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  1. Ok that was really sick aperture! But apart from M42 and M51 that he made, nothing mounts to a true astro-image in the full sense of the word. I wonder what hinders him from doing full LRGB compositions? Extremely talented though.
  2. Second image is better. But I think a Magenta color mask will kill off the magenta in the stars.
  3. A beast at 3556 focal length! If you mange to get the mount guiding well with it on top, you will be unlocking a very exiting territory of deep space imaging, which only few enjoy. The Mesu will take it, OAG and Faether touch focuser will ease things further. Looking forward to what images it will produce, that is, if you ever go deep sky imaging with it. Best of luck /Firas
  4. Thanks Göran! I still have M51 being processed and will be the final of the season. I am considering to dismantle the whole mount and have it refurbished completely with Rowan's belt modification as well. It should be alright, but a bigger, sturdier mount is indeed what I am aiming for eventually in a permanent observatory. I think it will be operational by autumn. You should vist it if you are ever in Stockholm! That would be fun.
  5. Many thanks! Sure! I could have cropped it, but decided not to, so the geometry of the image is unaltered again after the first crop that I did.
  6. Second to last image of the season. Taken at @wimvb Wims magnificent dark skies, north of Stockholm. The skies are so good (Bortle sky 4) that this image was actually possible. Despite a terrible error in my HEQ5, which made it drift badly in RA, and thus shortening the session to a little more than three hours in total. But I had to throw away some subs because it was evident that they will do more harm than good, and I ended up with one hour of Luminance and half an hour each RGB. While preprocessing I really thought this one will end up unworthy to be worked out and eventually neglected. But I wanted to see if anything can be saved. So I fire up Pixinsight and I processed with straight forward attitude rather than my meditative style of processing (Photons have travled millions of years, you should spend some time getting them right). I think I pulled out what can be pulled from an embarrassingly short session of 2.5 hours. Yet some stuff like the bleaching of color over stars wasn't manageable because of a combination of imprecise focus and the elongated stars caused by the RA drift. I chose to tone it down although there was some room for more stretching, but this level gave pleasing dynamics, it seemed. Next season will deliver better for sure. Wim have generously allowed me to have a pier besides his at the under construction observatory, and my gear will be controlled through the net, thanks to his expertise. A truly great step in this wild hobby, that I am most thrilled about. No more bad skies in inner city lights, and no more uncomfortable balcony stuff. I will still miss the hustle though.. Any critics are most welcome. Clear skies /Firas
  7. Very nice Wim! It tured out to be sharp!
  8. I see! I was not aware of the phenomena. But how a flare can stretch over 2 degrees or more?
  9. I think I did, though much less than the luminance. Calibrating RGB now to make sure. I am trying to find out whether I captured some unknown IFN, but it seems just light astray from the strong Alkaid despite it's more than 2 degrees away!
  10. Wow! Never thought the light could stretch this far. Seems logical though.
  11. Intersting! Yes! Alkaid is about 2 degrees away. But that is really far fot its light to come near NGC 2559! Don't you think?
  12. Great results indeed Göran! That Espirt is really delivering!
  13. Hello! After what turned out to be a great astro-imaging night at Wim's @wimvb dark skies, north of Stockholm, I stacked the Luminance of 2 hours and 40 minutes of M51, taken with my 80 ED and Moravian G2 8300. As you see the integration yielded very nice results for that short integration time, thanks to the Bortle 4 skies. I knew that I should get something much better than my Bortle 8 skies in Stockholm city, but I was not anticipating such result in my wildest dreams. Anyways, the stack shows what I believe to be some sort of wisps of integrated flux nebula (IFN) that I never seen in any image before, in the lower left corner surrounding galaxy NGC 5229 which I haven't found any wide field image of it, that shows any hint of IFN. The pattern shows on all the subs frame and its signal grew stronger with stacking. Here is an inverted range selection mask that clearly shows it. But the question forces it self here, Is it truly an IFN or some sort of internal reflection in the tube? If it is the later why does it look like that and how to know for sure? I wish if the weather would allow me to image around galaxy NGC 5229 to see if the pattern stretches further or if I am all to optimistic and mistaken a light astray in my tube to be a new discovery ?
  14. First shots of a promising night from Wim's @wimvb wonderful location. Only 5 minutes from Bortle 4 skies!
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