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  1. Skywatcher ed finder guider scope

    I'll ask my uncle if he is interested in taking a trip,, we went down and had a look one day,,and went up to the dark skies observatory,, cracking campsite,, yeah heard the vicious rumours going around about the whisky tasting.. I would be fine ,,gave up drinking 12yrs ago ,, hangover was taking longer do settle down 😂
  2. M42 with the 5SE @f/6.3 and ASI120MC.

    Great stuff,,glad you're enjoying va
  3. Skywatcher ed finder guider scope

    Hi hadyn, been talking to a few guys from astronomy Scotland at the end of last year,, been thinking about doing a star camp and would be great to join them, only managed a day trip to the Scottish air museum at East fortune astronomy day,, but my kit was playing up,, I took my new zwo178mc and sky watcher az gti,, just not had enough shake down testing.. Doing a new PC stick set up for astronomy,, crossing av and ap,, few things to sort out for pipeb band I'm in.. Then can finish scope mod and get testing done in quick time. The sw finder looks ideal for va/eaa, I think it would go great with my proposed scope set up,, I already have the orion finder guider scope and think it has great views,, so the ed skywatcher really appeals to me,, I have a twin finder bracket and the thought of having the orion one as a guide scope and sw as an imaging one ticks the boxes,, definitely buying one.
  4. Anyone pulled the trigger and bought one of the new finder scopes,, deffo like the look of it,, finder scope ,,lol,, more like a nice video astronomy scope..
  5. Simple USB eyepiece camera

    I believe you are right,, few folk raved about the x box camera, I got it and done the mod,, broke the led and modded the nose piece,, let's just say it passed away some time,,on scope once and binned,, the only other cameras standing the test of time in va is the Samsung scb200 and watec 902 CCTV cameras,, on analogue,, if connected straight to a monitor or TV,, but going through the usb grabber,, changed it to digital.. Yip it's good to have these cameras about,,but getting them second hand now,, phew some folk ask for funny money for them on the bay.
  6. Simple USB eyepiece camera

    Still have my Philips webcam,, think it is the 880 or something got it when I first started,, from Morgan computers it was flashed to the 900,,looks the exact same.. I still have mine,, it's fitted on to my Orion finder guider scope,, still produces great results,, brilliant for the moon,, never tried it on anything else,, once I set up on the moon that's me hooked,, can sit all night just moving around it's features,, great camera
  7. Simple USB eyepiece camera

    https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi120mc-usb-2-colour-camera.html Something like this would do
  8. Advice Using PD Colour Camera

    Trial and error, I'm afraid,,quite a bit obviously depends on seeing conditions, get your target in the finder scope and start with a low sense up setting x256 and adjust settings ,then build up the sense up to x512..the Phil dyer camera goes up to x1024,, but never heard of anyone using it much in that setting, usually overexposed. Been a while since I used mine,, still have it though
  9. Davy upgrade

    As stash has said ,, I've been quiet,, but he knows what I'm like lol. Don't think I'm any different from any va,eaa astronomers,, always chasing the holy grail for doing the hobby,, I keep trying ,by adding to my kit as funds come available. So what have I been up to Just trying to get an all rounder set up. Can't lie,,I do a bit of astrophotography so by latest build in progress has aspects of AP built in. Like most who don't have an observatory the setting up can get pretty drawn out then of course mother nature plays her hand and it's time to pack up and you start cursing the day you thought this was a good idea. So I have bought the Intel PC stick to mount on the telescope and control the hardware via WiFi from a laptop,, I'm still fumbling my way round it and adding my slant to it, to suit my needs. Intel PC stick, mounted inside a abs project box,, holes cut in the box to allow access to the usb 2 and usb 3 ports/ power input and pc stick switch. I cut a hole and fitted an HD cable to the project box and hot glued it in place,, this holds the PC stick solid in the box,, but to make sure I hot glued strips of leather to make sure. I hot glued a seven port switched usb3 hub to the side of the project box,, I glued a cigarette lighter adapter with three power sockets and two usb power sockets to the lid of the project box. Slits were cut in the box to store the excess usb 3 cable from pc stick to usb hub and the 12v power supply to the hub.. Lots of blue lights to blank out but,, it's neat,tidy and works. I got a 12" HDMI monitor from eBay,, this was a decent monitor and very light and skinny,, comes with HDMI and a ports.12v from cigarette adapter. Plugged in and run for three hours on Friday from a cheap car jump pack,, 7 amp/hr from napkins. No problems. Software added so far. Sharpcap, ascom platform, eqmod,eq mosaic, eq tour,, CDC,, backyard eos ,dss,astrotoaster.phd. Will be fitted to an aluminium bar to top of scope rings on my ed80, a laser module on order from China and will be powered from the switched usb hub. Monitor will sit on heq5 accessories tray The ed80 will have the skywatcher focus motor refitted and connected to the he hitecastro dc controller powered from the last port on cigarette adapter, usb to seven port usb hub. Heq5, will be controlled via skywatcher wifi via smartphone or hitecastro eq cable
  10. The Rosette nebula with night vision

    Sorry mate I never saw the full posting from the start
  11. The Rosette nebula with night vision

    Very nice,,was pleasantly surprised when I saw the images,,I was expecting it to be the colour of the incredible hulk 😂. Fantastic results when you see the original then the processed image, like night and day,, I've followed a lot of von's posts on cn and he tried to get folk interested also on VAF,, as mentioned the costs are high for this live video astronomy and of course the lack of understanding of it,, I've personally always liked it and would love to add it to my kit. Can you post up the make/ model of the night vision monocular. Cheers davy
  12. Total newbie to VA/EAA

    Another +1 on what rob and Robert have said,, try what you have already,, probably surprise you how well your kit works for EAA. The utube videos are by a friend if mine Howie from Australia,, does a great job with his tutorial videos,, just does not sit still always trying something new,, he has just bought a new lens at Christmas so it will dslr related videos for a while ,, I think😁 You can get a free trial of backyard eos I backyard Nikon and give it a go,, and most on this route usually use the freeware,, astrotoaster ,, dss to monitor and stack images.. one of the techniques I use myself. Howie uses canon utilities instead of byeos and gets stunning results I also have the zwo asi178mc and have it hooked up to sharpcap pro,, and it works fantastic as well,,, robin who developed sharpcap keeps making it better with each release,, so I would recommend sharpcap.
  13. Easy, stash,, chrimbo kit, kicking in. Ordered the PC stick and it's arrived,,seven port powered usb 3 , arrived, micro SD 128 ordered, 7nm hydrogen alpha filter,,baader,, Waiting on Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad arrival Ooh and Triple cigarette lighter,twin usb adapter arriving,,, sorted 😂
  14. ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO USB 3.0 Mono Camera

    Hi gaffer,, there is a problem with some of the zwo camera's ,, usb 3,, I have the zwo asi178mc and it led me a merry dance,, would freeze ,, I was using a usb3 extension and initially thought it was the problem. Went with supplied usb 3 cable and after a while,, same again. Suspected it may have been my usb 3 port on laptop Works fine on usb2 port and with usb3 extension. Seen the same problem discussed on sharpcap forum,, looks to be a driver problem,,
  15. Atik Infinity Osc +H-alpha NB 7mm

    Very nice,, going to go down the road of narrow band video my self, just got a five position filter wheel and plan is to use a watec 902h camera,, just need to determine what filters to use,