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  1. shot in AV - F-stop was 2.8 - 21 second exposures @ 320 ISO
  2. Canon 6d, 18-35 iii Lens my my first real crack at pics. I'm very happy
  3. finally got round to a bit of post editing, i actually prefer the original but with this you can see the purples as well as the greens
  4. just got home...... haven't touched any of these up at all..... just WOW !!!!!!!!!
  5. Incidentally, I'm aware of certain under / over exposure elements across the board. I am still here so am unable to post process ........ I'm not even sure I want too. I'm still a beginner and I feel the images deserve to be left well alone 😀 Once I improve I can criticise myself from these
  6. Hey all. Absolutely beautiful up here in ivalo (Finnish Lapland). I'm still here actually. Thanks for the comments. Literally my first proper Astro shots I'm pleased with. No lights since these sadly but lots of Star shots. I'll pop a couple up in a few mins. Mostly shot at f2.8 / 16mm ultra wide. ISO 320 (yes I know it's low but it works for me) 14-25 second shots.
  7. I hope this is in the right section of the site, technically a very special event for me
  8. Just wow. Photos of the furthest intact humans from us in the universe 😗
  9. Diddly scope coming on Tuesday. I'll be able to zoom into your car number plate knobby ha
  10. I'll come along next time if I can ! Been ages mate
  11. It's very low powered though isn't it ?
  12. Having owned a massive dob and a semi massive reflector I'm now looking at finding a scope suitable for my 4 year old to look through. Size wise the skywatcher127 is pretty good - is this recommended or is there something for a similar price but better performance
  13. Where is Roding mate ??? Btw I'm back 😄
  14. combination of longish days still and were all a hard working bunch haha - autumn will bring the hoards back