prepared. Thanks for the advice - very true and much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Weird cause all I am seeing on Amazon are sets of metric sizes, which of course it could be. Hope I can get answer from Skywatcher, since I don't want to make a trip to the hardware store.
  7. I want to mount a Stellarvue 50mm guide scope to my Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED OTA. I have the Stellarvue but even though the screws that hold the rings onto its plate fit into the screw holes on the side of the ED100, they are the wrong pitch and only screw in about 1/3 of the way,.Does anyone know what the screw pitch of the guide plate on the side of the Esprit is and/or what type of screws I need to get? (I can mount the rings of the SV right onto the Esprit because they are flat on the bottom.) I don't know the diameter of the existing screws holding the rings onto the guider plate, but they are definitely the wrong pitch. Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks much. Sounds right, though not mentioned in the manual... Still have a lot of basics to learn.
  9. Just got my AZ-EQ 6 Pro yesterday and switched it to AZ mode for viewing. The manual says to "jack up the RA axis's elevation until it reaches approximately 88 degrees and the jack screw will disengage entirely (doesn't mention removing the counterweights before switching modes until the next page - this is my first ever scope, so I know basically nothing) . In any case, made the switch and got the knurled screws into the correct positions but the jackscrew is still completely disengaged and I can't adjust the RA axis elevation, which is now almost exactly (88 degrees) parallel with the ground. How do I regain control of elevation at this point? I retightened the two fork tightening knobs and the RA clutch (tried both in various positions), but the jackscrew is completely non-functioning. Thanks for any help.
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