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  1. Quite possibly TC. I saw a news report recently saying that France was the world leader in telecoms! Despite never having mobile signal and all of us in the sticks walking around with tin foil hats to get mobile signal. Its not bad, but ‘world leaders’ I think a lot of countries are indulging in self promotion at the moment. M
  2. I am still unclear what IC110 and IC111 refer to in the picture as there is no circle like the distant galaxies. Thank you for the picture by the way, some of those NGC objects were the reason I found IC110 in the first place. still don’t understand why it is of unknown origin or make up if it appears to be a star. We have billions of dollars of kit in space mapping all that and more. Marv
  3. The thing I really don’t get now is why it is on Stellarium when it has not been seen since 1880 something. I am aware that some variable nebula disappear and sometimes reappeared but after 140 years? Marv
  4. That was what I got on Google. The description is so odd.
  5. Brilliant! Bonfire night. That would explain a few things. My late father in Law was cremated on bonfire night. A few people asked if was going to be a diy affair. You know how sadness and passing can bring out humour to lighten a moment. If it was a double star then he must have been mistaken by observation or position or it would be known by now. What does IC mean. I thought it was International Catalogue. If so, and it didn’t exist then I would have thought it would be stricken by now. Marv
  6. Ten minutes observing the moon last night and three past through the fov. As mentioned before, the first time is wow, now it’s getting boring and a distraction. On the flip side I can access my moon app on 4G via my iPhone in the garden right by my scope, so at least I can identify that crater! Problem is I could do that with a flip out map and a head torch and not have people WhatsApp me at the EP about work!!! Marv
  7. Thank you Tiny Clanger. So we are still none the wiser! Oh the mystery. Seriously though I think it was just because I was looking at faint collection of mag 13 galaxies and noted the odd one out ‘orange circle’. Unfamiliar with this I clicked on it and realised there was a non object there, a lot of the usual tech info on the left was missing and the description was the first of that type I had seen. Short lived SN remnant? M
  8. Didn’t really know where to post this so mods, if you have other ideas feel free. Due to lack of clear skies for what seems like months now I have been trying to wear out Stellarium with research and needless searches. Last night I stumbled across a new ‘one’ for me. IC 110 in Pisces with a description that says the following “Object of unknown nature”. I took this to be just data missing from the program but I have just googled it got a similar ambiguous answer. Now I am led to believe that we are still in discussions about the nature of quasars as an example so not knowing is no
  9. Actually looking closer might just have the other but from my view point they were both obvious bright points. M
  10. To all on this thread. I was observing the moon last night at 18:00 uk time (I am one hour ahead at 44 degrees lat. The moon was a fantastic crescent and I could observe two illuminated peaks next to each other well past where the point of the southern illumination ends. I believe #paulastro ‘great photo’ has picked up one of these. Does anyone know what these two peaks are? as they appear beyond the terminator. I read today that it is possible to see more than 50% of the moon but I am unsure of the mechanics. Marvin
  11. Hi Paul. Forgive me if you are ahead of me in the equipment stakes, if so then some of the following will be irrelevant. Absolutely 100% right #pixies, how could I forget Markarians chain. Although the main point of M81/M82 is that it is not seasonal (other than the weather) I have imaged MC once and this is the result. I have added these pictures to show what can be imaged, with below what is considered entry kit for AP. My DSLR is not modded, my mount is not guided and I am using an NEQ5 not HEQ5. I am limited to 60 sec exposures. I hope that is a help to anyone newer to AP than m
  12. I am very much a beginner at AP but I would say M81 M82 depending on your kit. M81 Bodes is a face on and M82 cigar is an edge on, so is a text book picture of galaxy types as viewed. With the right gear you can see M82 has large hydrogen structure at it's core. Both are also very bright 'for galaxies' so give them a go as two galaxies in one picture. As a beginner framing both in the one shot seemed a challenge but with a little effort is well worth it. I have attached a pic from my first try so you have a reference. They are circumpolar so no seasons to ad hear too. It just so happens t
  13. Brilliant! A session of WOW for sure. I follow these threads because I find the faint, not often looked at galaxies fascinating for the very reason that they are not often looked at. This on the other hand is like a giant bold slap in the face and I love it. I had to laugh when you describe NGC 3726 as quite small, at, 85.000 lys across. Only 85.000 lys ! hardly worth a mention Still, the size and distances of objects in our beloved past time blow my brain apart. Bravo Marvin
  14. Every now and again a post by a member like yourself really takes me back, just a few years, but the first time effect makes me write this. That whole hunt for the target in your post is almost the most important thing, just behind the capture. You are so right about how valuable the experience of seeing a galaxy, whether it is for the first time or the 100th. If an observer really understands what they are looking at it is a humbling experience. To try and explain that view to the ‘non astro’ is a very hard road. I have worn out shoes. Great photo by the way. You have captured
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