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  1. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    Nice image! Especially for a dslr. I haven’t tried this one with my dslr.. which by chance is also an old 1000d!
  2. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    You could always download a platesolving software which helps. With a ccd you can set the exposure to a second or to to help find the object and place it in your FOV. Its harder to do this with a dslr
  3. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    I would say try and gran a 3nm or 5nm Ha filter.. ita definitely worth the extra couple bucks!
  4. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    Nice! What bandwidth did you decide on?
  5. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    You will love the 414. I use it with a 65mm apo, a 102mm apo and an 8” RC. I get fantastic results from all three. It’s very sensitive and you don’t need to take darks! Haha but yes you are correct. I mapped ha to red and OIII to green and blue
  6. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Caldwell 34 - The Witch's Broom Nebula (HOO palette)

    Thanks John! You won’t get as much signal as you would with a ccd but the red filaments and surrounding nebulosity should show up moreso with a modified over a regular dslr. I say yes, go for it! You will need to get a lot of exposure time on this one though, it can be a tricky one with a dslr
  7. I'm still waiting for my ccd to arrive after being repaired.. I am trying to be patient lol. We all know that's easier said than done. ANYWAYS... Here's the Witch's Broom Nebula in HOO. I have RGB data for the stars but I'll go ahead and add that in later when its not 2:00 in the morning haha. Hope you guys enjoy :) EQUIPMENT: WO 102mm apo Atik 414ex mono Orion Atlas GEM Ha 3nm Oiii 3nm
  8. Greetings, Here is a cropped and uncropped image of The Eyes in Markarian's Chain , Hop you enjoy! 35x600s LRGB, William Optics 102mm, Atik414 ex mono, Orion Atlas GEM, qh5l-II autoguider / WO 50mm guidescope. Cropped and uncropped
  9. Mr_42tr0nomy

    Orion nebula through the scope!

    Welcome sir, to the rabbit hole. (:
  10. Greetings everyone! I've been meaning to do a little write up of sorts regarding the changes I've made to my imaging rig. I sold my Orion Atlas to a nice gentleman in Fl to help fund a new losmandy gm811g. I needed an upgrade bigtime. The atlas was a beast for the two years that I had it but I needed something that was going to last me 5-10 years. As per my scope, I also sold that. My William optics 102mm went to a buddy of my down in Florida. I figured that I would use the money from that scope to buy a carbon fiber 8RC from astrotech coupled with the 65mm quadruplet from astrotech. My camera will not be replaced bcs...well bcs I love that thing hahah. So.. about a week ago the Losmandy gm811g came in from OPT. It was two months used by a guy who said he needed a higher weight capacity. After setting up the mount and doing an overall inspection, it has become clear to me that the gentleman who previously had it had tried to tune it to his liking. He did not do so very well which is why I think he returned it. There was an issue with the Dec axis almost immediately. I was getting the "DEC STALL!!!" error. I took apart a few pieces of the mount to reveal the gears as well as the DEC work gear. This thing had been tightened way to much. An allen key did the job. I loosened it up a tad which introduced some decent slop/play. I have eliminated MOST of it but it is still there. I was not getting the "DEC STALL!" error anymore and both axes were slewing very smoothly afterwards. The next issue I ran into was with the handcontroller and GOTO fuctions. The handcontroller seems to disregard some of the settings I enter. When I slew to a target, center it, and hit "align" youd expect the next star to be somewhat closer and on target...which was/is not the case. No matter how many stars I "goto" and "align" there is never any improvement. SO that lead me to figuring out how to plate solve. Guiding by the way has been pretty nice. I have been able to get 10 min subs through the 8rc pretty easily. Just a few tweaks here and there are needed for long subs I'm sure, but that isnt of priority right now. Overall though.. I have been pretty happy with this mount. I'm sure once I get plate solving down..it will be a dream to use. ...which brings me to last night. I was on the phone with a buddy of mine who works for Highpoint who was taking me through "Prism", a new software that can be used for platesolving. After running into a few minor barriers we ALMOST had it completely figured out when my CCD slipped right out of the focuser of the 8RC and met my driveway with more force than a meteor. The USB insert completely popped out of the camera rendering me camerless. I will contact ATIK to see if they can recommend a home remedy to this situation. I would be comfortable soldering it back in place but It doesnt seem like it was soldered in the first place but rather held with a cement based adhesive. None the less.. it doesnt look too major. Definitely a scare though. Now the 8rc.. WHAT A SCOPE. I love this thing but never did I expect the amount of work and upgrading would come with it. The focuser leaves a lot to be desired for one. A moonlight and autofocuser are in my future.. I can see that happening here shortly. Collimation wasnt too out of sorts when I received it. I did some secondary mirror adjustments and got it looking pretty nice..at least until my howie glatter collimator comes in (which was another huge expense I wasnt expecting). I currently have a 50mm guidescope attached to it for guiding but this may need be replaced with an OAG which I do have..but cant attach because Im missing the correct attachments to fit in into my imaging train. My ccd sensor, being a IX285, is pretty damned small so a flat field and coma have not been an issue. I have considered the CCD.67 reducer but that will come later if needed. I like the FoV without it so that's that. I plan on attaching the 65mm quad to the top of the RC to act as a finder scope/another imaging scope for a dual rig setup. The only camera I would be able to use with the 65mm while simultaneously imaging with the 8RC would be my ASI 224 MC. Not sure how well this does with DSO's through a widefield refractor though. That is tonight's project. I'm going to finish figuring out this plate solving stuff before it gets too cloudy. Id like to be ready to go completely by the time my ATIK is back up and running. Talk about stressful. Whats a good hobby if it isnt stressful?! My advice to those who are going to buy an RC: 1: Buy a respectable collimator. There is no point in imaging or even attempting to when your collimator itself isnt accurate. 2: Prepare to purchase a bunch of small accessories to get you going. Everyone may need something a little different to accommodate their own personal setup. 3: Be aware that the field of view is extremely small with small to medium sized sensors. Finding your way around that sky with a 18'x14' FoV is NOT fun if your goto accuracy isnt spot on. Plate solving will solve this issue, no pun intended. 4: Buy a polemaster. As I stated before, I knew that this upgrade in equipment was comin'. My last setup with the atlas and 102mm was sooo easy to use and gave me great results but I wanted something BIGGER!!! I think that I am going to have a ton of fun with my new rig once I get it completely accessorized. The cool thing is, is that this can be a long term project that I will ever so slightly improve upon over the next few years. There are a ton of things that will help the performance of the RC. I'm excited for the new journey. Clear skies, everyone Teagan
  11. Seems like I always forget to fix the damned orientation jk, actually.. I took this image from the other side of the pillars. I live in an entirely different solar system, you wouldn’t understand.
  12. Thank you all. When I integrated the Ha data I got a ton of “brown” colored dust around the edges of the Nebula instead of the usual “salmon” color you get with Ha data. So, I decided to keep it that way. Not sure I’ve seen it presented like this before
  13. Greetings yall! The time has come. I have traded in my mount and my apo and will be getting an entirely new setup. I am still keeping my ATIK 414ex though... it is truly a phenomenal camera.So with that being said.. re-processing it is! ANYWAYS, this data is from 8 months ago but I reprocessed it in PI and it came out WAY better than my last version. This is 6.3 hours of exposure time from bortle 4 skies. I had some serious stacking artifacts in the Ha channel that I didnt notice until I started stretching he image and doing some deconvolution. I could always go back in DSS and fix it but since this is just a new rendition and not new data I'm going to keep it as it. Hope you guys enjoy William Optics 102mm ATIK 414ex Orion Atlas Astrodon RGB
  14. Mr_42tr0nomy

    M51 Crop

    Nicely done! the galaxy itself shows a lot of detail and has great signal. I will have to click you link and check the full resolution version, it looks likes your background is just a tad noisy. Much harder to tell in the uncropped version. Nice job though!
  15. Mr_42tr0nomy

    The Beautiful Blue Sisters- M45 (1.8 hrs RGB)

    Thank you Olly! I agree with you about the subtle red hints. I don’t see it too much in other photos and I certainly didnt think anyone would notice my attempts in revealing it!

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