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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Steve,. Much appreciated!
  2. Thank you! Everything definitely came together well and in perfect timing. Very happy with these results
  3. Hey Everyone- The Pelican Nebula - A Full SHO Rendition Full res: https://www.astrobin.com/full/f0vo2z/0/ It has been a long, long time since I have posted any photos or posts on here.. or any forum, really. Glad to be exploring some the works of art again. Anyway.. The smoke cleared this weekend and provided me with some excellent seeing conditions from Cincinnati. I’ve gathered about 12 total hours on this gorgeous emission nebula using my asi1600mm and 10” F/3.9 Newtonian. The area photographed is being sculpted by immense solar winds created from nearby stars and is truly a chaotic and evolving nebula It is a truly humbling sight to see dense pillars of gas, light years tall, pop up on your computer screen after a night of setting up. I may not have access to the dark skies that I used to but I will never, ever let that stop me from imaging the universe and the jaw dropping beauty that it beholds. I really hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Equipment: Cem60 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Asi1600mm-p Astrodon 3nm Ha/Oiii/Sii ZWO EAF
  4. I’m oversampled yes but I am getting better results imaging at .49” than I am with my newt and asi1600 at .79”
  5. Hey Everyone! Quick question for the techies (moreso than myself) I have two imaging scopes: -An 8" RC with 1625mm focal length. My resolution with my asi1600 is .49"/pixel. -My other imaging scope is a 10" F/3.9 Newtonian. With an ASI183mm, my pixel scale would also be .49"/pixel These two setups give me the exact same pixel scale but the setup with my F/3.9 Newtonian is quite faster. My question is, theoretically, will these two setups provide the same amount of resolution and detail? My RC brings a lot of detail to the table, but if I could purchase the asi183 and use it with my Newtonian and get the same amount of detail in a fraction of the time, that would be optimal. I use my asi1600 with both my RC and Newt and there is a noticeable difference in resolution given the 600mm Fl difference as there should be. I want to achieve the same amount of detail that my RC gives me but with my faster Newtonian. Thoughts?
  6. Greetings! This one was a really fun one to shoot! I am overall happy with the color that I was able to bring out as well as the detail. I would really like to hit this with my RC if there is ever a "Next time". Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! Equipment: Cem60, 10” f/3.9 Newtonian, Asi1600mm, ZWO EAF, Astrodon LRGB Software: PixInisight, SGP, DSS, PHD2 Processing Details: Deconvolution, Stretch, HDR MST, Unsharp Mask, Star reduction. Acquisition Details: 156x600s, Gain 0, Offset 10
  7. I ultimately look to get the most dynamic range out of my photos so gain zero is the way to do this. I live and image from low end bortle 4 so my 600s subs aren’t washed out at all. I could go 1200s subs I bet. I just don’t have a 1200s dark library!
  8. Hi guys! So as of last night I have my final lum data collected and processed. This is a total of 19hrs using 10min subs I am currently gathering rgb data as I type this! Hopefully I can grab about two hours of each tonight... and then flats tomorrow morning! I hope you all enjoy! Cem60, asi1600mm, 10" F/3.9 Newtonian, Astrodon Lum Filter 600s exposures, gain 0 offset 10
  9. Greetings! I wanted to share the start of my new project, The Needle Galaxy! This galaxy is one that has always interested me but I've always been invested in other projects so I have never actually gotten the chance to image it. . This is much larger than I was expecting. It really makes me want to get a new focuser for my RC and see what kind of detail I can bring out at at 1600mm FL. I plan on collecting 20hrs of luminance data and about 3 hrs each of RGB data totally 26-29hrs total. Equipment: Cem60 asi1600-mm 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrodon Lum 600s exposures gain 0 offset 10
  10. That sounds like a great night out! I have to ask, What are you views in the 15" like compared to the ones in your 24.5"? Im curious about both planetary/lunar and deep sky. I bet Globular cluster look thee dimensional with that 24". I have a 14" And I love it.. I cant imagine a 24 inch dob! haha Clear Skies
  11. Greetings! This last week i spent my time collecting data on Messier 101, The Pinwheel Galaxy! This is a cropped version. I may work on my wide-field but I found through editing that my flats were terrible due to thin clouds. I did NOT get great RGB data. Lots of gradients haha. Anyways, I spent 4 hrs each getting RGB data and tossed all of it besides the best 50 minutes each. That seemed to help a bit thought. My 8hrs of lum data turned out very nicely. I gathered 8hrs with my RC and18hrs of data with my newt I still have to process. This images includes the 8hrs of RC data. Im also finding that what this edit looks like on my computer looks nothing like it does on my phone.. which is disappointing as Im not sure which one to edit for lol. ANYWAYS, I'm pleased! Hope you all enjoy it! 8"RC and 10" F/3.9 CEM60 asi1600mm-p (Gain 0 offset 21, 600s LRGB) Astrodon LRGB Clear Skies
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