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  1. Back in the day When I could afford decent hifi my wife did a double whammy on me. She cleaned my pride and joy Linn sondek lp12 with silicon furniture polish, write off one expensive drive belt. New belt purchased and fitted only to discover even more expensive moving coil cartridge was minus a stylus, the light of my life cleaned a bit of lint "off the end" with a duster. The new cartridge set me back £253 in 1983. Banned for life from even so much as breathing on it.
  2. I walked into a cow one night looking upwards at the Pleiades. There was an ancient right of grazing where we lived, we woke up one morning to cattle munching on our roses.
  3. How funny I was about to say the same, its either raining or about to rain.
  4. To this day I still have no idea how I managed to get it to look like this but ic 63 is my favorite dso so I don't mind.
  5. Back in the day when I was single I spent a small fortune on what was then considered to be the definitive HiFi system. Linn sondek , Naim audio pre and power amps and Linn Isobarik speakers. When I moved in with my girlfriend we bought a puppy a lovely Golden retriever who proceeded to rip the grill off the bass driver and bite lumps out of it. Those speakers cost me £1200 in 1977 , I would have prefered him to carry on pulling the new wallpaper off the lounge wall to be honest.
  6. The only time my mount went off on a little excursion of its own was when I had the "Append on Sync" box ticked on EQmod, unticked the box and normal operation since.
  7. I'm pleased that it works for you, to me its clunky and not in the least bit intuitive. It reminds me of Neb3 which also suffered the same fate.
  8. I did it around 3 years ago, not too in depth but interesting nonetheless.
  9. When we moved to Wales I had to rehome all of my collection, most to where I used to work and some to Paradise wildlife park. I predominately kept rear fanged, lots of different Boigas......Mangroves, green cats, dark headed cats, jet black Sulawesi cat, hognoses, stroppy male and big soppy female Falsies, Barons racer, long nosed tree snakes and flying snakes. Plus the usual array of spiders and scorpions. The spiders and scorpions came with us, easy to transport. as did my Raccoon dog, my hand reared Raccoon Bonnie went to a friend till I could build her an escape proof home , she's back with me now along with Rascal who was my friends Raccoon but it turned really mean so I agreed to take her when Bonnie came back. I miss the snakes, some I'd had from hatchlings especially the falsy, she ended up over 7 feet long and as docile as a cornsnake, cant say that I miss the electricity bill though.
  10. The Uv lamps generally associated with snake keeping e.g. 2.0 and 5.0 are designed to replicate the uv output of the sun for different species and locations. Their primary purpose is to ensure calcium production is maintained and thereby eliminating metabolic bone disease, the actual output is unlikely to have any effect on spores. We did once explore the idea of using pond uv lights in a fully blacked out viv to see if it would eliminate mites and the like by destroying their Dna. The pond Uv's have a really high output and are not good for our eyes hence the blackout. 50 year snake keeper and as Grant will probably remember the Head of the Reptile dept at the JKK.
  11. I've just checked on a pic that I took of my graph after polar aligning. Belt modded Heq5 pro pier mounted RMS error was 0.43 so I think yes there may well be more to get out of it. Sorry its a really poor pic had to use my phone to take the picture off my face book page then send it to myself and save it.
  12. I do have a Rolex and I also have a £20 digital watch, no prizes for guessing which is the better timekeeper, a clue, the Rolex has been in its box for the last 2 years.
  13. In a very similar vein a number of my friends that use Co2 lasers have experienced multiple problems ranging from coraldraw crashing to laser control software refusing to connect. Thankfully my lasers and astro programs are all on a win 7 machine that I have long ago disabled auto updates after one bombed out my qhy guide camera.
  14. Crocodile sir? certainly sir. I'll make it snappy.
  15. I was surrounded by really nice neighbours bar one and to be honest it wouldn't matter if I was mother Theresa to her. She had it in for me ever since I blew out her fence panel with the prop blast from a paramotor . I didnt know that I had done it but my daughter looking aghast and then falling around laughing and pointing behind me was a bit of a clue.
  16. Does anyone have experience of the above? I'm seriously considering another camera and truthfully I would prefer to stay with Atik but its not set in concrete. I'm open to other suggestions but it does cross my mind that the Megrez 90 might not be able to make full use of its imaging area. Any input will be gratefully received.
  17. The tak is better by quite a margin, but it will bloat the blue in rgb, in narrow band its very good.
  18. After thinking long and hard I think that an investment in my two favourite girls, Stella and Becks, never had a cloud problem with either. :-)
  19. And those lawnmover things could easily chop off a toe, for your own safety and increased leisure time rip up the lawn and install astroturf, stays green year round and never needs mowing........result I say.
  20. The evaluation version which i believe is fully featured is free but in reality the author has invested time and money into developing it so I would say that in fairness try it but then buy the licence for it.
  21. Must have been the company that you used to keep.
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