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  1. Lot's can go wrong with things,,, but if I have a camera and a tripod have a chance of at least getting a picture lol
  2. Cheers mate, had thought about the lorry lol,, thinking along the lines of heq5 pro,, with sw WiFi adapter controling the mount,, extension tube for the heq5 to stop me bending all the time. Lol. Ed80 with 0.85 sw Focal reducer/flatner,, canon 600d with meikie pro grip holding double batteries,, cables to laptop running byeos and astrotoaster,, probably take the star adventurer and second canon 600d for some fun
  3. Booked up for the Galloway star camp October 30th to November 4th at dunroamin campsite,, First star camp for myself,,be good to get to really dark skies and see what results come about,, struggling in Cumbernauld, Scotland with light pollution and living in a flat four flights up isn't fun ,, shifting kit about. Big choice,, can't decide what kit to take lol With the help of David Millar and Danny Cameron members of astronomy Scotland Facebook group we have been working other film producers to do a short documentary on Scottish amateur astronomy and all going well should be filmed at the tenth anniversary of the star camp,, Check out the star party section on sgl for more information
  4. My mistake,,, think it's the VGA for usb. The composite ones for the Sammy is the 3.5 jack in photo
  5. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F182751926951 One I have
  6. Hi hadyn,, I bought the toguard model wr943 Power 12-24v DC. 5w Built in speakers VGA port via usb b port HDMI port 3.5 mm port for composite video and audio , cable supplied Remote control.. Been a while since I used it but good screen
  7. Sell,, if you are having bother with it, no point flogging a dead horse, I bought a qhy5lii be I hated it, just never got anywhere with it,, chucked in a drawer for a year before I touched it again.. should have sold it a week after I got it,, jumped on the band wagon of folk praising it,, mmm righto,, wouldn't fall for that again
  8. Nearly up to four now, lol. I'm an admin on video astronomy forum and an ordinary member on here and CN, and it's great to get a variety of different ways of doing the hobby,, I only recently started looking more into it due to discussion on here, Vonnoggindragon has been keeping me right
  9. Now in to mid July ,, any news on the beta testing,,,,
  10. Try a Focal reducer
  11. Great to see the watec still getting used,, great cameras
  12. The humble DSLR kicking out a great image,, so overlooked these days,,, zwo is the be all to end all most people believe,, but if you have a DSLR sitting around then we'll worth a bash with free software,,
  13. Showing my age on this post lol. Samsung scb2000 was the main CCTV camera used back in 2011,, it was cheap to buy and had good intregration , the UK version was the better model, modded and done a lot of testing of this camera,you had to split the case and remove lens board and take out the factory fitted ir lens to let through the right light spectrum,, I fitted a 40 x 40mm fan behind the lens board to cool it, I fitted a 40 x 40mm fan on top of the top casing and 18mm fan on each side,, and as I said done a lot of testing with a fluke meter measuring the internal casing temp and running sharpcap,, in cooled it used to drop a lot of frames,, cooling on ,, never dropped a frame. Found that if you sucked the hot air out of the casing ,,this had best results,, camera temp was at ambient,, non cooled it was 12 to 15 degree warmer inside the casing. The Samsung was a good work horse and got better when we found that you could use a UTC,, controller ( up the coaxial).. I had my camera's at first rigged up to a usb frame grabber, then to a four channel DVR and split the signal to the monitor , to a usb grabber and into my computer,, four cameras running all at once and recording to 1.5 TB hard drive in the DVR.. The next camera that was good was the Phil dyer camera,, or pd1 we called it,, it was a huviron CCTV camera and done double the intregration of the Sammy,, I believe if I can remember correctly ,, it had the same internals as the ln300,, the ln300 was a bit of a hit or miss camera,, some never lasted long. Few mods were attempted,. making the casing shorter,fan mod ect,, faded away as could not get parts for them. The watec 902h,, 1/2" sensor,, mono,,, now that is a low light camera ,, closest camera you could get to night vision back in the day,, I still have 2 scb200 box cameras 1 scb2000 dome camera 1 Phil dyer pd1 camera 2 watec 902h cameras Had a lot less hassle setting these up than I had setting up dslrs, and my zwo Asian 178mc ,, stuck a flip mirror on the Sammy with a 6mm eyepiece,, focus and fliip mirror to camera,, final adjustments and a few settings,, good to go.
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