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Cocoon Nebula from Kelling Heath Star Party


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I thought it was about time I finally posted an image.  This was taken at Kelling Heath Star Party recently and many thanks are due to Phil J and Martin (Baz) from East Midlands Stargazers who helped me sort out some tilt in my optical train, cheers Guys!
I haven't spent much time learning post processing so would welcome criticism and pointers from more knowledgable people.
It was shot over two nights with a 5" APO reduced to 698mm FL and consists of :-
24 x 900s Luminance
10x 600s Red
10 x 600s Green
10 x 600s Blue
Flats, Darks and Bias frames
All unguided


Thanks for looking,
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Thanks for looking Tony, appreciate the comments,

The subs were 15m for L and 10m for RGB.  Unguided imaging is possible with a 10 Micron mount if you have a very stable rig and run modelling software that places synchronisation points all over the sky.  The mount then creates a 3D model internally that tracks the sky extremely accurately.  It is subject to other factors like a tripod sinking into the ground which will throw the model off as happened to me at subsequent nights at Kelling.  Normally you would just run a model again during twilight...

If you look at some of ChrisLX200's posts recently, you can see some of his narrowband images that are 30 minutes unguided!

all the best


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Polar alignment isn't crucial either as the mount corrects for polar misalignment.  If the mount is off the pole by a way then field rotation will occur between first and last subs which will mean cropping when stacked.....

One user ran his rig with 55 arc minutes of polar misalignment.



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