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  1. Here some competition then, the vixen half pillar is a lot lighter (1.8 kg) and easier to attach... However it's cast I believe, Japanese like to use this approach...
  2. Any news on the new half pillar Derek is putting together?
  3. Anyone here any experience mounting a Newt on an AZ100? On CN I've seen a 115 cm Newt mounted on there AZ100 and that looks possible. The Newt options I've come up with are: BS 10" (length 95 cm) weight 11.5 kg BS 12" (length 110 cm) weight 18 kg. My main concern for the 12" is the weight however the extra aperture would mean not needing a larger aperture for some time. I already have a AZ100 so why buy a Dob mount, especially as I have push too.... Why not buy a Dob, well these are Boren-Simon Newts and run at F2.5 which is great for NV usage and can be used in prime mode so no long stack attached to the focuser. Thanks
  4. Serge needs to have a physical scope tech zero present to make a set of encoders. So it's a nope at the moment.
  5. If theory it would hold a TSA-120, however in practise no, just a little to heavy. It's really aimed at Japanese market for holding 4" Vixen/Takahashi scopes
  6. Slo-mo? If only the Scopetech Mount Zero had push-to.... Looking at a lot of the comments, maybe another thread, whats the best grab n' go setup. 1) What's the lightest setup you find usable? 2) What's the largest aperture you can use as grab n-go? Two trips is grab n' go?
  7. Very true. Open question what's the lightest's alt-z mount you can use with a Nexus and carry a 4-5" APO?
  8. Bag, it’s just easier. Takes 5 seconds to put finder on/off.
  9. My Avalon T-Pod tripod, means I can carry my mount and scope into the garden in two trips. Makes the setup grab and go, setup 5 minutes. Without this I would not go out on nights that could go either way with regards to cloud cover or seeing:
  10. The 130 I have are star light, Rupert wanted them to match the anodising of the FT focuser. However the weight is more, I’m sure I could get lighter, but finding them is hard…
  11. You might be able to use the KUO handle, ask APM if they have any spare.
  12. @GavStar you will need a hoist to get that down from the top room, time for an obs? Of course we could ask @Tyson M for pointers as he is a bit of an expert on this. APM max load mount on order?
  13. You might see some "dimming" around the edge when using EP's with large fields stops. I believe the CN thread you referring to is here: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/499161-c11-edge-07x-reducer-visual/
  14. Also available, what padding do you use when sitting on it?
  15. Luminous to me is a great app, it's rendering is better then Sky Safari and GRS calculations accurate. However sky safari is more productive and at present supports more mounts. For example I can upload a doubles list in sky safari on the desktop and it will sync to my mobile. I can also plot a viewing list on a desktop and upload so much quicker then a mobile app. For getting stuff done, Sky Safari is a winner. Same time given the cost of kit, Luminous and Sky Safari are rounding errors in costs. Why not have both?
  16. I have a LE 18.5 mm and the TOE 4 mm (plus a full set of Vixen HR's). So not quite want you want, but the stand out features of the TOE 4 mm is: Super sharp, sharper then the LE's I own. Comfortable to view As noted above, seems to have an icy colour to it. Main point is it a goldilocks EP. For most nights in the UK when you cannot push pass a 4 mm EP it's the most rewarding EP to use and will give the most detail for planetary work. Hence it's worth the investment. My HR's stay in the box on these nights. The only EP's I can compare with the TOE are the HR's, the LE's are just not as sharp or as pricey.
  17. There is a new version of Luminous in the works. It's very good. Cannot remember if it supports the Nexus DSC......
  18. Sky Safari 7 is not yet available on a desktop OS. Does anyone know if Sky Safari 6 pro will sync with Sky Safari 7 pro at all? I like to prep on the desktop (6) and then sync to mobile (7) for use, wondered if this is possible, cannot think why not. With the Nexus DSC it acts as a wide hotspot the phones connects too. Is there any way for the Nexus to connect to a network? This would mean when sky safari is connected to the Nexus the mobile device would not have to use cellular to access the internet.
  19. Actually they no longer sell NV equipment, OVNI only sells direct. However you main point of availability is correct. The only difficulty is sourcing a good tube, which OVNI has the contracts to cherry pick the good ones. The other item is that NV likes fast scopes, i.e. for refractors < F6 and reflectors around F4 to get the most out of them. If you have lots of imaging scopes you are well on the way.
  20. This is a good idea, NV is buried where it is at the moment. I agree NV is not cheap, but they again neither are some 20” dobs or EP collections.
  21. The SXP2 is very good. Took 2 weeks to turn up from RVO last year, however stock levels are still all over the place. @Space Hopper should take your TEC 140 easily as it handles my LZOS.
  22. This must be a. dangerous thread to visit for you: Takitis! (Cats & Casses Edition) The C11 build quality is variable, but it has a wide range of accessories that work with it. e.g. BV. As a light bucket the C11 wins, however the mirror in the Mewlon is smoother (more consistent QA) and hence you eyes can be make use of the higher contrast. How do you work out the scope to pick when comparing between a smoother mirror and a larger aperture? In the US there are other cats and cat that we don't see. e.g. https://opticalguidancesystems.com
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