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  1. Almost the same start, a Tasco 4.5 inch reflector, I was thinking earlier that it was around 20 years ago but have been rudely reminded that it was nearer 30! it was the closest thing to a "real" telescope that I could afford. It was also the first telescope that allowed me to see M42 and Saturns rings, neither sight has been forgotten. It was instrumental in keeping me interested in astronomy and although I've moved on a bit the scope is still giving good service to a friend who I gave it to just a few months ago.
  2. I am in agreement with the above, like it or not I've spent most of my adult life having to keep up with technology, I really have two options, accept change and adapt and learn or resist and stagnate. Currently I'm typing on a machine that most of us wouldn't have dreamt about maybe only 15 years ago and yet millions of us use one without giving it a second thought. It gives me access to an almost inexaustible knowledge bank at the touch of a few buttons, of course I could go back a few more years and turn on me old valve powered radio, there's bound to be something on the light program apart from static . I reckon that I served my apprenticeship 20 odd years ago with setting circles and a dodgy planisphere and I cant say I'm sorry to see the back of them. I just dont see the point of fighting technology, its there to be used and if goto gives me only 10 mins extra viewing time or finding a faint target first go then I'm all for it.
  3. With you all the way, hated my 5se and couldnt wait to get shot of it, conversely I love my cpc.
  4. So have I, temptation too great and will power too low!
  5. I bought the powermate, thanks for your help. Roger
  6. Thanks for the link, it really cleared a few grey areas up for me, I think to be honest that I knew the answer would be the powermate. I can easily remove the diagonal from my williams pair for imaging but with the sct its not quite so easy as anything with any length to compensate for the diagonal being removed is in danger of hitting the base of the unit and of course it makes the initial finding and centering with an eyepiece difficult. I think I have no option but to use the diagonal but hope that the dialectric might have a better transmission to the ccd.
  7. This is really a two pronged question related mainly to planetary imaging with my CPC 800 and neximage. I would like to increase the image scale and therefore need to up the available magnification by using either a 3x barlow (currently an ed 2x) or a 2.5 or 4x powermate and maybe swop my prism diagonal with a dialectric mirror variety. On a simple eyeball test my Williams dialectric seems to be a magnitude better on brightness of light transmission than the prism. So I supose the question is, is it worth buying the powermate and dialectric or will the simple upping of the barlow to a 3x be more than sufficient to improve my imaging results?
  8. To be honest the BBC sometimes struggle to get yesterdays weather right let alone todays.
  9. I can easily see it in my cpc800 (8inch), big its not, but unmistakable as a planet non the less.
  10. Sorry to jump in, I have a Megrez 90, love it, as Honda would say it just "works"
  11. Having just watched an episode of mythbusters I would suggest that staking him out over growing bamboo shoots would be appropriate or maybe the old standby of gonads in the blender?
  12. I managed to pick it out the other night and also neptune for the first time ever in an 8 inch sct.
  13. Thanks for that, I think that I need an unobstructed view of the polar scope as its mainly intended for imaging and I'm getting fed up of lugging out the tripod for the clouds to follow me.
  14. Nice pier and well within my price range! I think that it should be worthwhile to check a few fabricators out. Thanks for the info. Regards Roger
  15. Brilliant Dave thanks very much for the info and link. Roger
  16. I am considering mounting my heq5 on a pier inside a roll on/off roof obsevatory, I would prefer a comercially available model but am unsure of what may be the best one to buy. I have trawled the internet but I think that I would prefer to make a judgement based on the input of fellow astronomers, so can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank you.
  17. It was the nose piece, 0.2 mm too big. I thought that I was losing the plot for a while when I couldnt get it into any of my reducers . But as I said earlier Lee sorted it out without any hastle, oh and yes it does fit
  18. Full marks to Greenwitch, quick phone call to Lee, sorted with replacement nosepiece.
  19. I dont think for one second that the company who I bought it from will hesitate to sort it. I have had nothing but first class service from Neil and Lee at Greenwitch. However these bits are done by CNC so there should not be a fitting issue. Truth be known I would probably have been more tollerant if it wasnt for the fact that only a few weeks ago I had the exact opposite effect with a nextar camera, its fit was in the league of throwing a sausage up an entry.
  20. I supose that its too much to ask of a manufacturer to supply bits of kit that actually fit, or am I expecting too much of a camera that costs the best part of £600 to have a nose piece that actually goes inside the 2" to 1 1/4" reducer, maybe I could selotape it on or maybe Atik could actually have made it the right size or maybe they dont use CNC or Quality control? Not at all impressed, I know that I could skim a few thou off but thats not the point I Shouldnt have to!
  21. I think that I would be inclined to give the kit a miss and invest in high medium and low power ep's and a barlow. I havent tried the Baader zoom but their reputation is good.
  22. When I was young clouds amazed me, as I grew older and took up flying (gliding) clouds were my friends like giant magnets lifting me higher. Now Ive returned to astronomey I just wish they'd go some where else.
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