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  1. Unistella evscope

    Sorry folks,, I saw it had the 1.5 million I took that as the target they had to reach,,, should be able to make a telescope for 1.6 million 😀
  2. Skywatcher synscan WiFi adapter

    Few guys in astronomy Scotland Facebook group have sent away for them yesterday,,
  3. Another thread to create a discussion lol. http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-synscan-wifi-adaptor.html There is now the synscan pro app that does the eq mount available from the play store
  4. Unistella evscope

    Will find out in 17 days,, all or bust,,, $150,00 pledged looks like they need a hell of a lot more money to kick-start it
  5. Watec 902H what to do with it?

    That's my new watec 902h came today,,😀... That's me got 2 of these now,, great wee camera this one is going on the Orion finder guide scope
  6. Watec 902H what to do with it?

    To be honest I have just fired on cheap ones for testing, I got a job lot of these one's in the photo
  7. New portable kit

    No worries there mate,, time served mechanic and I work in an auto electrical workshop 😀, half my work is auto electrical, I'm the stand in sparky when the workshop based spark is on holiday,,Im the second man on installs, kitting out service vans, hazard warning lights, split charging, night heaters, jump start systems,,, one of my tool boxes is auto electrical kit, better kitted out than our sparkies.. LOL. The car is getting this power panel fitted in the rear Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222540146372, This is my head unit
  8. New portable kit

    Got a slight test on some of my set up, had the car in the car park and was nearly a full moon, 4 degrees temperature wise and clouds rolling in fast 7pm,, I had the sw ed80 / sw focal reducer and zwo asi178 linked to laptop, cable through drivers window, mount controlled via WiFi to my car head unit,, The test on the zwo didn't really pan out because of the clouds, but it was overall equipment test. Mount working fine via head unit ,no issues, was great sitting in the heat and comfort of the car and working the zwo from laptop,, I got an hour of battery life from the laptop, I am waiting on a car charger for the laptop and see how it works out, May need to get a inverter. Probably be better if I fitted my hitecastro focus kit to the ed80 will save me getting in and out the car every time I change objects and refocus. For totally cable free I have the canon dslr,s and the CAMFI unit, hopefully get it tested soon.
  9. What is the current trend for eaa/va

    Hi Louise, weather has been poor since I got it, I did get a slight test the other night on nearly a full moon but it was very cloudy , was struggling on settings had to keep adjusting them to compensate a saner person would have packed up lol, I had it on a sw az gti, ed80 with sw 0.8 focal reducer, it just wouldn't be fair to review it the clouds were that bad,,I was just desperate to get out, I'm using sharpcap pro and the new beta version, It's my first zwo camera and ever since I saw the launch of the Sony starvis sensor advert with the cheetah's in pitch dark I knew it was a camera I wanted, ive been told by a member of my VAF it has limitations but he has the rising tech version,, and is waiting on my test results to compare.
  10. Advice on video astronomy

    If you do own a live view canon DSLR you can get one of these and send live view to android devices ect,, can share to smart phones at a out reach event. http://www.cam-fi.com/en/index.html
  11. Watec 902H what to do with it?

    The watec 902h is a very sensitive camera,, I'm waiting on my second getting delivered, These cameras are widely used by folk for meteor detection,, add a wide angle lens, fit it to a heated CCTV camera casing, buy ufo capture software and your good to go. Or as stated an all sky camera set up I will probably fit one to my finder guider scope , and use it that way,, fitted to dual finder scope bracket, also a nice sensitive guide camera.
  12. Unistella evscope

    Been there stash,,, I saw the Skywatcher az gti and liked the idea,, there was only two folk on sgl who posted they had one just before mine was delivered,, and we had it before American market,, nothing on Skywatcher website,, leap of faith,,but we're talking Skywatcher and have a large amount of astronomy kit on offer. The scope is appealing and a new concept my worry is , that it may not live up to expectations and it is a one trick pony,, if it gets bad reviews and you have bought one,, where is the resale value If you buy a mount scope camera ect separate and it doesn't perform bto your expectations you can sell it and buy something better ,, They talk about linking these scopes together to gather data ect,, great idea and I'm all for that,, but a two grand scope can sit idle the same as a one grand set up if you don't have clear skies, we all know going by forums that the weather world wide has been poor,, the broadcasting on night skies network has dropped big time and only a fraction of what used to be done and it's used by pretty serious video astronomers,, because the new scope may be endorsed by seti won't mean a thing if it's not getting used. I hope it works out but I fear it may be outdated before it's launched unless it has some smart design features such as interchangeable camera modules.. Given that most folk on here have serious kit for the hobby and use a computer as a standard piece of there Astronomy kit to run there camera . 1,, to display the image 2,, to stack short exposure images 3,, to change basic camera settings,, gamma, exposure ect,, I really wonder how this new scope can jump from lunar to deep sky Astronomy as shown in it's demo presentation,, even zwo gives recommendations on what there cameras are best for,,
  13. Unistella evscope

    Hope you're right and all goes well,, sensor wise,how long will it hold it's own given that over the last couple of years cameras are coming out on very regular intervals,, only a few years back most were probably on Samsung scb2000 or ln300 cameras, and now zwo is pumping out several variations on camera sensors, Yes the telescope is small and compact but so are some of the meade etx range and there is also the portable revolution imager set up that would probably be not too far off a good portable set up,, On a personal note, I don't think I'll ever struggle to put some kind of a camera on a scope 😂. One thing that worries me is they have some chaps saying how good they are yet we see only seconds of telescope view,,