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Why was this a scam? please explain.

The genuine ebay account is hacked and new items such as telescopes (always the Astrophysics 6"), digital camera, keyboards, guitars and mountain bikes are inserted into the seller's other listings. You can usually tell the scam items because the alwats have a buy now price of £1500 and you are required to contact the "seller" through their g mail account. The items for sale don't actually exist, the photographs are copied from older ebay listings.

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I think because the scammers insist all transactions are carried out privately via a non ebay e.mail address and quite likely via wire transfer ebay will wash their hands of any complaint/claim.

The scammers must hook the odd unsuspecting buyer for them to keep trying it.

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Why can't he be caught? If money goes into an account surely that account can be traced? What am I missing?


I think it's either the police can't be bother or the scammer operates abroad and outside our police's jurisdiction.

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