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  1. Yes I did get it added after the kind help of Jamesf. It was some time ago and worked first time. Perhaps one of those dreaded Microsoft updates has added a gremlin into the works.
  2. Any idea how you attach the brass DSLR? Let alone how you connect up the bronze laptop. Must have weighed a ton. Does rather put things into perspective though. In 1923 how many people had electric? But I am guessing that if you had 21k for a telescope you had shares in Westinghouse. Strange irony that the person with the scope probably had all the lights on to show off to neighbours, so there starts urban light pollution at the hands of an astronomer. M
  3. Yeh, lead balloon that crashed into the Pyrenees due to bad weather that goes on for ever, except in Spain it seems. Only joking, it’s just that I am quite close but have UK weather which is a long version of “I am envious”. Marv
  4. John, done us proud right there. Can’t stop comparing this picture with the over head from Johnturley. Never noticed the deformation in the right crater wall. Enlarged the overhead image to see the crater nearest to the close end of the wall. Doesn’t really show up on the overhead. Next opportunity I have a mission to try and see that magma rille to the right of the central crater in this shot. Can’t imagine what it looked like to the naked eye. Marvin
  5. The smell.. that gasoline smell. Smells like... smells like victory.
  6. Cloud sweeper. I was first light last night with a 150 pds. About 20:00hrs Rupes Recta was astonishing, the equal small craters either side symmetrical. Been a while since I observed Lunar, need to do more, so easy to forget it is in reach. Marvin
  7. Cheers, always interested in a local source especially as buying from elsewhere requires a monetary exchange. Thankfully I bought a big roll from FLO first time around so I think I have enough left over for the 150. If you don’t mind I am going to pm you. Reply if you want. Marv
  8. Got my new SW 150 pds yesterday and clear skies for first light and I loved it. Tonight, no cloud at all............ but pea soup thick fog. Really hurts that 300 meters above me it is amazing.
  9. The double ‘that’ was not a typo. It was a stutter because I want one.
  10. Not a reply to anyone of you in particular but I am gob smacked by that tripod. I am a love of the old school (not everything has to be carbon fibre) I know, you are all in the know and one of you has it in his or hers house, but some info to the uninformed would be nice. Who makes that that thing of beauty? Marv
  11. No intrusion, these questions are just what this part of the forum is for. To a certain degree your comment is quite true. Level your tripod facing north, roughly level the thing and get Polaris in the cross hairs of the polar scope. You have a rough polar alignment. However. If you require more accuracy in your tracking say for photography, then polar alignment needs to be spot on. As a basic the reticule in the polar scope needs to centred (already touched on). And using a phone app to tell you where to adjust your mount to in relation to the pole star is invaluable. The more accurately you can follow the app after following the previous stuff the better your alignment and tracking will be. The flip side is if you are doing a one hour multi target visual session then that much effort is far less important. Its up to you how much to sweat it. Marv
  12. Thanks for the advice, I will look into it. Small inexpensive changes I like. Going to use it for a few months then floc it, blacken edges and a light shield. Forgot to say that it was massively out of collimation. Thankfully I have a laser so in a couple of minutes all was sorted. I like to think that they are shipped with all the main mirror screws loose to allow the mirror some cushioning whilst in transit M
  13. Forgot to say before you loosen the grub screws unscrew completely the eyepiece to get access to the reticule.
  14. I had the same problem with my EQ5 factory fitted polar scope. Turns out they screw in the polar scope until it tightens and where ever the reticule ends up is your problem. You can change the position of the reticule by slightly loosening the tiny Allen key grub screws (three) and rotating the reticule until you have the 0 top dead center whilst the mount is in the home position. Be aware that if you loose too much the reticule will fall out onto the floor, plus there is some grease in there that you don’t want in your polar alignment view. Once rotated and gently fixed in place (don’t over tighten grub screws) you can have ago at centring the reticule. By using the grub screws in the same way as collimating a secondary mirror. I found all this on YouTube, so I am sure you will too. I certainly understand previous comments about perfect polar alignment not being necessary but a degree of accuracy can’t be a bad thing when we spend money on this kit. Marvin
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