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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Had a quick process with As3, Registax and coloured in CS6. Capture of 60 seconds - best 25% stacked. Approx 1115 am 29th April. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi all, quite literally Essex cloud dodging 😉 If I get anything worth posting from it, I'll post later. PXL_20230429_105224434.LS.mp4
  4. Hi chaps, did a quick lunch break grab with the Nikon D5600 - 300mm lens - DIY solar filter. 40 Raw files, stacked and best 50% sharpened in registax then colourised in CS6.
  5. This looks fantastic. Worth a chilly night hey
  6. Very nice ! Plenty of detail yet nice and smooth.
  7. Taken me long enough to get the data processed and happy with it. Think this is the best I can do really. Usual equipment. Would need to dig through the logs to get the free numbers etc. Though there were 2000 frame captures. RGB +L.
  8. Welcome aboard! As knobby Says....it used to be fairly busy, but life took over I think 😉
  9. Both 😂 Plus it's always cloudy !
  10. Cheers knobby, quiet because there's not many if you or are you all just shy😂
  11. Hi @Gottzi Just noticed you joined the group. It's pretty quiet here but a few of us do post occasionally.
  12. Looking good ! You don't need me anymore 🤣
  13. Another HA target. trying out what had been learnt and seeing if guiding could be conducted under wifi control.....to which the answer was 'NO'. Same equipment as Pelican shot. this is over 40 subs though of 180 seconds.
  14. Nah...this is our own private group now...I will keep posting stuff when I have it. I also have the North American to do...will post them both in here and the imaging section. Cant wait for you to get your new mount and then perhaps we can try out a combined imaging target...
  15. It's dead in here Steve, should have posted it in the imaging section! I can't move it for some reason though.
  16. For those that can't see it 🙂
  17. Yeah....the Pelican is very subjective...I will keep trying that PAPS side of things and see how that goes. I guess for larger apertures it might not be good enough, though time will tell. Was glad to have you onboard and chatting whilst being outside...it's so much more sociable 😉
  18. Glad to have been part of it Steve (albeit remotely) Looks like the aperture mask has tightened up your stars nicely, no more weird spikes ! Amazing that you can image under a full moon ... The magic of Ha filters. Definitely a Pterodactyl though 😂
  19. So first good try out of using some of the APT tools (Such as PAPS, and the Bhatinov mask tool), and then try to do some imaging for the first time in ages. The mount and laptop did not want to play ball at first (Windows 11 and driver updates that had been done without my permission). After all that we could mess around with PAPS and see how good it could polar align. As this was the first time we were a little slow, but im sure with practice and adjusting the config it will get faster. So in the end it was IC 5070 - The Pelican Nebula which was best placed to mess around on. Focus had shifted on the first few subs, so that needed tweaking. All in all it was circa 36 x180 second subs, using a WO Star71 (with aperture mask), guided by PHD2. its just a rough process job, and looked not so bright on my other laptop, but hey..... Great fun to be out, and just in time for the end of the good weather o_0...darn.
  20. Yeah...I put them over there as well...but my Priority was of course this page 😉
  21. @Blazar You might want to post this in the solar section of the main forum ? Not many people will see it otherwise ... The cloud Dodgers are ... Very rare 🤣
  22. Blimey, life in the cloud Dodgers group 🙂 They've come out really well Steve 👍🏻
  23. Hey all, Managed to get out and catch some rays! decided to make some time being as it was sunny. There was a slight haze, but I think these came out ok whilst I was trying to remember how all the kit works 🙂. These were with the TAL100RS, on the CGEMDX. Quark Cromosphere, ZWO174mm camera. Stacked in AS3, processed in ImPPG and finished in PS5. Might try and do this again at some point!
  24. Hi all, what a lousy year for astro 🥺 still itching to get imaging, just seems cloudy or full moon all the time 🤣 Have a great Christmas and a better new year 🤞🏻
  25. Hi @Blazar The nebula is still nicely positioned and high on horizon so give it a go. Nebula season hasn't finished yet 🙂

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