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  1. Mr_42tr0nomy

    The Wizard Nebula

    Hey y'all, This is 7 hours of data I collected on the Wizard Nebula 2 years ago when I started this hobby. I've never put the data together until now. I never knew that I gathered Oiii data on it..only 2 hours but hey! Hope you guys enjoy. WO gt102mm, Orion Atlas, Atik 414ex Mono, 7nm Ha, 8.5nm Oiii, QGY5L-ii. 5 hrs ha (900s subs) 2hrs Oiii (900s subs)
  2. Greetings, So.. I decided to combine my data from the 8rc and 65mm together and I'm surprised that it worked. I had gathered 4.5 hours of Ha data on the bubble nebula a few months ago through the new 8rc. I had it guiding perfectly 7410but now im having major issues with the RC in particular. The 65mm apo (which is what i used to gather the Oiii data) guides very well on the other hand. Anyways, this image consists of Ha data from the 8rc and Oiii data from the 65mm. I plan on getting 15 more hours of Oiii data for a final widefield shot as well. Hope you all enjoy! AT8RC, AT65mmEDQ Atik 414ex Ha 3nm: 16x900s (RC) Oiii 3nm: 14x1800s (apo)
  3. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Using the ZWO asi1600mm with an 8RC

    Wow thats a lot of data! This is still all hypothetical as I may not even need a new camera. After reading your responses though it seems as though there’s a way around any issues I may have
  4. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Using the ZWO asi1600mm with an 8RC

    Thanks for the details! And great images. Luckily my mount and guiding are up to the task and perform very well every night. Seeing on the other hand is usually poor. Im glad to hear that I won’t need to buy a FF/Reducer. The larger chip in the 1600 already gives me a wider FoV than I would like but that’s why cropping exists , haha. The one thing that’s really pulling me towards the asi1600 is the short subs and low read noise. My 414 has much bigger pixels and a very narrow but wonderful FoV...(.82 ”/pix) the downside is that 30 minute subs, although easy to achieve, is quite risky. Were those images you posted binned 2x2? They’re very smooth as well
  5. Hey y’all! So my ATIK 414m is in the shop for a diagnostic.. if all goes aray, I will be in the market for a new camera. The ASI1600mm is up there in my top picks but my question is.. how will it do with my RC at it’s native FL (1625mm). I will be completely oversampled and imaging at .49”/pix. Will or will this not be detrimental? Best regards, Teagan
  6. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Deep sky imaging showcase 2017

    Wow! Wonderful images! I have not had great luck so far this year. A complete imaging rig swap and a broken ccd has delayed any imaging opportunities since January. Hopefully everyone has had some clear summer nights Here my five from 2017
  7. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Andromeda RGB - 4 Hrs

    Wow!! Thank you!!
  8. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Andromeda RGB - 4 Hrs

    Greetings! I've always been fond of the data I captured on this object but never felt that I did it justice. I found that reducing the stars a little bit really helped accentuate the dust lanes. Hope you all enjoy William Optics 102mm apo Atik 414ex Orion Atlas Red: 12x300s Green: 24x300s Blue: 12x300s
  9. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    Nice image! Especially for a dslr. I haven’t tried this one with my dslr.. which by chance is also an old 1000d!
  10. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    You could always download a platesolving software which helps. With a ccd you can set the exposure to a second or to to help find the object and place it in your FOV. Its harder to do this with a dslr
  11. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    I would say try and gran a 3nm or 5nm Ha filter.. ita definitely worth the extra couple bucks!
  12. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    Nice! What bandwidth did you decide on?
  13. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    You will love the 414. I use it with a 65mm apo, a 102mm apo and an 8” RC. I get fantastic results from all three. It’s very sensitive and you don’t need to take darks! Haha but yes you are correct. I mapped ha to red and OIII to green and blue
  14. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    Thanks John! You won’t get as much signal as you would with a ccd but the red filaments and surrounding nebulosity should show up moreso with a modified over a regular dslr. I say yes, go for it! You will need to get a lot of exposure time on this one though, it can be a tricky one with a dslr
  15. I'm still waiting for my ccd to arrive after being repaired.. I am trying to be patient lol. We all know that's easier said than done. ANYWAYS... Here's the Witch's Broom Nebula in HOO. I have RGB data for the stars but I'll go ahead and add that in later when its not 2:00 in the morning haha. Hope you guys enjoy :) EQUIPMENT: WO 102mm apo Atik 414ex mono Orion Atlas GEM Ha 3nm Oiii 3nm

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