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  1. The Eyes in Markarian's Chain - LRGB 5.5 Hrs

    Thank you, I just looked at a much wider, annotated image and I cropped it down to this exact field of view and there were 44 galaxies labeled. Pretty awesome stuff
  2. Greetings everyone! First and foremost I am extremely excited that I was able to gather data on this target. It has always been a favorite of mine due to the abnormally awesome shape of the central galaxy. I had some hard times with this one.... Especially my luminance data. I gathered about 17 hours of lum data thinking that the increased exposure time would offset the light pollution gradients a bit. Not so much... so I scrapped it all! I did however make it out to dark skies and gathered 40 mins each RGB and 1hr 20m of Lum. I did integrate some of the data from home with the data from the dark sky site because 1hr 20m just wasnt enough. These galaxies are pretty damn faint and could use a couple extra hours in every channel for sure. I may or may not continue to grab more time on this target.. I am happy with the results so far though. Hope you guys enjoy! Ngc 4435/4438 and friends WO 102mm APO ATIK 414ex M Orion Atlas GEM Lum: 3.5 hours Red: 40m Green: 40m Blue:40m
  3. The Seagull Nebula - HaRGB

    Ahh thanks for the correction. I had a few people tell me it looked like a parrot. I was starting to think I took a picture of the wrong Nebula, hahah. And thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.
  4. The Seagull Nebula - HaRGB

    AFTER THREE MONTHS.. I have finally finished this project! I took this image between three moon cycles, snowy weather, and clouds and It includes over 30 hours of invested exposure time through RGB filters and a 3nm Hydrogen Alpha filter. I was able to get under some really dark skies to gather exposures through my green and blue filter. One hour of exposure under dark skies looked way better than the 10 hours I collected under light pollution. I am really happy with this result. I'm definitely finished collecting exposure time but I may come back to this over the next two weeks and see if I can get more detail out of it. Hope you guys enjoy The Seagull Nebula is a region of nebulosity that lies along the border between the constellations Monoceros and Canis Major. It is a roughly circular H II region centered on the Be star HD 53367. This nebula was discovered by Welsh amateur astronomer Isaac Roberts and was described by him as "pretty bright, extremely large, irregularly round, very diffuse." The name Seagull Nebula is sometimes applied by amateur astronomers to this emission region, although it more properly includes the neighboring regions of star clusters, dust clouds and reflection nebulae. This latter region includes the open clusters NGC 2335 and NGC 2343" - Wiki WO102MM apo Atik 414ex mono Orion Atlas GEM
  5. Hey guys, Im looking to upgrade my equatorial mount for astrophotography. I currently have the Orion Atlas and want to upgrade to a mount that’s still portable as I don’t have an observatory but I would like it to last me 7-10 years before I may need another upgrade. As of now...I was thinking The Losmandy gm811g. Does anyone have experience with this mount? Thoughts and feelings? Anything price-wise above 3,000 is pushing it. Let me know what you guys think I should do clesr skies, -Teagan
  6. Rosette Nebula, Bok globules HaOiiiRGB

    Thank you, Tom!
  7. Rosette Nebula, Bok globules HaOiiiRGB

    Thanks Olly! I’ve been working on this for way too long but I’ve finally gotten it sharpened to my liking
  8. Rosette Nebula, Bok globules HaOiiiRGB

    I did not blur the background, though. This nebulosity is naturally soft
  9. Rosette Nebula, Bok globules HaOiiiRGB

    Yes, it’s a selective sharpening technique in photoshop
  10. Hello all, this is a very cropped version of my previous Rosette Nebula image that I posted a few weeks back. Cloudy skies and the full moon have left me with nothing to do, so revision it is:) hope you enjoy. 25 total hours 102mm WO apo astrondon filters ATIK 414
  11. RGB challenge - M31

    So to be clear, one hours of each red green and blue using 10 minute exposures. Taken dec 1 and dec 2 in Pine, Colorado.
  12. RGB challenge - M31

    I’m sorry you all, I meant 3 hours OF** data. Not OLD 😅. That’s my mistake
  13. Messier 45 - 1.5 hrs RGB

    I was able to snag a weekend out at the dark sky site a few months ago. I havnt been able to get out there with my scope since. It’s either a full moon or clouds :/. Anyways, I gathered 30 minutes of RGB data for each filter using 6 minute subs. The skies were rather dark that evening. So far this has been one of my favorite images to date. It’s fun to process and I’m still coming up with better and better renditions. This is my latest. I’m not sure if I posted the original though. I hope you all enjoy William Optics 102mm apo, ATIK 414ex mono, Orion Atlas gem, qhy5l-Ii
  14. Hey guys! I grabbed 3 hours old RGB data on M31 under bortle 4 skies. I processed it one time and have never gone back to it. I’m very pleased with the results and this camera never ceased to amaze. A very underrated camera in my opinion. Hope you all enjoy 1 hour each RGB (12x900s) William Optics 102mm apo, Orion Atlas, ATIK 414ex moon, qhy5l-11, WO 70mm guide scope.
  15. The Rosette Nebula HaOiiiRGB - 25 hours

    I'm actually not familiar with a long service award? What is it and where do I apply ??