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  1. Like stash,, I'm old school with what I do,, but I embrace any tech that will advance video astronomy,, I did say I was old school.. I don't guide,, and I don't stack either these day's,, but did stack using byeos and astrotoaster,, fantastic way to it. Myself,, I've came a long way and found that live view is what I like,, looking at live/near live images on the laptop,, I have always been a fan of lunar images and continue to do so,, but I'm looking at narrow band video astronomy this year,, how will it pan out,, no idea,, but the great thing about video astronomy is we can find out very quickly if it doesn't work due to our short exposures, Video astronomy has progressed a long way since I got into it back in 2011, the folk who know me are aware of how passionate I am in promoting it,, but I move with the times and not stuck in the analogue years, as stash says,, equipment wise,, astrophotography and video astronomy use much the same kit now and it's down to what technique is used,, me I do it my way,, and it's a hobby we do it to relax ( ha ha) and be happy,, do what makes you feel happy doing it,, We've always been shepards and not sheep,, we're round pegs in square holes. Davy
  2. I started in 2011,, my partner was diagnosed with cancer,, bit of a body blow to anyone who has a loved one who has it,, I played in a pipe band and quit to be with her,, but she new I could not just sit around watching her all the time,,, she would have throttled me. I thought what can I do,, and astronomy came in to the picture,, I thought wouldn't it be good if you could get a computer one,,, lol,,, somebody beat me to it,, was totally new at this . I bought an etx 80 and after finding Sgl and cloudy nights,, I learned more, bought piles of books and e books,, finally got a webcam and was blown Away with what could be achieved,, I got aperture fever and wanted to try astrophotography,, so ended up with an eq3 Pro and a Canon 400d, but weather and clouds are bad in my area,, and I then looked at video astronomy,, got a Samsung scb2000, modded it and been doing video astronomy ever since,, mainly do live/near live viewing,, I like looking at the moon,, nice way to relax.. But I like annoying old stash as well about raspberry pi
  3. Hi Steve,, I find there is slight differences going between many of the software I use,, it's just practice,, don't let folk kid you on it's not all plain sailing,, there are some nights I use zwo, byeos, sharpcap,, sometimes the basic of Software will do the job..
  4. I have the kit in your picture,, I would like to add in a weather station function,, temp, ect at some stage,,
  5. Thanks,, I would recommend getting the higher spec one with more ram ect,, this was just a learning curve to see if the lowest spec would work,, and it does but I would like to see how a better spec one would do the business,, getting one with 4gb of ram would be interesting,, still waiting on my case coming,, and allow me to try it out more,
  6. Well done to both of you,, and great news if you can do a collaboration together,
  7. Hi,, good to see developers come in and show what they are doing and more importantly asking how it can be made better,,
  8. Will skip the raspberry pi camera mod,, the camera not as good as I thought for the level we get into,, pity
  9. I'm really happy with what I have,, my goal was Portable set up, easy set up Remote desktop with software I like, this has been achieved with using the lattepanda,, better suited to me than the raspberry pi,, (no offence to anyone using this,, I bought all the gear and tried it,, so it's my personal opinion the panda suits me better) The cable hasn't been a bad buy from FLO, it has allowed me to connect mount to the panda and with the synscan on the panda I get to control the mount, camera focuser all from a remote desktop on my laptop,, I'm chuffed,, cut down on portable equipment and not needing a pile of cables to laptop. If the guys at flow have a look into it,, great,, if they and cable manufacturer come up with a solution,, fantastic,, will improve sales and give us folk another toy to improve our hobby. The project,, was something to try during lock down,, and it kept my mind off what is happening around the world, we all have came across a new danger to our existence on the planet,, this has been something to try,, get folk talking on this group and my own,, the forums have been quiet,, folk trying new things is good,, if it helps the hobby great,, At ieast it gives folks new ideas,, maybe even save money,, Stay safe folks,, I'm back to work on Monday after being in lock down for five weeks,, But already looking at next project,, what to use two raspberry pi4 4gb boards on, Raspberry pi have released a new camera for £50 and it might be something to try in astronomy,, Gina and a few others are looking at its possibilities.
  10. No hassle to me using Ascom and synscan,, and everything works OK,, was a astronomy experiment one for developers to look at,, I'm happy with what I have working and does exactly what I want it to do,, worked out better than raspberry pi 4 set up.
  11. I've took the panda out the mix and it's on a decent Windows 10 and has exact same failure as the panda. CdC is switching on eqmod,, but not switching on telescope in cdc,, missing command somewhere,,,, got to be,,.. Need to Wait and see if anyone else goes this route,, cloudy nights had a thread, somebody had same prob,, no answers,, folk looked to be content using the synscan app,, and folk used the raspberry pi as well,,
  12. I retried Ascom driver in to the lattepanda,, still the same.. As the photos show,, I connect telescope,, overflow warning appears. I connect scope,, eqmod window appears I change ra and Dec motor speed to 4 eqmod control buttons move scope I move eq mode window to right,, CdC connect telescope button still red,, Scope icon on menu red as well even though scope will move wlth eqmod buttons. Right mouse skymap,, no sync cdc to scope option and will not slew or goto,, telescope not connected warning appears,, egmod still can move scope. I've tried everything I can think of,, can set my heq5 up without any problem using this kit,, only difference is the mount cable and driver,, getting tired now
  13. One thing to try,, and if it works I will cry,,
  14. In cdc,, the mount is set as heq5/6,, when I click connect,, it brings up the eq mod panel Change ra and Dec rate from 1 to 4 and the North, South, East, wet buttons move the mount,,, but if I move the eq panel to other side of the desktop,, the cdc connect telescope panel shows mount connect button on red,, and when I try the slew or try and do a goto is says mount not connected,, but eqmod can still control mount. Eqmod and cdc not talking
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