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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi Steve, as you will have probably noticed it's a bit dead on here ! Hope you got the firmware sorted .
  3. Hi All, I haven't been on here for a couple of years due to house building and grandchildren taking priority. I have finally dug my Celestron 9.25 GPS scope out but sadly it is suffering from GPS syndrome and after a lot of sweat and tears I have found out the hand controller is too old, so I can't update the firmware Apparently putting a new hand controller on is a bit hit and miss, as it depends on the motherboard, so I will be giving the PC version a try tonight.
  4. haha yeah. I think having that chat made me step back and review what it was thats actually stopping me getting out (excluding the weather). I guess I just needed a chat
  5. Looking good Si ... Yes, we need to get out when the weather / full moon god's smile on us again Steve, maybe an AVX is the answer ... Or an Ioptron 25 or 40 ... Or an EQ6 ... Maybe go really light and try an AZ GTi on your star adventurer wedge
  6. Looks great. I really need a lighter weight rig....though what to go for...? I could go back to an AVX as well, but so many more options (and prices) out there at the moment. Should be able to pick up a second hand one I guess quite reasonable now.
  7. The weather is awful...and now heading back to work from the 17th. Lets try and get out at least once a month I say. I wanted to continue on the lunar and planetary, as well as try the guiding etc. Might need a new lighter mount. What's is the playing field now in terms of small mounts with good guiding. AVX or CGX or Ioptron?
  8. I've had the gpcam since my solar dabbling, use it as guidecam now
  9. That’s if the skies ever clear !!!
  10. Si @skywatcher250 has just got a scope so maybe we'll try Margaret Roding one night soon ?
  11. Welcome to the newest and oldest member of Essex cloud Dodgers
  12. haha..bit late. Well 2019 is very quiet by the looks of it! When did you get the gpcam?
  13. Suppose we have to meet up now hey knobby !!! Fellow Essex cloud dodgers ..... sorry I’ve been awol but I’m back
  14. Blimey, 6 months and it gets a like ! says it all
  15. I'm here every now and then....I demand we head out....will give you a ring tomorrow?
  16. On the plus side ... it does work some nights I think the AV X is a fairly 'luck of the draw' mount, some good / some awful. I've been fairly lucky with mine til it sat unused for a year + due to a gammy shoulder, it was stiff as a stiff thing form planet stiff on national stiff day (the mount and the shoulder) Just stripped and cleaned it, seems much better now, just need to try it out. It used to be pretty active on here but over the years it's died a death. I'm still here !
  17. Just thought I would check in and say hello to everyone. Spotted the ECD club last night whilst imaging, or as I would call it 'fighting with my guiding'. Why is it one night it works great and the next night it just goes to pieces? Cheers, Hughsie
  18. Happy 2019 Essex ! lets hope we get a bit more active this year ...
  19. Look forward to it. Weather has been appalling ... Unless you like clouds
  20. Wow...sounds like a good holiday! We are alright. Knobby is on the mend, and we have got out a couple of times. Weather has been shocking though. any pictures from your travels?
  21. Hey, all good thank you, I would like to meet up sometime at MR in the new year. i’m actually in Australia now, have an astronomy night sorted at Uluru and Mangrove mountains and another at great barrier island NZ. Lol once again unplanned I have turned a regular holiday into an Astro one but my wife enjoys it too! Will bring her to MR as well. How are you?
  22. Cheers Knobby (and Mrs K ;-))....I will have a look at APT. I guess this is going to take a while to figure it all out. I think I might need to look at whats needed in terms of any other kit (filters etc) for the DSLR. Not sure I want to spend anything extra though a the moment, just use what I have access to to get it nailed is my current thought. So lets try and put a night in the next month?

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