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  1. SV80 with .8 reducer QSI 6120wsg8 astrodon 3nm filters 39x900 ha 41x900 OIII 17x900 SII
  2. that's a great image. man that fsq 106 with a .6 reducer is a nice setup.
  3. by popular demand I reprocessed this and didn't do any noise reduction. I did make the colors a bit brighter but im curious if this looks better to anybody else without the noise reduction
  4. ya,people always mention that. I could try it without it, but it seems to make it better, at least when im looking way up close, maybe im wrong.
  5. stellarvue SV80 with .8 reducer to f/4.8 QSI6120wsg-8 astrodon 3nm filters Ha- 39x900sec OIII- 41x900sec
  6. there is another thread with ngc 1499. his picture is framed almost exactly the same as mine and in H alpha, that's why I decided to post this. except I forgot I posted this a while back with my finished picture of ngc 772
  7. I think you mean noise correction? if so, I agree, I was doing some sharpening and noise reduction in photoshops camera RAW, and getting really good results, but at the end things were a bit too smoothed. I might try to reprocess the luminance layer and get a different look to it.
  8. sorry, I just realized that I did post this already with my ngc 772 image.
  9. I just noticed the other thread, his orientation is almost exactly the same as mine, I like to wait until I have color to post, but not sure ill get the chance to finish this one this year. and I really like how the Ha is coming along. details stellarvue SV80 with .8 reducer to 384mm. QSI 6120wsg-8 astrodon 3nm filters. 39x900second exposures
  10. I recently finished my image of ngc772, I really like it. just now getting around to posting it here. and I collected almost 10 hours of Ha on the California nebula. this one will be awesome when I get the other filters done. camera is QSI6120 wsg-8 astrodon 3nm and LRGB I series. ngc772 15x350 each RGB binned 3x3 38x800 Luminance binned 2x2 with Edge11hd optec .62 focal reducer. California nebula 39x900 Ha On stellarvue SV80 with .8 reducer.
  11. Hey AstroAdam. that's my name on instagram and youtube. funny to find another one
  12. this was taken through my nexstar 8se tube with focal reducer to 6.3. to 1280mm. qsi6120 wsg-8 astrodon 3nm filters Ha 10.5 hours OIII 6.5 hours SII 4.5 hours all 900 second exposures, also everything is binned 2x2 for a pixel scale of exactly 1.00"/pixel
  13. the deepest iris ive ever seen. your work is always an inspiration to me sara.
  14. I couldn't find an answer to this and I also couldn't find a good place to ask this question. I submitted one for narrowband DSO but who judges them, do we vote or what?
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