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  1. Thanks for the explanation, must be pretty impressive sight if you're nearby!
  2. I have just come in from viewing this, and what a fantastic sight, my first supernova! One question though, in relation to the entire galaxy, it looks like it could be huge, how would something this size effect other stars and planets nearby?
  3. We did a road trip up the west coast from Glasgow to Durness in September, it was absolutely fantastic, the roads are a petrol heads heaven on Earth, we hired a Peugeot Rcz from the airport and just went, ended up doing 1800 miles in 8 days. One 'must do' is the road to Applecross, the scenery is so beautiful, although at the time you're planning to go, I 'm not sure if snow may be a problem. As for the night sky, it was black as ink, unfortunately it cloudy as well. I spoke to one of the B&B owners who was an astronomer as well, and he said he gets about 6 good nights in the winter! It
  4. Although this may not turn out to be 'Comet Of The Century' visually, it has certainly been a character, and one heck of a ride!
  5. Still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, thanks for posting.
  6. Bluey

    Road Trip

    Thanks for the replies. I am really looking forward to the experience, I just hope the clouds give us a break!
  7. Bluey

    Road Trip

    We are flying up to Glasgow and hiring a car from the airport, then heading basically north west up to Skye, then Applecross, and on to Lochcarron, then hugging the coast all the way to the north coast. So we will not be hitting any big towns, and most of the stops we are planning are tiny places far from anywhere.
  8. Me and Mrs B are heading up to Scotland in September for a bit of a road trip along the west coast all the way up to Durness and Tongue. I'm hoping to get to see some good dark skies, even darker than Essex , but am I going to be disappointed? Where I live the Milky Way is visible on a moonless, clear night, can I expect a big improvement or just a little?
  9. Hoping maybe the clouds will vanish for long enough tonight, I would love to see this. I was lucky with the Persieds, the weather was clear for about 3 nights up to the peak, so managed to catch quite a few.
  10. I read something the other day that the Atlantic has warmed slightly, which in turn has increased the amount of cloud coming our way Perhaps we all need to go down to the coast and start chucking ice cubes in, that may help!
  11. Congrats, it's a slippery slope all the way to bankruptcy now. :Envy:
  12. I caught it in a 10" dob last night. The shape was definitely visible, but it was very bright, I may try a moon filter on it tonight if the clouds disappear. There have been some fantastic passes in the last few days, and it is a thrill every time it comes over.
  13. I believe this was on a while ago, but was very good if I remember, well worth a watch. I might set the recorder though, just in case it is a different programme.
  14. M81/82 here for me as well, two fairly bright galaxies in the same view always brings bit of a 'wow' when I see them.
  15. I saw two satellites going through the plough last night, both were pretty faint, but moving in opposite directions which I thought was unusual. Just goes to show how busy it is up there.
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