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  1. Hi guys. Is this a smart idea if one wants to have a dobsonian for both DSO and planets, especially for a beginner ? For example, the f/7.85 150P Skywatcher dobsonian with a 0.7 reducer will give me f/5.5. Will it show less coma (with the reducer) compared with a native f/5.5 dobsonian lets say ? Or I'm chasing the wind here..lol The truth is that I'm pretty much a beginner at observing but I like reading up tons of stuff about equipment before buying. I'm currently using or a pair of Oberwerk 15x70 binoculars on a tripod, and I'm thinking about a dobsonian...And a 'slow' do
  2. Guys, what do you think about this cheap tripod ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B01LQX0P8Q/1944 I see the can handle even 5 kg. This is pretty cheap compared to a p-mount. Any thoughts on it ?
  3. I found here. Thanks https://scopedepartment.com/search?q=apm+xwa&type=product
  4. Damn, they're at least as expensive as the binoculars. I'm gonna stick around in the classifieds sections...maybe something used comes up.
  5. Hi guys, I recently bought a pair of Oberwerk 15x70 binoculars. Found them used, but in excellent condition. Only 240+ some extra for delivery Can you suggest a study P-mount for them ?..They are 2.5 kg/ 5.5 lbs Thanks
  6. Hi, thanks...but I got my astro-fever down a bit and I bought only a 15x70 Oberwerk. Thanks for the offer anyway. Appreciate it I guess moderators can close the thread
  7. Nothing on the few websites that I know, thats what I mean. And I haven't heard about that website you're saying. I'm pretty new to this.
  8. Hi guys. Where could I buy the APM 100° 20mm eywpiece in the UK? I know a few websites, but I checked and nothing. Any suggestions ?
  9. I see this is still available, albeit without the star diagonal. I'm interested You have PM
  10. The ED versions are too expensive for me right now. Even the 70mm ED version from the APM are 2000 euros. And although I know they're excellent, I don't want to spend that much. I want to spend around 1000, bino+ mount. Thats why I was thinking Oberwerk 25x100+mount. I had the 15x70, and I'd like more magnification...especially since I want to get a mount now So what should I get around £1000 ? another pair of 15x70 with mount ? Why not 25x100, or something in between ? What avout some 20x80 ? I think there are good p-mounts for this. I read most of them are half t
  11. Well, i forgot to mention that I've used a pair of celestron skymaster 15x70 before, for a while. But nothing serious, nothing methodical. Just moon, orions belt, plaiades and andromeda, occasionally...and nothing else much. I still have them but they're damaged. I had them since 2010...but I've rarely used them all this time. My thought is that I still need binoculars, not a telescope. I could still get a lot from a pair of binoculars ..learn the sky better, for example. Expecially if I get some 25x100 on a parallelogram mount. I haven't had any mount for the 15x70, and I should
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