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AR 2553: not too close, and all the better for it!


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I've processed about 30 different video sets this evening, and discovered something very useful: lowering the magnification can lead to more detail being revealed than with higher magnification. Actually, I already knew this, but find it hard not to zoom in all the time.  The first image is a full frame with the 2X barlow, the second a full frame with the 3X,  rather than the usual closer crop. These are probably the best  results I've had so far. Happy days! 






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Thanks guys.  Yes, I have the 3X on as the 'default' but most of the time the seeing conditions just don't warrant it,  I'm beginning to realise.  Also I get a low frame rate (15 per second) with full frame whereas with a smaller ROI  it's much higher, so that's another temptation to get in close. Results today suggest 15 fps is perfectly usable though. 

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Excellent details Iain. These are definitely your most impressive images. I really like the dramatic renditions here. Really well done! Interestingly, I have been experimenting with ROI as well, and have some images I will post of the same subject. But these are very inspiring for me! I am so happy that you found your groove!


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