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Microsoft ice. Process before or after stitching?


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Hi, I'm doing some planning for my first mosaic of M45. There is lots of good and helpful advice out there about framing and shooting and I'm fairly sure that I'll use MS ICE  for the stitching. My question is about processing. When I get my tiffs out of DSS should I go directly to ICE and do my processing on the composite in my normal way or do I need to do any processing on the individual images first? Any advice welcome. I'm hoping stitch first and process later - I can't see how I'd get the panels looking similar enough to each other for the whole thing to look coherent if I was doing stretches etc before stitching. Thanks.


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Curious to hear the different approaches in DSO imaging. In lunar and solar mosaics with MS-ICE I always first process the individual panes before stitching them together. I get better and cleaner mosaics that way. When using AutoStitch you have to sharpen first, because otherwise all you do is enhance JPEG artefacts.

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