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  1. I'm considering buying celestron's starsense . Is it any good? Any advice would be grateful. Thanks Phil
  2. Apologies if this is a silly question. How cold is too cold to your scope up . It's currently -2 here in North Wales .
  3. Yes , you need to download the celestron app Sky portal on Android or iOS. It's really simple to use , look on you tube for celestron WiFi adapter videos . One thing it doesn't tell you is that if you are using your phone , switch off your data otherwise you will have connection problems . Otherwise its simple just plug in the Qlink into the mount and connect your phone to its WiFi signal .
  4. What eye pieces would you recommend for a 8inch SCT. I mainly look at star clusters and dso's . Any advice would be greatfull.
  5. I'm interested , where do you live ? Me again yes really interested . Do you have a contact number?
  6. I was looking at celestron c9.25 SCT. Reason for my question is that the skywatcher looks to be a better mount .
  7. Looking into getting a new mount . Which one on these would you choose and why? Skywatcher heq5 pro goto. Or Celestron VX go to mount. Both are around the same price.
  8. Thanks for your reply , I think 8se too. Only because it's more portable and takes up less storage space .
  9. Ok how about this then : Skywatcher 200p Or celestron 8se both have the same aperture.
  10. Current mount will not support WiFi dongle I've tried it on mine , works fine on Star discovery mount thou.
  11. I had that mount , but upgraded to the star discovery mount it came with a synscan handset and it's skywatcher WiFi compatable ( bought seperatly) for a altaz it keeps good tracking . Look on FLO
  12. Thank you f, I think I understand what you're saying here , I will pass all you're comments along .
  13. I'm not sure if the focal reducer can be use visually or not either or is it for AP only . So will the star diagonal connect to the focal reducer? . Sorry if that's a dumb question , tried searching the web can't find anything.
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