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  1. Baader make an EQ6 pillar as well However why possible to mount on a T-Pod I've not seen any other adapters for other brands on tripods....
  2. How often to seeing conditions (or you viewing style, such as waiting for cool down) mean this is possible?
  3. Looking on CN, owners of both Mewlon and C9.25/11 prefere the Mewlon due to better contrast, i.e. smoother mirror for visual. However for imaging the faster speed you can run the SCT at and extra aperture would make the choice more difficult. However that can lead to blue star bloat with a fast starโ€ฆ.
  4. What is the shortest EP you are now using with Q extender? The other use of a Q extender is that for some EP's it will flatten the field at the edge, useful in a AP130GTX and hopefully a LZOS 130/F6.
  5. All of them. On the moon they work very well, on Jupiter not so well. To be honest detail in Vixen HR 3.4 is similar to TOE 4 mm using a SD103S, the 4mm has a smaller image. using LZOS Vixen HR the image is larger but start to lose belt detail on Jupiter, moon I see more detail using HR. I suspect moving country to get better seeing would help, I need more clear nights to get an idea of what works best....
  6. A BBHS T2 mirror diagonal turned up today, so I hope the skies will clear soon and I'll be able to get the best possible view of Jupiter with a TOE 4 mind a LZOS 130mm/F6. Question, would it be better to get a TOE 3mm or and Q Extender and increase the focal length of my scope? I suspect the Q Extender would bring all my Vixen HR's into use...
  7. Well my Baader T2 BBHS mirror turned up today a long with the thunder storms. Hopefully I'll be able to use it on Jupiter and see if I get an improvement over the 2" Baader standard mirror prism. Presume you've found your HR 3.4mm @Stu? Waiting on another 18.5 mm Tak LE and a GPC and then I'll take the BV out as well. The build quality of Takahashi EP's, alway feels like Christmas when they come out of the box....
  8. Well for air spaced designs like a TOA-130 need to get the liquid nitrogen cryo storage out to get it down to temperature, pro's and cons as usual...
  9. Not a bad price here: https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-nadira-astronomy-observing-chair.html However the BB. one comes with a cushion: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-observing-chairs/berlebach-charon-observers-chair.html
  10. 102 mm ED doublet would be a sweet spot. It one of the scopes which is just so useful, what you can see and how quick they are to set up. I'd look at: Tecnosky 102/700 F7 FPL-53 Doublet APO These scope get great reviews. The 125 mm model is highly thought of from a value point of view.
  11. I've settled on the Takahashi 18.5 mm LE eyepieces, for the high power views would it be best to get the 15 mm APM UFF or go with the 12.5 mm LE's? I'd use a GPC 2.6. I suspect the 12.5 mm LE's would be the max for most nights I could use due to seeing?
  12. The LZOS 130/F6 I have is 780 mm, then add a FT3545 focuser and it starts to get long.
  13. The ADM half pier is for use with a Tele Vue 127, thats around F5.5, it's short.
  14. It might be an ideal to go across the pond to CN. They are quite a few threads there of C9.25 and C11 owners who have moved to a Mewlon to take advantage of no dewing, faster cooling and smooth mirrors allowing for better contrast. Question is will you use it if you have a 4โ€ which cools in no time at all?
  15. I think @GavStar had to send back his CFF due to an issue with the oil. Edit: Managed to find the thread, @GavStar had other issues with that scope, not related to oil. I suspect from reading CN there are some outliers, if you get a good one then you are set.
  16. What is the Orion riser's weight, only shows the package weight. The ADM special is around 2.5 kg.
  17. if you have to ask then you cannot afford it... A large amount of metal to be CNC'd..
  18. I suspect Japan has one foundry for the glass, the furnaces have Palladium walls to produce FPL type glass. These foundries use to exist in the US until the bean counter's sold them off as the furnace was worth more than the business it supported. The only other foundries will be in Russia and China.
  19. Interested in your result. I've ordered a BBHS T2 mirror diagonal for BV usage. Given the result of the 2" mirror diagonal I have interested if you can confirm the same result, the T2 BBHS prism made my Vixen into a totally different scope. Also, have you managed to find your HR 3.6 mm yet? Amazing what you find when re-organising the garage after moving in a month ago...
  20. You mean TSA120 are so common Seriously I wish I had a good nightโ€™s seeing to give an accurate report and a BBHS mirror diagonal. Given Iโ€™ve almost got all the parts for using the AZ100 I predict cloudsโ€ฆ.
  21. With the AZ100 have you used any other tripods at all, wondered what the stability was like?
  22. I've noticed the LZOS is giving more detail on Jupiter using a mirror over a prism diagonal. I'm going to order a BBHS T2 for BV use and then I can do a better comparison, no T2 click locks anywhere. Viewing was over around 3-4 nights, with seeing ranging between good to medium. To be honest this could be related to the diagonal as the HR in the SD103S using the BBHS prism diagonal is showing the same level of detail (to close to call or really make a difference you would be very happy with either) as the TOE. So many variables to work thru....
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