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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I like the Red to be honest but this is part of the fun....
  3. Cheers John, the moon doesn't hinder the H but plays havoc with the S and O. For me anyway.
  4. Nice Knobby. Surprised that the moon had much impact given that is one of the major benefits of narrowband (What Moon?!? )! Look forward to seeing some more narrowband efforts! I'll be hopefully moving that way this year. Just got to decide what to buy and in what order
  5. Hi all, been very quiet on the Essex pages so thought I'd post this , really nothing special but I'm getting my head around narrowband / SHO imaging. The Ha was good but the Oii and Sii were very weak (nearly a full moon) 1 hr Ha, 1 hr 25 mins Oii and 1 hr 10 mins Sii all in 300 sec subs Oiii and Sii were ' stretched to within an inch of their life '
  6. Hi Tim, it's a bit slow on here lately the weather is very depressing and we seem to have lost our mojo. Anywhere on the Dengie peninsular is pretty dark but hard to get away from local LP ... A lot of private roads too as you get further east. There is a church car park at the North East of Dengie that's good but trees block views below about 25° alt. https://maps.app.goo.gl/PbxkSgPX1MRH6SqcA Also Margaret Roding is pretty good ... All the best and if you find anywhere else let us know.
  7. Hi, I’m new to the group, does anyone know any dark sites for astrophotography in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk or Kent?
  8. So here is my first M33. It came out better in the edit that I expected from the subs to be honest. The second picture is my first test at a mosaic. it's just 2 panels on M31 and I was just practicing getting the panels aligned for capture and the process of stacking. It all went relatively well, except it is a hideously noisy picture because of the lack of exposure time particularly to the right side, where I also had an issue with dew. I think I will go with a 4 or 6 panel mosaic on Andromeda as my first proper stab at a good mosaic image.
  9. Finally got to use my coma corrector and new focuser the other night. Tried it on the Eastern Veil. What do you think, Red, or Fiery Orange?
  10. Hi, just catching up with new posts since I was last here. Good work Michael, lovely Nowise and Jupiter/Saturn!
  11. More detail than I've managed ! But then your scopes bigger than my scope
  12. So the seeing was not to bad at all (though Jupiter is still way too low) really. Managed to actually use a barlow though (2.5x powermate). Usual kit in the signature. Did also connect the mount via wifi and get all the starsense working over it all..so thats a positive as well.
  13. Thank you @knobby Still learning, those are single shots, so far I'm unlucky with my stacked efforts, too much light pollution and my processing skills are rubbish. I'm using DSS and GIMP.
  14. Hi Michael, love the framing on the Neowise shot ! Essex section is very quiet but does get busier when it gets dark earlier ... hopefully.
  15. Hi all, I was going to join in as a 'lurker' but @knobby has called my bluff I'm relatively new to the hobby, always enjoyed stargazing, mostly using old set of binoculars. I've recently acquired Celestron 4SE planing to use is for some camera imaging - if i ever get chance to use it, it has been cloudy ever since i got it. I'm also started doing bit of astrophotograhpy using my DSLR on it's own. Joined forums to learn from others and share experience. Joined the local group hoping that there might be some local activity and cooperation opportunities. Few images
  16. Most recent picture from a couple of nights ago. Improving my processing slowly, with plenty still to learn and improve on (and still waiting for my coma corrector so I don't have to crop out 50% of my image!!!
  17. The filter wheel is as close as possible to the camera and I get very slight vignette but could be the scope or the filters so not sure.
  18. All my imaging so far is with the 72ed on an AZ-GTi but the C8 will be having a crack on the HEQ5 soon. It's my second one as the first tracked well but intermittently had a wobble so went back for exchange. Haven't tried the replacement yet as cloudy since it arrived. 1.25 " ZWO filters mounted LRGB and Ha Oiii and Sii
  19. Just looking at your list of gear, I have questions... do you mount your C8 and imaging gear on the Rowan HEQ5? How heavy is that setup and does the HEQ5 deal with it? My Gear is pretty much bang on 11kg which is the limit for imaging listed for the mount. Also, what Filters do you have for the 1600? are they the 1.25 mounted? or one of the unmounted options? I'm considering a new mount and a 1600 set for later this year.
  20. It's a Celestron 8" Newt f5. Camera is an old Canon 50d modified. All mounted on a severely overloaded Celestron CG5 mount!

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