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  1. shirva

    Portable EAA Setup

    Another thing you could add to your set up Is a a three way Av splitter ,this would allow you to leave your monitor up at the scope for doing adjustments ect and then run your split feed down to your video grabber and into computer,,
  2. shirva

    Portable EAA Setup

    Got a more detailed read at your post now I'm home from work, The phase lines are a common thing using some of the power supplies,, few years back I had the same problem with my Phil dyer camera , ended up as you found out,,to be the power adapter,, I bought my mains to dc adapter from maplins ( RIP) and all power related issues were solved,, at the time this was what flo were selling as well, Flo have a nice one that will solve your problem , nice regulated unit,, actually nicer than mine lol. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/nevada-ps-08-6a-8a-regulated-linear-power-supply.html Davy
  3. shirva

    Portable EAA Setup

    Great stuff,, don't have an r2 myself but my buddy dragonman from Australia has done a lot with it,, he was a tester for the set up from mike at oc telescope,, I like the az gti on the big tripod ,, now that's the business,, Great report,
  4. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Yeah I remember that ,, virtual headsets,, great idea that never quite took off due to price,, Bit like when we were talking about tracking via a smartphone in vr goggles, I bought a pile of arduino kit ,,and followed the instructions but could not get prototype to work,, now that would have been something special, you look around the night sky with vr goggles and the telescope follows your head movements.. Something that should may be revisited again
  5. shirva

    Unistella evscope

    Yip it's a good video and the chap is right,,buy it if you think it's for you,i t has merit's,, that some folk will like ,,but for me it's constrictive to what I want in a set up,,
  6. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Great info Howie,, I had an inclination that toaster would pick it like that,, Think it's worth a bash with the binoviewer and revolution cameras,, good luck with it t
  7. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Yeah seen robin put up about DSLR,, I asked the question if you could have the two cameras working,ie one dslr, one zwo,, awaiting answer ,, I know two video cameras can be used,, hopefully it will still work that way if one is a dslr
  8. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Oof,, I'm staying out of this one lol.
  9. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Hi rob, think that if both sets of images were sent to a capture folder, possible astrotoaster could stack both images into one,, phew the mind boggles,,lol,, starting to get intense
  10. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Still working on the concept of multiple camera capture but not through the same scope at this time, I'm using a star adventurer with zwo asi 178mc and 130mm f2.8 fd lens, canon 600d with 50mm f1.2 lens controlled via camfi WiFi unit to my phone. Always been interested in using multiple cameras as weather is poor at mine so if I can get twice as much capture I'll be happy.. Still waiting for good weather for testing
  11. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    This is his website, send him an email,very knowledgeable chap https://sites.google.com/a/astrotasmania.com/www/home
  12. shirva

    Binoveiwing Revolution R2?

    Cam see your thoughts on this,, I'm shure shevill Mather has done this a while back ,,if memory serves me right he was using zwo camera's,, was a few years ago think it was either on his website or vaf, The same scenario is done via an off axis guider,, instead of sending image for guiding it could be sent to a computer, monitor,dvr. Few years ago I made a multi camera array,, using three camera's,, using different lenses sending images to a cctv 4 channel DVR ,, the Av feed to a monitor was split,one feed to a monitor,second went to a video grabber and into laptop,, lot of work setting up but was intended for an observatory for meteor capture. I was using an allview version of Samsung scb2000, Phil dyer camera and a Samsung can 2000,, this was a portable set up ,, few years back lol
  13. shirva

    New kit,skywatcher star adventurer

    Since I stay cloud bound just now the testing has been going on indoors, Have a canon 450d modded,so was going to use that in the portable kit, was going to use this via the camfi WiFi adapter,, but kept throwing up errors on the camera with both eos lens and fd lens,, back to flat and picked up one of my 600d camera's and tested camfi with both eos and fd lens,, works fine,, panic over,,, testing when the big white pillows disappear from Cumbernauld
  14. shirva

    New kit,skywatcher star adventurer

    We don't get dew,, we get rain lol and lots of it
  15. shirva

    New kit,skywatcher star adventurer

    Got myself a case from closing down sale at maplins, £25 ,,all kit sitting on standby now

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