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  1. You have several issues going on here, besides previously mentioned items (NB on galaxies and clipping the black point). I think the first step would be to figure out what’s going on with the stars. I would start with getting the guiding down, if your stars aren’t right, neither will the target.
  2. Great image! You may have motivated me to process the images I have. I doubt I’ll get that nice rich color you have.
  3. That is an incredible image! I think that says it all.
  4. It’s hard to believe anything anymore, I’ve heard anything from people started a bunch of the fires, lack of land management and of course Climate Change. Well I wish you well and hope they get it under control, it’s a terrible loss to all there.
  5. Great image considering the circumstances. I’ve imaged with smoke and it’s not very good. I hope they get those fires under control. Breathing must be tough.
  6. This looks really good for only 3 hours with a OSC! Great job.
  7. #1, great job on this image. I am guilty of over processing, I wish I had the discipline to stop at your #1 level. If it were me, I would end up trying to blend some of the sharper blue From image 2 into image 1, but being that I over process, I’m not recommending that to you.
  8. Fantastic image! Great detail and I really like the color.
  9. Thanks. This would be a great area for a mosaic.
  10. Shot during last full moon, light clouds. 11” RASA, with ASI1600mm, Baader f/2 NB. 450 - 60 seconds of Ha and 270 - 60 seconds of OIII.
  11. Great image, except that last one, I would freak out!
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