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    Analogue (live naked-eye) viewing and learning with binoculars and a 200mm Dobsonian mount reflector
    Looking for and finding 1) asterisms and constellations, 2) stars esp. coloured binaries/doubles 3) planets 4) meteors especially low and long ones 5) planets and planetary moons esp. Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus 6) Our moon esp. craters 7)DSO's (clusters, nebulae, galaxies) 8) ISS and Satellites
    Visiting dark skies 2) Alice Springs, Hawaii, North Norfolk and visitor centres like Keck, Leicester Space Centre

    Non-Astro: ESP32, Raspberry Pi, CAMRA Craft beer and real ale, FLAC audio, Jazz Rock, Krautrock, Ambient and Classical Music.
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About Me

Became interested in star watching in 1972. First telescope was a cheap 2" refractor.

Between then and now, I used Olympus binoculars until finally getting my second 'scope (Dobsonian 200P) in 2020. I use this with a Baader Hyperion IV Zoom EP for mainly analogue viewing.

Personal highlights: Watching Sky at Night and moon landings, visiting Keck Observatory on Hawaii Big Island in 2019 and Mount Palomar Observatory in 1980, looking up at Southern stars and Magellanic Clouds from Alice Springs and talking astronomy with "uncle" Eric*.

* My brother in law's uncle is GED Alcock (RIP).




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