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  1. You lucky so an so, unless you paid a load for of course. Looks like a future collectors piece especially with the MOD dust jacket. Big like from me, I love old school stuff like that. I hope you treasure it and with carefull handling, get some use from it. Marv
  2. Great pictures, and a lovely foreground. I was out last night too and captured a not bad picture from my back garden, but nothing like your efforts. Marv
  3. Far too soft. This a dog eat world and you seem to be lining up to be dinner It doesn’t matter if he is using it! GET IT BACK. If he had been using it then I am sure he would have said things like “amazing lunar terminator the other night” I can be certain he sold it on the internet. TRACK IT DOWN ruthlessly without remorse, we need a visual report! Marv
  4. No idea at all, but get it back. GET IT BACK. Not into Astro at the time is not an excuse. If your friend refuses then take legal action. I have seen Judge Judy to know how many times a gift can be recalled if you call it a loan Be ruthless, scopes are more precious than any long term friendship so do the right thing and post a review of your latest equipment. Marv
  5. They are a family business in the US. They have some trademarks with Lord of the rings and other Film stuff. They also have some products in partnership with NASA. For me it is the old school minting process from back in the day that makes this item special. Not to mention it was a present from my brother, and he ain’t heavy… heee’s my brother like the lyrics. Marvin
  6. This is not an advert for this company and I am not at all connected to their business with the exception of my brother being a customer for a couple of items. My Bro sent me the following item and I was at first confused as to it’s purpose, but the more you handle it and keep it in your possession the more familiar it becomes. I keep sending my brother pictures of the moon taken through the ep and he responded. Shire Mint. Solid silver and minted the old way. The packaging is a work in itself. It has become my odd little thing to play with and flip from hand to hand inste
  7. I would consider near fighting for a night sky like that. They say we are the most dangerous animal on Earth and pair me up with a scope and a dark sky and nothing but a mosquito is coming near. Probably die of malaria in a year or two Marv
  8. Now you may all shout “You are odd” and I don’t have anything but huge wild boar to deal with but my other pleasure is carp fishing. This invariably involves multiple nights sleeping by a lake in a very rural/wild environment. Frankly it is the best nights sleep I ever get, sometimes I don’t even bother with a tent just sleep on a camp bed. Once embedded in nature I feel part of it and relax, but it has to be said I might have a sleepless night if a bear is a possibility. Marv
  9. Hi SuburbanMak Just wanted to venture a thought about your views of Saturn. I too have seen a surface band on Saturns surface but I am undecided if it is actual weather on the gas giant or a shadow from the planets ring formation. I am not sure how to find out but I am sure there must be resources that would show such info, please feel free to chip in #Stu as I know you are more than familiar with planetary observing, to say the least. Good work SuburbanMak, nothing like fantastic views of the satellites with special features Marvin
  10. Hello everyone, the inevitable moaning about the weather and endless cloudy nights are not just a topic for astronomers but part of the fabric of observing life. I have recently started to research meteorology and read books about the subject (oops science) and it really is a fascinating subject. I became drawn to a conclusion about astronomers (I like to think I am one) that they (we) spend a huge amount of time on our equipment and the minutiae of its ability without really knowing about our weather. I am sure there are Astronomers out there with a wealth of meteorology knowle
  11. I watched it and enjoyed it a lot. We were warned that there would be recycled footage, but in my opinion this is to be expected due to the travel restrictions that production companies have had to deal with. It was really great to sit back and watch a science program, how rare that statement has become. Marv
  12. We have been having some amazing horse tails here today. With a huge variation of Cirrus, really quite dramatic. It will probably ruin the possibility of clear Astro tonight. Marv
  13. I did get a few more pictures. Does anyone know if this connected to the recent solar activity or just a coincidence caused by atmospheric conditions. Also I am very lucky to work in an environment like that. I do pinch myself sometimes. 26 deg and sunny, very nice. Marv
  14. Hi all. May the 5th I posted a photo of what I thought may have been my first sun dog. Today at work there was an almost complete solar halo with another bar of colour directly below it. For once my phone did a pretty good job of picking it out. Please let me know if you have any info on this phenomenon.
  15. I don’t know if this is any help, but my iPhone will not take any picture with low mag eye pieces. A 10 mm plossle in my 150 pds is about the max I use for observing anything. For finding and wider field I use the 25 and 17mm eps but my phone camera will just not find focus unless I am 10mm or less like 7mm. I had not thought about using filters. I have an Olll, but fail to see how it is useful on a hydrogen/helium target. Am I missing something obvious? Of course I am, the obvious is often the most over looked. Marvin
  16. I managed to get the 150 newt out yesterday evening after the clouds finally giving up. They are by far the best sun spots I have observed and I too could not resist a quick pic. Only a phone photo through the eye piece though. Marv
  17. My entire Astro journey in one little book. Admittedly I only started in Autumn 2018 and whole observing sessions were covered by just a few lines. I consider this little, quite worn book my most treasured possession. Far more than my scope and mount. In the last year I have taken to planning a session on paper, then as it is happening I record it orally on the voice recorder of my phone. This is especially effective when doing lunar observations as sometimes there is so much to describe it is better to just run off at the mouth. I am not one for spread sheets and horrendous org
  18. Yes! But I also love it. In equal measure to looking through an ep. The latter gives me an immediate feeling of wonder and peace, the former gives me anxiety and heart burn with the occasional picture to keep forever. I consider them both worthy pursuits but then again I am an angler, so a worm on one end and a fool on the other. Marv
  19. I love a bit of real carbon fiber bling but I am with JeremyS on this, Wood. I have an everlasting hankering for something Berleback and one day the dream will come true. Lovely bit of kit by the way. Marv
  20. I understand. The universe is a mind blowing place and I feel lucky as a beginner to be able to image a galaxy or a nebula and have almost instant viewing, via DSLR screen or laptop. We are quite spoilt really, but that inner part in most of us always reaches to the summit and we see what the best are doing. I only asked about targeted versus background as if this were serious, then Hubble (Space telescope) would have us all scratching our heads. Marv
  21. Super well done on the gravitationally lensed quasars though. Great job. M
  22. I was of the understanding via the post from the OP on April 24th that they meant the most distant object targeted. I maybe wrong #whitfieldp and please correct me if I am, but your post said that your Astrobin image was of the ‘owl nebula‘. Is your image targeting the QSO or is the QSO a background object? I wanted to know as the definition of targeted, and happens to be in the background is fundamental to the OPs question. I found the rest of your answer utterly fascinating although I have to confess a little above my pay grade. Although a lot of what you posted has me delvin
  23. My meager contribution is 126mlys NGC 4388 in Markarians Chain. In fairness I had no idea it was there initially but it is a galaxy with shape not a fuzzy blob. I have attached my very first MC attempt and biro doodle of all the galaxies I could identify with distances. Marv
  24. Now I did think how can I blame my solid state comment on spell check but realised that my mistake from Solid State which should have been Steady State is actually a very funny gag. I can see Fred Hoyle holding his head in his hands. Valve Universe, might be a breakthrough. Laughing with you all, Marv
  25. Welcome friend. A good place to be. Marv
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