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  1. Thanks peeps. He'll of a learning curve. Off to Norfolk Saturday for a weeks holiday. Taking my kit and hoping for some dark skies
  2. Thanks for all the comments. Didn't realise the importance of Dark,flat and bias frames Untill it was too late. another step up the learning curve
  3. My first ever capture of a galaxy And I am chuffed to bits M81/82 Needs a lot more data And a lot more understanding of Pixinsight
  4. Right then. The meade went to ebay and was replaced with this little lot. Altair Astro wave series 115 triplet apo 60mm guide scope HEQ5 pro mount QHY5-II Guide cam Canon 1100D Astro modded
  5. Was up briefly earlier. Although the forecast was a month out of date. And now it's gone off again
  6. Finally made the jump from Nikon. Decided on a used Canon1100D from Cheap Astrophotography. 8 days later and sitting on the table was an absolute beauty. 55 Actions in my book that's as good as brand new. Excellent camera Excellent Service And all at a cracking price. Couldn't be happier. Thanks
  7. Yup PHD Was pinging like mad last night. Gave up around midnight
  8. Even Mother Nature hates me. Just set up in the garden and now the fog has rolled in. [removed word]
  9. Had the setup out in the garden last week. And had a complete mare. Operator error caused the Mount to believe that Orion was under my shed. So weather looks promising for tonight Take two Pray for me
  10. My shopping hasn't stopped yet. Bought a power pack from halfords. A Bahtinov mask. And 2 10Metre active usb leads. Get in
  11. Ok After the nod from the Memsaab i went mad. A HEQ5 pro mount Altair astro 115 triplet 60mm finder scope All ordered online Emails a plenty followed and the following day the scope and finder were delivered. But no Mount. A quick phone call later confirmed that they were coming by a different courier. Outstanding customer service And Quick delivery Happy chappy Thanks to the Guys at Altair Astro
  12. Sorry for the late reply. This was taken with the meade Stacked 264 frames using sharp cap then a quick process in Registax Will reprocess later when i get a bit of quiet time
  13. set it all up last night. polar alignment spot on Guiding Great Then realised I cant focus on anything Not enough inward travel Spacer time
  14. Don't care as long as I can still spend money. And the QHY5-II Arrived today.
  15. Here we go ladies and gentlemen. My first serious attempt at jupiter. Please be gentleCapture 22_11_2013 00_01_25 Jupiter 2 - Copy.bmp
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