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Nice day for imaging contrails


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Sun was trying to appear so set up the SW SA, really quick to set up and start imaging (even quicker if you remember to turn the Quark on first  :smiley: )

Took a few videos but most were unstackable due to wind and cloud and contrails.

Not much to show but it was fun.


post-21198-0-08184000-1420985030.jpg post-21198-0-54979900-1420985043.jpg post-21198-0-21077500-1420985636.jpg 

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Well done getting that big prom, Dave :smiley:

Contrails were a pain here too. A jet with four engines dumped a whole river's worth of cloud over the Sun, and then almost all of the length of the cloud river passed over the Sun :mad:

There was a really weird effect when I looked at that plane, I could see the contrails coming out behind it of course, but there were some dark shafts ahead of it! I was confused at the time what it was but now I am pretty sure it was shadows cast from the plane showing up ahead of it in the mucky thin cloud/haze. The sun is so cool :laugh:

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Well done for getting something in those conditions. I was torn between imaging and going to a nature reserve under the cliffs by the sea. Our local astronomy society has an exhibition there for the month so opted to take the solarmax and do a bit of public observing. Was a nice couple of hours but the thin cloud thickened and stopped play.

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