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Moonbase Alpha - Space 1999


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Think that the title of this one might have got a few peoples attention ;-), and is one I have wanted to do for a long time (though weather has not played ball)! This is for those of us in the UK (of a certain age) who remember this TV program from the 70's. The Moonbase with its Eagle transporters led by Commander Koenig, got blasted out of Earth orbit and then whizzed through space having lots of adventures (with garish 70's costumes etc). Had a lot of fun doing this one thinking back to the series (as well as still having a 'dinky' toy version of the Eagle transporter in the loft somewhere!)

The details of the series can be found as ever on Wikipedia here, for those who want to reminisce, or find out what the hell I am going on about!

The technical notebook of the fictitious moonbase can also be found here with lots of details around its construction.

You can actually find all of the episodes on You Tube I think (if you are that interested ;-)) It really did have a unique look and feel, even if the science behind it was a bit off.

The image was taken on the 25th June (good seeing, using the Edge800HD, AVX, ZWO120mm-s and Barlow x2. Captured in OAcapture, sharpened in RS6, tidied up in PS5. Thanks as ever for looking.


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I should have said in the original post, that Moonbase Alpha was meant to be situated within the crater Plato (hence the reason for the image!)...was too damn excited!

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Never mind. Wires twisted, confused UFO and Moonbase Alpha....edited to delete :)

But you liked them both, think thats the main thing ;-) will have to look up where the interceptors used to be based...sure there was a station on the moon in that show....

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