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  1. At my lat: some clouds above horizon (NE), no rain, almost frostly. So, good visibility that I`m glad this time.
  2. Second test confirmed result from before two weeks said scientists from CERN. They published official paper (vide:"Journal of High Energy Physics") but conclusions aren`t so obvious.
  3. It seems next failure of Roskosmos. In spite of everything I hope that situation will improve with use.
  4. Many years ago I "discovered" an atlas of stars. I knew what is Solar System and others but I stated that my knowledge and informations are insufficient. I became interested in structure of Universe and objects and phenomenons.
  5. I`m back. I hope Your problems escaped.
  6. 23 years ago - 15 Nov. 1988 - first flight of Buran
  7. I hope that I`ll notice more than last time when I waited for Orionids. At my lat cloudy weeks finished but begun foggy ones. Maybe with new moon something will change for better.
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