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    Thanks Guys! It took more than a month to process and long sessions of exterminations, but it was worth.
  2. A dreamy look of a fascinating galaxy. Short integration time and under far from ideal conditions due to full moon when Luminance was taken. Many hours went to achieve good natural colour unlike my mad M101 taken earlier. More details here; https://www.astrobin.com/tqkjvu/
  3. Ask TS for a discount as I did, but motivate it. They are very kind.
  4. I am very happy with the telescope although I haven't discovered its full potential yet. Very well built, held collimation as expected. But the flocking material inside, loosened off a bit, perhaps due to heavy temperature change or just the glue softened. Pushed it back and it's in place since then. I went with Baddar Steeltrack as I was very happy with it on my 80 ED. Some say it is as robust as the Feathertouch. Very stable. I spent months researching what coma corrector it should be coupled with, and I am very happy to have chosen, Televue Paracorr type 2. It made the telescope
  5. Thank you! Well, apart from building the observatory it self, there is plenty to consider. I would never be able to do it if Wim didn't live there. Camera rotation, cable snags, connection errors, etc. But yes, if everything is dancing together I set off a sequence and monitor the process. It's Bortle 4 which is really really great!
  6. You do also notice that the image is inverted. It really made the whole composition more dramatic.
  7. This is first light with the wonderful TS-8 ONTC. Majestic M101 taken from the Hollandhill Observatory @wimvb where the telescope lives. I collected 8 hours of Luminance and three hours RGB. The material came out really smooth so I didn't want to process quickly rather carefully. So, I spent two weeks processing this, making small adjustment every evening until I got to the point I wanted. I cropped the image as you surely noticed, and I didn't see any reason why not to do it. Pixinsight deconvolution gave sharp results that when I cropped considerably much, I didn't loose mu
  8. @gorann Hi, Wim says that you have the same OAG setup. Any idea how to go about this? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I sat up an OAG with lodestar and TS 16 mm OAG, connected to the imaging train that consist of, Paracorr type 2, Moravian G2. The scope is 8 Newtonian. There is great deal of reflections that it is making it difficult for Lodestar to see stars properly. Also a big black spot (1st image) It does guide but with minimum capacity, which is, I think, effecting guding. Any idea how to fix this? Here is a couple of images of how it looked like last night. Thanks
  10. I was meaning to write 22 thousands, but it escaped me Will have a look!
  11. Lovely image Göran! Indeed a violent interaction, yet quite distant. Apparently, this galactic bridge spans 22 light years! A Cosmic handshake!
  12. https://www.astrobin.com/full/276652/0/ This was the first attempt 3,5 years ago! Progression is probably the most important driving force in this hobby.
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