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  1. Success at last, I'm reasonably sure these are actual meteor scatter from Graves. Though I'm also getting a slowly drifting signal a lot of the time, no idea what it is. Not the Moon as it isn't up visible for too long for an aircraft and too frequently for the ISS.
  2. I'm setting up a meteor radar detection system and have an issue with the waterfall view in Spectrum lab. I'm using the MetScat_dstarter_v1.USR configuration file as a starting point, and my understanding is that the waterfall should have a time line every 15 seconds. The lines are shown with a time interval shown as 15 second however there is actually about 45 seconds between the display of each line and the time drifts from the computer clock time. If I stop and re-start the sound thread the time re-synchronizes with the system time but starts drifting again. I'm using an old low power computer and Spectrum Lab is using between 35-40% CPU time, I'm also regularly syncing the computer time with an internet time service so the computer time is correct. Is there anyway to get the correct time displayed? James
  3. Thank you, that's a great help.
  4. Thanks IanL, that was the dongle I was thinking of getting, do you know where I can get a copy of the dell? I read somewhere that SDR# was needed to tune the radio. I can't see how to do that directly from Spectrum Lab. James
  5. I'm thinking of setting up a meteor radar detector system using Graves, a 3 element yagi in the loft, a RTL SDR dongle and an old XP laptop. Before I start on the hardware I thought I'd look at the software side. I've downloaded and installed Spectrum lab and the Sky at Night configuration files, it installed and appears to run fine on the old laptop. However I believe I'll also need SDR# to tune the SDR. I've downloaded this and the download claims to be x86 however when I try running SDR# on the 32bit XP laptop I'm getting an error message saying that it's not a valid 32 win application. I've tried downloading it a couple of times in case the download was corupt but get the same results. Has anyone tried running SDR# on XP? Or does anyone have any idea why I'm getting the problem. Thank you James
  6. I'm trying to update the firmware in my SE4/5 mount's hand controler using Celestron's CFM software but it cannot find the mount. I'm using the latest CFM 2.7.9007 the mount is powered up and connected.. CFM says it has checked all the ports and cannot find a mount it then says to power up the mount while pressing the menu and celestron logo buttons, but the hand controller doesn't have a celestron logo button! The connection is fine as NexRemote works without a problem (I'm not using NexRemote or any other software at the same time as CFM). Any ideas? James
  7. I think the cloud cover may be due to me buying a new telescope at the end of November. I haven't had a decent night since!
  8. Having complained to Amazon I've had no answers to my questions just an email giving a new estimated delivery date February 14 2019 - March 28 2019 !!! At this rate I might get it by Christmas 2020. Looks like Amazon have lost the sale of this item as I'll now cancel the order.
  9. Well I ordered a copy of the 2019 Yearbook of Astronomy from Amazon on the day they said it was released (30th November), and as of now (15th January) they still have not dispatched it! I've dealt with a lot of suppliers of Astronomical equipment over the years and the vast majority have provided excellent service, but not Amazon this time. I've contacted their customer services department and the won't say why it has not been dispatched or when it will be, all I get are standardised holding responses. James
  10. I am using the latest version of C-MuniPack. I experimented a bit yesterday and discovered that by not using dark frames it did work without the warning, so perhaps there is something wrong with my darks. James
  11. I'm getting the following warning from. I've just got a new telescope and never saw this message with my old one. The new telescope had changed the image scale: Warning: There aren't enough pixels in the sky annulus. Are you sure your bad pixel thresholds are all right? If so, then you need a larger outer sky radius. I've tried changing the threshold to several values between 1 and 100 but it doesn't help, I've also tried increasing the outer sky radius but again no help. Can you make any other suggestions? Thank you James
  12. Hi, Has anyone got a copy of the 2019 Yearbook of Astronomy yet (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1526737035)? I ordered one from amazon and it was supposed to be released on 30/11/18 but hasn't been dispatched yet. Is actually available from any retailer? James
  13. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll give them a try tonight. James
  14. Thank's for that, I'll leave the screws alone then. I assume I can move the secondary can be moved up / down the tube with the three tilt collimation screws and the central screw? I'm new to reflectors, I've used mainly refractors and SCT's. James
  15. I recently bought a second hand 200PDS, I've noticed that the focuser has three sets of two screws around its base are they used to make adjustments in some way? I've searched online but have been unable to find any information. I was wondering, as my imaging flats have a large gradient across the field (one corner is 50% brighter than the opposite corner), if I need to adjust them someway. Collimation is OK, I've checked that. Any help / pointers / suggestions greatly appreciated. James
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