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  1. Hi all I meant to post sooner but loosing track of time. I am truly gutted that I will not be making it this year. I have been sent out to work in the middle of the east. I have been here for four months and no light at the end of the tunnel so far. I wish you all the very best and hope the weather holds for you. I will look forward to seeing you all next year. Have a good one.
  2. vince 66

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Arrived stressed went home relaxed. Thank you to the organisers. Ok the skies weren't good but it sure beats work see you all next time.
  3. I'm always looking to squeeze that little bit extra from my scopes so rather than spend a small fortune on a 3 to 4 mm eye piece. Does anyone use a Barlow and what type. My eye pieces are Pentax XW s. So I would be looking for a Barlow that would compliment their performance.
  4. Get the scope that will get the most use. I have owned a C925 for two and a half years. I use it with a EQ 6 mount. I have only used this set up three times at star party's only. I find it far to time consuming to set up for some mid week observing. It's not just the weight of the OTA but also you have to carry the mount out side polar align,add weights,and balance set up. This probably doesn't sound to bad if you are new to the hobby or getting your first scope setting up equipment like this is a good learning curb and you will be as keen as mustard. Go for the lighter OTA it will defiantly
  5. Well it's all over now a good time was had as always. A big thank you to Mark for organising. Looking forward to next year. We even came home with a dry tent result.
  6. Just booked Thursday till Sunday did not put preferred pitch though. I know where I would like to be but I can't remember the field names. I suspect that in my haste I may have missed a camp site plan?. Any way I was trying to polar align at Sixpenny while booking that's my excuse.
  7. Congratulations Mark on your new arrival we've just finished setting up see you later.
  8. We are coming again this year will book the whole week. You never can tell in this country. A few years back we had a mini heat wave in October. As they say "third time lucky".
  9. Oh we'll never say never. I've been looking for a 3.5 to 4 mm eyepiece for some time now. Although I like orthos a lot I feel that 4mm may be a bit to tight for me. So I am thinking about barlowing my XW eye pieces. I would buy the 3.5 but it's a lot of money to spend on a eye piece That would only get used once in a while. I used to have a Nagler 3mm to 6mm zoom eye piece but the floaters drove me mad. So will I get as good views with a barlwed XW as I would with a 3.5 XW.
  10. I can't make it this year. I'm working over seas. I hope you all get good weather and some clear skies. I should be home on Friday 20th so will probably pop over on Saturday evening. Have a great time everybody .
  11. I didn't even set a scope up but it is still nice to relax and do nothing for a few days. Beats working for a living. Thanks to Mark AKA Astro Gnome for organising . Already looking forward to next year.
  12. Well I'm all packed and ready to make the journey but it is absolutely pouring down here and thunder with strong winds. So I am in two minds wether to make the journey or not. What's the weather doing in Sixpenny today?.
  13. vince 66

    2015 - SGL 10

    When does the booking open ?.
  14. Ok so may be not first thing . I have finally got round to it and booked 8th to the 12th four nights. So hope the weather holds.
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