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Recommendations for first doubles?

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Hi all,

I've been working my way through the Messier List, with my first telescope (Done 21 so far, since late Feb), and would like a break from faint fuzzies. I have read up on double stars, and would really like to have a go at splitting some.

Could you recommend some easy to split, fairly nice doubles for me to try.

So far on my list I have Mizar, and the Double Double.


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Will the CA of my 120mm Achromatic Refractor ruin double stars?

It's just when I look at a bright star, sometimes there's alot of CA.

Do you need much aperture to view double stars, as when I use aperture masks, the CA is drastically reduced.


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Faves around at the moment - Algieba, Castor, epsilon Bootes, kappa Bootes, delta Cass, a bit low but you may get beta Monerceros + loads more :)


PS and if you fancy a bit of a challenge try Porrima in Virgo, just split it at 200x in a 5" refractor the other night

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Star systems can have two or more stars orbiting around each other - but from here it just looks like a single star in the sky. Soon as you put some magnification on them you realise there's two - because you've "split them apart" :)

Wander along the stars in the plough handle with binocs and see which are single stars and which are doubles. :icon_scratch:

(sometimes you realise there are 4 stars in a "double/double" system)

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