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  1. Polar alignment isn't crucial either as the mount corrects for polar misalignment. If the mount is off the pole by a way then field rotation will occur between first and last subs which will mean cropping when stacked..... One user ran his rig with 55 arc minutes of polar misalignment. cheers Nick
  2. Thanks for looking Tony, appreciate the comments, The subs were 15m for L and 10m for RGB. Unguided imaging is possible with a 10 Micron mount if you have a very stable rig and run modelling software that places synchronisation points all over the sky. The mount then creates a 3D model internally that tracks the sky extremely accurately. It is subject to other factors like a tripod sinking into the ground which will throw the model off as happened to me at subsequent nights at Kelling. Normally you would just run a model again during twilight... If you look at some of ChrisLX200's posts recently, you can see some of his narrowband images that are 30 minutes unguided! all the best Nick
  3. Many thanks Carole, Unguided was possible due to the 10micron mount and a 70 point model....very handy when the sky gets patchy. No lost guide star, just throw out the clouded out subs :-) All the best Nick
  4. Beautiful detail in that Sara! Many congrats Nick
  5. Tweaked the black point a bit, I think this one is better? Cheers Nick
  6. Hi,I thought it was about time I finally posted an image. This was taken at Kelling Heath Star Party recently and many thanks are due to Phil J and Martin (Baz) from East Midlands Stargazers who helped me sort out some tilt in my optical train, cheers Guys!I haven't spent much time learning post processing so would welcome criticism and pointers from more knowledgable people.It was shot over two nights with a 5" APO reduced to 698mm FL and consists of :-24 x 900s Luminance10x 600s Red10 x 600s Green10 x 600s BlueFlats, Darks and Bias framesAll unguided Thanks for looking,Nick
  7. The big green tent is still drying out in the living room! Luckily we left on monday otherwise it would have been far worse the following day....... Cheers again Nick
  8. Very nice Phil, Thanks again for all your help collimating my focuser, Cheers Nick
  9. Well said that Admin type person.......each to their own....... Automation IMHO is the only way to gather enough data with the weather that we have in this country and also balancing a working life. Can't wait to see your output once ACP is up and running - Good luck with the project! all the best Nick
  10. Hi, I have been speaking to Wayne at Starlight instruments and they have confirmed their HSM-TAK (handy stepper motor) will work with the FSQ-85 original focuser. I am not sure of compatibility with the Mount Hub Pro but I have several of these HSM's and it is very handy to be able to disengage the focus motor for manual operation at times. Sara, do you have any CCD tilt issues with the QSI and FSQ-85? hope that helps, Nick
  11. I have one of these also and it has worked flawlessly so far. I was looking at a Davis weather station so that it could automatically enter pressure and temperature into the mount for refraction calculation but baulked at the cost. Stickstation delivers exactly the info i need with a slick software package and a tiny form factor at a very reasonable cost. Congrats to Blue Astro.......... Nick
  12. Thanks Per, interesting subject. Definitely be good to see videos on the automation too.... all the best Nick
  13. I stayed up to watch it too Per, Good show and would like to see more. Perhaps one on the finer points of model tuning? You mentioned in the video about models not lasting forever - can you expand on this? Cheers Nick
  14. Of course, I have the 1740 Peli case. It's large but it stores the scope still connected to the rings and dovetail and all the accessories to go with it. hope that helps, Nick
  15. If you want to use your Mac under OSX (rather than Parallels, VMware or bootcamp) then you will need to be careful about equipment selection to ensure compatibility. If you are going to be using The Sky X, go to the Focuser tab under 'Display' and the 'Focuser setup' and 'Choose'. This will show you a list of the focus controller that the Sky X supports under OSX. Sadly the Lakeside is not supported (unless you can find someone to write an X2 driver for it). It seems at the moment you are limited to FLI, Moonlite, Starlight/Optec and Robofocus. Are you using the standard Takahashi Focuser? If so, Starlight have a motor and controller option that will definitely work under Mac. Hope that helps Nick
  16. That's good news Liquid, glad to hear the brand is continuing..... Cheers Nick
  17. I think that Scopeguard are no longer in business, Don stopped accepting orders in 2013. I have a Peli case for my Tak, not a cheap option but neither is the scope ;-) cheers Nick
  18. I think the answer is that atmospheric pressure changes frequently depending on your location and weather. This will affect the pressure tuner and hence it will need tuning to get the very best out of the solar scope. hope that helps, Nick
  19. It is the same unit as the Optec and I believe the SI HSM is developed by Optec. One quick turn and you are back to manual focussing with dual speed operation...... Hope that helps, Nick
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