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Veil nebula Widefield

Tom OD

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Hi All, Well this is my version of the data that Olly collected. It was a tricky one to process. I can't remember the last time that I had 2 narrowband data channels to add to an RGB image. I wasn't totally sure what I was doing half of the time. Olly got a lot more background dust out, while I was trying the PI multiscale to pull what I could for my version. Still its pretty good, and I'm happy enough with it. Tom Thumb nail attached to the post but below is a little bigger version on flickr http://www.flickr.co...N02/9313196136/


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You've assigned more OIII to green than I did, I reckon. Good to know you struggled with this data as well. It lured me further and further from my usual routines till I was clutching at straws.

Good strong colour (mine's a bit limp wristed) but see if you keep it while getting more of the faint stuff out of the Ha.

There is no great concensus on the colour. Karel has yet another alternative! http://www.karelteuwen.be/photo_page.php?img=275&album=15


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Cheers Everyone, Don't worry Luke we won't be putting up voting buttons :laugh: I think we went down 2 different paths indeed with this. I'll play about with it more and see what happens. Its a fight with dust v colour on this object. The SCNR in PI to remove the green was funny. It took away the teal look and gave it a marine blue look which I must admit I preferred. I need to look again at the multiscale, it didn't pull as much out as I thought it would. I was trying it on the final layer though, when I probably should have tried it on the Ha and O3 layers before combining back with the RGB. Lots to learn here. T.

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