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  1. Well i was actually looking 200p, but on a mount , ok over my budget maybe but a bit more saving Christmas not too far . Minimum mount requirements due to the 200p weight ( excluding doing AP)
  2. Which of these is best for visual astronomy. I'm not currently looking at astrophotography but just thinking ahead . Any advice would be helpful. I have a budget of around £500. Skywatcher 150pds or skywatcher 80ED. Thanks Phil I currently have a skywatcher 130p but feel that it's reached its limits of what I can see .
  3. Does any one own a celestron nextstar 6 or 8 SE. Im considerimg one as my next scope . Phil
  4. I'm looking to upgrade my current set up , which I've had for 7 years now . Skywatcher 130p on a goto alt/az mount . I'm feeling that I've reached to full potential of this scope . Don't get me wrong I still love it . My main use will be visual and dso's ( astrophotography maybe). Budget up to £1000 ( a little over at a push) . Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Phil.
  5. If your looking for a az mount then try the star discovery mount , I bought one last year for my 130p and love it . I bought mine from FLO.
  6. What happens is I can see the red Lazer dot on the outside of the circle , I've twisted the Lazer in the focuser and the dot stays in the same place , my issue is when I adjust the secondary mirror I can move the beam up to the outer edge of the center circle (donut) ,but then I try to move the beam to the center the beam almost disappears, but it can be see just off the center target in the collimator.
  7. Hi all , I thought it was about time I try my first collimation on my sky watcher 130p and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong . I'm using a Lazer collimator ( ok not the best choice for sum) . When I first inserted the Lazer I could see that the beam was way off the center. No matter how hard I try I cannot get the beam to go dead center, the best I can get is the outer rim of the doughnut. If I try to move it closer the beam fades away . Any ideas or help would be greatful Thanks phil
  8. I believe the BBC have set a date for this year's show . March 28th-30th from Australia . It also co insides with moonless nights in the UK during those dates.
  9. Just out of interest but does Anyone know the weight of the 150 pds
  10. Anyone know any good and genuine stockist of bst eyepieces (except eBay).
  11. Hi all , I thought it was about time I collimate my scope but I'm a bit stuck regarding the primary mirror adjustment as my scope looks different to the one in the manual. I have a skywatcher 130p , now I can see 3 screws round the bottom of the tube and 3 smaller ones underneath . I've searched the web and can't find any info . Here are some pictures . Many thanks phil
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