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Beehive project


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Hi All,

I did a project the other day were by i imaged the beehive (2 images stiched together) and imaged saturn with some of it's moon's and saturn alone so it wasnt over exposed and placed them all into this final image.

Hope you like!



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Cheers Caz,

One good thing about using this small F/5 refractor is that it is easier to do these kind of projects(wide field views). The scope is quite poor with planets though being f/5 and a 102mm scope but alas i managed to get some detail out of saturn hehe.

Glad you like it.

James :lol:

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Can't believe I missed this post :shock:

James, after viewing your images, I don't know anybody that gets as much from their telescope as you do.

A 4" short-tube starter scope from a light polluted back-garden...

Absolutely blumming fantastic!

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Thanks Chaps,

The 102 F/5 give's wonderfull wide field views and is perfect for imaging with apart from CA which the scope being cheap gives quite a lot of. Planetry and Lunar observing/imaging scope it isn't you just can't push the Mag up enough really although using low power ep's views like the one posted here do make planets stand out against a sea of stars. The focuser is horrid rack n pinion slop factory special image shift is horrendous all that can be fixed though and a first step is to get rid of that Synta Greece.

James :laugh:

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Your right Alan a FR Filter does make a differance but alas i sold mine before getting the scope DOH! may get another one, The Moonglow filter i borrowed works quite well with CA in these scopes id recommend the two inch version with DSLR's. :laugh:

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Your right James about the 2", if your scope can handle it it makes a huge difference when imaging with a digital SLR, thats why I've gone over to the 2" filters and t adapters with the Megrez.


PS will post the extension tube off to you tomorrow (meant to do it today but did not manage to get out of work at lunchtime,sorry !)

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