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A solar selection 13/11/14


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Well finally I managed to catch a break in the clouds this morning, I guess even we are entitled to a cloudy period once in a while.

Seeing was not great with the big scope but the Ha performed much better. I was hoping a bit more had rotated into view from the returning patch but it was just a couple of small spots, in Ha it looks like there is a massive fuzzy area all around the region which I'm sure some Quark users could get some super close ups of.

First AR 2209



2207 & 2208


2205 & 2211


And some Ha





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Thanks Alexandra.

I think you may be right, it was on the downward slide as it left. There may be a few trailing spots too.

Although I have read reports that it has grown from certain quarters so if it has then that would be great.

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Thank you everybody. :)

There is more to day, hooray!!!


Yay! , looks alright although SDO images seem to be broken for me to check it out.

Cracking images, especially the Ha Jarrod. No solar imaging for me, I have been away for work all week.


Not much for me here either, even if I could the weather has turned.

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Lovely set there Jarrod ...  :laugh:

Sorry for the delay in replying , my laptop died yesterday so have been back in the Stoneage for a while ... just trying to figure out the new one and ascertain how much I've lost on the old one ...  :embarrassed:


if it's just your laptop that died and not the hard drive get one of these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Screw-drive-Enclosure-laptop-Laptop/dp/B003RIL0EM and all your data should be intact and easily transferred over to new one.  :smiley:


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Oh [Word Removed]!  Sometimes, if you get a new drive you can still access some of the old drive, even if it won't boot.

My new (actually 18 months old now) had two hard disc crashes in 12 months so it's on it's third, lost all my source and process images for several months except the ones that were on my website or backed up.  Actually it isn't I wanted the manufacturer to send me an SSD as clearly the drives weren't up to the job, but they refused.  I just bought a fast SSD, took the third new hard drive out, cloned it on to the SSD and it now runs much faster on that.


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