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  1. If you use reflective foil then no need for a fan in the UK?
  2. I think this is a common occurrence, I'm sure Derek will come up with a way around this.
  3. Unfortunately not, seeing was disappointing here as well, especially as bright blue sky at dusk..
  4. Went out tonight, meant to be very clear however cloud's rolled in and seeing and transparency poor. Glad to be out and given the quick setup/tear down time not a wasted night. On clearance: It's the pan handle which is really causing the snagging. Note this pan handle that is 4" shorter than the stock model, a Derek special. The focuser can always be moved and to be honest I never need it out that far. Options: 1) Replace Avalon EQ6 bolt with the Baader EQ6 equivalent which has a base that add's a couple of cm's. 2) Buy a Rowan saddle so the pan handle can go the other side. I would buy one anyway to mount two scopes with Losmandy rails. Any other location I can mount the pan handle? Maybe if bracket attaching the pan handle to the saddle could be at an angle, then the snagging would never happen @RowanAstronomy? Same issue @Stu in previous post. 3) Get a half pier, which I might have to do in the future. A 55 mm Tele Vue Possl needs a feather touch extension tube to come into focus, in this case the pier is only solution. Other side:
  5. I was going to say it's called a FT focuser, but even this neutron star material cannot balance the black hole of the LZOS triplet.
  6. Is the Q extender new? I’m trying to convince myself that I do not need a pillar for my az100 as the money would be better spent on a TOE 2.5 mm. I’ll wait for report from @Stu. I also feel the Q extender would make a big difference to all my EP’s so want one…
  7. If you has a counterweight on the LZOS scope could you move the scope forward and clear the tripod? I’ll take some pictures of mine tonight.
  8. Would you of kept the C14 if it was permanently mounted? The C14 is huge, it's not just the weight of the tube as you've said. I cannot imagine tear-down every night. What scope did you replace it with?
  9. I have them too, but not very reliable...
  10. I have a nexus DSC and a starbook 10. The star book is the best because no need for the touch screen, you can use the joystick or keys to tell the mount where to go and it has a LCD screen so you can zoom around the sky. Now Avalon have a PI based handheld device as well, which is why I think it's possible. As far as app's on phone, they are great until you have to take your gloves off for cold nights, then keys and joysticks take over.
  11. What about instead of the serial cable, support sending the encoder position via INDI protocol over wifi or preferable bluetooth. I suspect the cost of using some PI board to do this would be cheap and then user can just connect their phone/tablet.
  12. Looking at those figure I suspect it will match a Lockwood or Zambuto mirror quite easily....
  13. I think it would be very good to compare with different tripods, since I suspect A75 capacity is correlated to tripod stability.
  14. The main use case for has been planets. What about looking at doubles, your LZOS should be very good for that? Thats is something I can do well with the AZ100 pan handle with push-to to point me in the right direction.
  15. Last night I had to reposition before Jupiter was hidden by the roof line. With the T-pod (7 kg) + AZ100 and LZOS 130 I can shift it along. I did try and track Jupiter using the pan handle but no fun. The SXP2 tracking is superb, however with limited time to view (roof obstruction) AZ100 comes into its own with setup time. A grab n' go with a 130 mm APO. Ps: it's not fun when you back get's pulled, sorry to hear. PPS: Light-wieght A75 with slow mo, I'm sure there would be a market for that.
  16. I have a back that can get pulled/strained easily. Also like two trips out, mount + tripod and then scope for ease of use. However I do hope to go away to see family in Wales and the size of the t-pod / az100 and LZOS means it takes up just a bit more room then a 100 mm scope with a ScopeTech mount and tripod.
  17. You could use a Baader half pier, that works and matches the AZ range. If Rowan are doing a pier I'd be interested in knowing the weight. The advantage of the Baader pier is that many other vendors mounts can be placed on top.
  18. Sky safari has a turn off sleep mode as do the other apps. iPad are LED type apart from 12.9 Pro which is micro LED. To be honest not seen much difference in this use case between LED and OLED on phone.
  19. I’ve not snagged the LZOS on the AZ100 yet, but it’s always close when visiting the zenith. I’m holding out against getting a half pillar as it’s an extra 4 kg.
  20. Oval BA is usually 90 minutes ahead of GRS?
  21. it was, missed it as dad duties, but not the best time for seeing, there will be another time... Next useful GRS Transit is 19 Oct @ 21:42:40. Cloud's permitting.
  22. 8.03:50 pm next one according to Luminos.
  23. Clear sky predicted tonight, I'll see if I can tweeze out the ovals at all. Hopefully I can push over x220...
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