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Cloud Dodgers New Equipment thread

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She hasn't learnt the memsaab popped over the road to see her mate and. BOOM. T-ring and adapter ordered and an Explore Scientific 11mm 82° ep. All before she returned sweet

£2.50 in Aldi ...

Post pics and storeys behind all your new purchases ! the nearer the top of the forum this thread stays, the worse the weather should be ! Makes perfect scientific sense.. new equipment = clouds

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Right... Delivery day take two.....funnily enough both the 100RS and the 100R should arrvie today (will throw some pics up later). Just checked the delivery tracker and they are on the same van.

Lets just hope the driver knows they are optical instruments...and not to throw them around.

So i can now guarantee there will be clouds this evening gents, and i apologise for that. :grin:

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Good luck...

I'm OK I had a quick go out back last night, next few days forecast is pretty poor anyway so a few more Tal shaped clouds wont hurt :D

Don't forget then piccies !

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THEY ARE HERE!!!!!...all in god nick....they packed the 100RS in two boxes with poly wedges in between! and the 100 RS is in its original Russian made wooden box...its beast with the mount and tripod in there as well.

wil sort some piccies out a bit later on.

now I just need to put the things together...but as you say Knobby...I got a few poor days to sort out the balancng and align the finder....

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Not sure yet...apparently the lens coating of the R is slightly better than the newer model...might keep both and then get another mount, and pass the R onto here at some point...then we both have scopes.

will look at eyepieces, but got another good range with the older scope, plus a 2 x barlow, and camera adapter..willsee what things look like and do some research...might look through some of the ones you have! :icon_mrgreen:

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