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  1. I would be interested in portable or non eq imaging
  2. you can attach a polar scope using tool clips I put one on an eq 1 once
  3. don't know where the official thank you thread is . So I will post my thanks here. Many thanks to Daz and helpers for the hard work that goes into these events its been great to see old friends, meet new ones and appreciated the convenience of not having to set up my scope.
  5. thanks I am quite pleased as it's the first time I have tried stacking
  6. this was taken on an olympus omd em5. Prime focus to a C5 spotter on a star adventurer mount. 12 frames of 1/500 exp, iso 800 stacked and processed in photoshop.
  7. yes it was
  8. another pic from Lucksall
  9. Great pics as usual Steve A couple of mine here
  10. A big thanks from me to the organisers it was lovely catching up with everyone at another successful star party here is a pic of jon h he really needs to see the doctor about his bladder problem
  11. I think this is as good as I can get with my omd em5, 50-200mm lens and 2x telextender shot at f11. 1/1000 and iso 800
  12. just wanted to add my thanks for all the work undertaken on our behalf its appreciated
  13. this was processed to look as much like the naked eye as I could and then processed for aesthetics
  14. olympus omd em5 with 0lympus 12-60 zoom set5 at 12mm, 5 sec exp, iso 1600. f2.8. manual focus the sensor is a 2x crop. if you haven;t booked your northern lights tour yet just take the cheapest as they all go to the same place. This was the advice given by our independant reykjavic city tour guide and indeed so it turned out. when we got there plenty of other companies were there and more turned up