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  1. Mr_42tr0nomy

    A close-up of The Whirlpool Galaxy - LRGB 17hrs

    Thanks Steve! Clear skies
  2. Mr_42tr0nomy

    A close-up of The Whirlpool Galaxy - LRGB 17hrs

    Thank you, sir!
  3. I was lucky enough to receive my iOptron CEM60 a few days before Christmas! I have taken several images with it since and it has been a breeze to work with. SO here it is: M51 14hrs Lum, 3hrs RGB (Astrodon), Atik 414, cem60, AT8RC. Cheers and clear skies!
  4. Greetings! Today I will be sharing with you all, the coolest galaxy in the night sky: Messier 51- The Whirlpool Galaxy. I gathered a total of 17 hours of data (14hrs Lum, 3hrs RGB) under bortle 4.5 skies. This was a very quick process with the RGB but the color turned out exactly as I wanted it to. I may re process this again but I’m extremely happy with these results! This wasn’t supposed to be a project until late March or April but I just couldn’t help myself. Hope you all enjoy one of our galactic neighbors Equipment: Astro-Tech 8rc (.82pix/") CEM60 gem Atik 414ex monochrome ccd QHY5L-ii autoguider Astrodon LRGB
  5. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Atik 414ex Monochrome CCD

    Greetings! I'm parting ways with my beloved Atik 414ex. I've owned this ccd for two years and its in great condition. No external scratches or blemishes. Comes with camera, usb2 cable, power cable, lens cap, 1.25 nosepiece adapter, and manual. I'm asking $875.00usd plus shipping. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask! Pictures are on astromart. Msg me for URL! Atik 414ex monochrome lens cap USB cable Power cable 1.25" nosepiece Atik manual (drivers can be found on Atik's website) Price: 875.00 plus shipping Clear Skies!
  6. greetings! After spending 24 hours collecting data in the freezing mountains, I can officially say that I'm finished with my Horse Head Nebula Project! This data was definitely fun to collect, especially since it's such an iconic nebula. Processing it was rather difficult because a bright star (not imaged) to the right produced some really crazy reflections so I had to crop it down more than I would have liked. Hope you guy like it! Equipment: -Astro-Tech 8rc @1625mm Focal length -Atik 414 ex monochrome CCD -iOptron CEM60 -Astrodon LRGB -Luminance:12hrs -RGB: 4hrs ea.
  7. Mr_42tr0nomy

    RC8 M81 processing and binning

    Nice image! I look forward to seeing the final product, I just recently finished this one as well. I have a gso 8 RC as well and im currently using an atik 414. I was looking at the 1600 for my next camera. I know we will be pretty oversampled but despite that, how do you like this combination? pros and cons??
  8. Mr_42tr0nomy

    The Cigar Galaxy -36hrs LRGB

    This one was a fun one to shoot and to see the fine details slowly start to show themselves as I gathered exposure time was pretty incredible. It was very difficult to process as was bringing out the small details. I spent a good 15 hours just putting this one together on top of the 36 hours I spent gathering the data. I still have 15 more hours of data to go (although switching targets is tempting). WHAT A WEEK! lol Detailed description below. I hope you guys like it, I would love to hear your thoughts! Image Acquisition details: Mount: iOptron CEM60 Scope: Astro-Tech 8rc Camera: Atik 414ex Filters: Astrodon LRGB Exposure: Lum: 18hrs RGB: 18hrs Ha: N/A yet
  9. Mr_42tr0nomy

    The Cigar Galaxy- Messier 81 (Lum data only 17.4hrs)

    Yes, plan on getting 15 or so hours of Ha (Here's to 30 mins subs )
  10. Mr_42tr0nomy

    The Cigar Galaxy- Messier 81 (Lum data only 17.4hrs)

    haha what i mean was "Lum data only" - 17hrs. But yes, we get lucky here in CO with clear skies. you can count on it being clear almost every night.. besides tonight of course
  11. Greetings! SO this is a new image I've been working on. I completed my m81 image mid december and felt that doing its partner justice seemed... well... appropriate lol. This is 17.5 hours of data out of 20. I plan on grabbing 6 hours of RBG data each to total 38hrs. THIS TIME ILL TAKE FLAT FRAMES! This is a quick 10 minute edit just to give you all the jist of how it may look. Just wanted to post this as a WIP Hope you all enjoy Equipment: iOptron CEM60, AT8RC, Atik 414ex, Astrodon LRGB, QHY5L-ii autoguider
  12. Mr_42tr0nomy

    First Light: M82 with 8" Ritchey-Chrétien

    nicely shot! Im currently working on this one was well for my "second light" with the 8rc. I completed m81 for first light. Im really happy with this scope so far. looking forward to more
  13. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Bode's Galaxy - 21hrs LRGB

    Hmm, thats wierd, I uploaded it with all the info I believe. The data acquisition details was written in the "description" box as I have not added me new equipment yet. Thank you for the kind words! Its great to hear that this image could be confused with professional data! I myself an surprised with the results regarding what looks like Ha data. Thanks again Teagan
  14. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Bode's Galaxy - 21hrs LRGB

    Thank you very much! The kinda words are much appreciated:)
  15. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Bode's Galaxy - 21hrs LRGB

    Thank you! I am above pleased. Excited to see how my next galactic RGB image turns out under these dark skies

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