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  1. Yeah great post Von.. Due to wanting to understand more on NV Astronomy and to increase awareness I've purchased an old gen 1 cascade tube and with tips and pointers from Von,, I hope to try it myself. No way can I afford the latest gear and I know the kit I will be using is old school and donkeys old,, but it's worth a go.. I'm going to 3d print bits n bods to make up a useable set up..I will be honest I want to do it with a camera and hope to use a watec 902h ,, most oldies will know this as a very sensitive camera, Hopefully it will work it's self out,,and a bit of Vons help
  2. Have a look at zwo cameras on first light optics ,, can pick up a camera for £200,, plenty of support and utube videos on what you can do with them
  3. Have a look at backyard nikon, I use backyard Eos and it's a great tool,, not free but worth the money, This can be integrated with the free programme Astrotoaster,, Video on this software can be found on utube,, look out for Carl smith's (Howie from Oz)
  4. Thanks for the update guy's,, real pity it's taking so long to get to beta testing,, you would have thought that a prototype would have been tested by a impartial astronomer and recommended any modifications before sending out a batch to be tested,, I would be a bit worried if it were me buying it especially with the cost involved. I hope they deliver better than what was advertised and you can get some usage before dark night's start creeping in.
  5. This tutorial was done by Howie in Australia,, well worth watching his videos if you want to use a DSLR for Astronomy
  6. This tutorial was done by Howie in Australia,, well worth watching his videos if you want to use a DSLR for Astronomy
  7. With byeos,, you don't need to do single twenty minutes , you can do this in much smaller subs,, if a plane ,cloud, satellite passed in your fov then you don't lose much,, astrotoaster works alongside DSS.
  8. Been using canon 600d for a time,, weather constraints have hampered me for a long time,, Old stash and myself have been using astrotoaster for a while and being honest it's the best around for dslr ,, video astronomy,, You can use canon utilities to interact with astrotoaster ,, more basic set up or use backyard Eos,, which has a lot more features,, but of course it is intended for Astronomy. I have used analogue CCTV cameras and digital cameras, qhy5lii colour and zwo Asi 178 colour camera but I have to be honest I personally prefer DSLR ,byeos and astrotoaster combination. I have just bought the canon 4000d and hope to get out a bit more weather permitting.. Byeos,, is a lot cheaper than any decent Astronomy camera and if you have a live view canon DSLR I would give it serious consideration. Howie in Australia has done a few astrotoaster tutorial videos on astrotoaster using canon utilities,, well worth watching,,, if you wish to go down DSLR route Davy
  9. Hi grant. Feel the pain ,lol Well done sgl making positive changes to the forum,, been about a few years now since since pre digital cameras,, seen a lot of changes since then and been involved a bit as well with my own video astronomy forum . gotto move with the change in equipment and techniques and sgl, vaf, cloudy nights have all had problems defining,, video Astronomy,, since the days of analogue,, a lot of equipment , cameras, techniques almost bridge the gap into astrophotography and visual these days in some shape or form NV ,,yip true live Astronomy, most others have some type of intregration. Cloudy nights is the most used for NV and have had there fair share of debates on the issue,, when it wasn't looking to good ( Von) set up a NV discussion board and filled it with great info on VAF but folk persevered on cloudy nights and seems to doing better which is good news for all because they bring a uniqueness to Astronomy,, gives a different perspective for folk to look at,, back when I started video Astronomy was in the same type of position,, the poor man's astrophotography,, we've came a long way from that,, lot of folk now bridge these Gap's and do several types of astronomy with the type of kit they have,, and good on them. Used to get a bit heated up myself year's ago,, but as you get older,, you try and get wiser,,and it's good to debate issues as ,, name of a group,, let's be honest it's been called many different names in many different forums and websites,, and a lot of us still post in them. NV is in it's infancy in the UK with a few like Peter leading the way,, well done sir,, I had a look at doing it myself but,, just couldn't justify the budget. But it is coming on nicely as a part of UK Astronomy , as usual UK is a bit behind the USA in matters of Astronomy,, but we get on fine regardless. Really folks it's not worth fussing over, do your Astronomy your way and enjoy it and pass on your findings to others. This forum and others have a hard time trying to find the right balance,, it's a hobby and should be fun,, well apart from the weather.lol. Davy
  10. Knowing that feeling Louise, I'm in the same boat as you,,, up the Clyde without a paddle lol, I'm four flights up and to try and get comprehensive kit out , with the poor weather were having,, is soul destroying,, Cooling on any camera is beneficial,, I modded Samsung scb2000 camera's and done a lot of testing years back and the amount of dropped frames was astonishing on non cooled mode to nearly none on cooling mod,, and that was only keeping the camera at ambient temperature..
  11. Yeah,, weather been poor, so haven't resubscribed to it when it ran out last month
  12. I have the 178mc uncooled,, Will try the software a try and post back
  13. I use the calculation field of view on Flo's website,, when I want a new camera
  14. Definitely go usb camera and laptop,, given what you would like,, this is the way you should look to go, Sensor's on the modern camera's are bigger and better than what was available during our time using analogue,, I don't think the analogue route would suit your needs or impress you,, zwo have probably the widest range of cameras available and there back up is good as well. And there are lots of folk using zwo camera's and tons of great information available, via forums, websites and Facebook pages.
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