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  1. Fantastic idea from the guys at FLO and of course FLO for making it happen. Congratulations folks, looking forward to see how this progresses,, great news for amateur astronomy. Well done Sgl.. Davy,, video astronomy forum
  2. Lol,, done a lot of work with the scb 2000, Some of the things I done with mine Removed factory fitted IR filter,, let's in more of the light spectrum we need for astronomy First cooling mod I done was to fit a 40mm cooling fan to the outer case,, moved this on a bit more by fitting a 40mm fan behind the lens board,, suck the hot air from this board,, works better than blowing air on it. Fitted 18mm fans to the sides of the casing as well,, all fans sucking hot air from camera,, brings internal temp down to ambient temp,, camera temp dropped 12 degree's in 20min test. And dropped zero frames using sharp cap. Utc controller,, Flip mirror and 6mm lens Best set up I had was running camera to a cctv dvr,, 4 channel,, I added more cameras with lenses ect.,,, the output to a monitor,, I also put a t piece into this monitor feed and connected a USB video grabber and had a feed going into my laptop,, was great on a multi camera array
  3. Great write up,, even better reading about folk trying different approaches to the hobby. Nice scope set up,,
  4. A great bit of kit I found for using the scb,, is a flip mirror adapter,, if you use a 6.mm eye piece it roughly gives you same view as the Sammy 1/3rd sensor.. Stick in a 25mm eyepiece to get you roughly set up then move to the 6.5mm eyepiece,, this was a game changer for me,, saves a lot of time
  5. Eeva or video astronomy has changed a lot over the years,, going from analogue to digital cameras,, even techniques have changed moving along with advancement in software. Really depends on what you want to see. Live or near live views is one way to go,, other's stack images. To get better results. Video astronomy was not like astrophotography where aperture was king,, lot of us use small fast scopes like the skywatcher evostar ed80 with the dedicated focal reducer / this gives us a nice widefield of view,, but no set rules with video or eeva,, use what you have and enjoy. Analogue cameras seem to be coming back into fashion,, lucky I've held on to mine lol. The Samsung scb has been a good servant to us video astronomers with a few mods and if you can get one cheap from ebay you can do OK with it. I like the sensitivity of the watec and have a couple of 902h cameras, and they still hold there money lol. Zwo is probably the most widely used camera,, in my honest opinion,, and good back up,, and with the new asiair Pro version now getting delivered should be a great asset to us.. It uses the raspberry pi4 board and should make cable management better,, this was a bug bear using analogue kit years ago,, but if you had an Observatory was no big deal. Stellarmate is an other alternative to the zwo asiair Pro. But at present,, I like using my Canon live view dslr with backyard eos and astrotoaster software.
  6. Another good addition to the the scb is the utc,,, ( up the coaxial controller) Allows you to control the menu from a remote,, brilliant bit of kit for the price,, saves you shaking the scope while changing integration times ect https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253411512738
  7. You can also wire up a female power https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112511902257 Used these for years on the Samsung scb. Would get a decent power supply or even better a jump pack,, a lot of the cheap power adapters causes phase lines in your capture. Would recommend removing the factory fit i/r filter,, you can buy an astronomy grade one to replace it but I found I preferred to use it without. Fan mod is also good as it can take camera to ambient temp and helps with dropping frames Davy
  8. The Samsung scb2000 has been a favourite analogue camera of mine for years and with some mods can be a cracking camera,, I modded mine a fair bit and done a lot of testing to get best results and took it to extremes . Removing the factory fitted it filter is a must to get the right spectrum of light on the sensor,, First mod I done was to fit a 40mm X 40mm fan to the outer casing ,, it ships be fitted to suck the hot air out the camera,, I done lots of temp testing and this worked best. I figured another 40mm fan behind the sensor board internally blowing out again and two 18mm fans in the side's,, this brings the camera internal temp to ambient.. Tried cold finger approach and was a lot of hassle and want worth the bother,, the data from sharpcap was enough to convince me fan mod was good enough,, fans off sharpcap showed a lot of dropped frames over a 15 min capture,, fans on and no dropped frames,, I hooked mine up to a CCTV DVR and recorded to it's hard drive,, I split the signal from DVR to monitor and fed it to a usb dongle in laptop,, also added UTC controller,, great system.. probably still give a lot of camera's a run for there money
  9. The Loadstar was always regarded as a great camera and with Paul's Loadstar live software made it even better,, with Paul not being around for a while the software hasn't been upgraded,, not to say that it can't be still used,, but by looks of things it won't be getting an update anytime soon . Since zwo came in the seen they have taken a large chunk of the astronomy camera market,, I have the asi178mc and with researching camera specs I found it had the starvis sensor fitted,, I to be honest found I had more control using my canon 600d , byeos and astrotoaster,, for simplicity a lot of the time I don't use astrotoaster.. I prefer the near live view, that the planetary setting has on byeos. Would I buy another dedicated astronomy camera,, I have to admit ,, no ,, I would like to upgrade to a full frame camera instead. Think it has more to offer,, in my honest opinion
  10. Lot's can go wrong with things,,, but if I have a camera and a tripod have a chance of at least getting a picture lol
  11. Cheers mate, had thought about the lorry lol,, thinking along the lines of heq5 pro,, with sw WiFi adapter controling the mount,, extension tube for the heq5 to stop me bending all the time. Lol. Ed80 with 0.85 sw Focal reducer/flatner,, canon 600d with meikie pro grip holding double batteries,, cables to laptop running byeos and astrotoaster,, probably take the star adventurer and second canon 600d for some fun
  12. Booked up for the Galloway star camp October 30th to November 4th at dunroamin campsite,, First star camp for myself,,be good to get to really dark skies and see what results come about,, struggling in Cumbernauld, Scotland with light pollution and living in a flat four flights up isn't fun ,, shifting kit about. Big choice,, can't decide what kit to take lol With the help of David Millar and Danny Cameron members of astronomy Scotland Facebook group we have been working other film producers to do a short documentary on Scottish amateur astronomy and all going well should be filmed at the tenth anniversary of the star camp,, Check out the star party section on sgl for more information
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