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  1. I use the mono version of this in my guide scope with no issues, was originally bought as a lunar / planetary camera and repurposed
  2. If you are using a camera (unless doing it afocally) its camera, spacers, flattener and scope
  3. Just had a very quick go with PS and Fits Liberator and cannot get any colour to come through on the combined image, will have another look later with more time.
  4. I had the same issue with an 80ED, I got a longer dovetail and extended it forward then ended up with a baader clamp and counter weight, I recently switched mounts which moved all the weight back again so ended up adding another counter weight and 2 kg of lead to get it to balance (I cant move any further forward because of an auto focuser fitted.
  5. I started off with a 200p and last year switched to an Ascent 80ed Frac (about £390) and added a reducer / flattener and have done all my imaging with it since, at 80 its very wide with my camera (about 2.5 degrees) so good for the large stuff (but not great at the small stuff). It always worth using the astro tools FOV to play around with possible scope / camera combinations to see what you can achieve
  6. Yep, love them I will PM you a link to my Flickr and you can look at what I do
  7. Can it wait 15 years till I finish my current job, local and already know some of you lol
  8. I never had enough out focus with my Newt, just use an extension tube or a parfocal ring on the camera.
  9. I have had a CEM60 (Non EC) for about 6 months and love it, Yes you do end up with a single cable going to the main camera (but I would do that anyway as I guide and don't like two sets of pictures trying to go down the same wire). The USB 2 hub gets filled anyway with the guide camera, filter wheel, focus unit and mount control as do the 2 power outlets. I regularly get guiding down at 0.3. It is a beast but I cant see myself changing it till my back gives out (and that will hopefully be a few years away yet.
  10. I had the same issue with an EQ5 GOTO - Upgraded the power supply to one of the FLO ones and it now pushes out the juice for the mount, camera, dew bands and focuser with lots of amps to spare
  11. http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ Go to the above on the imaging tab and play with your scope and camera options, will give you a better idea, remember the scope I’d just like a lens the only way to change the magnification is with a reducer or barlow
  12. AUTOSTACKERT, have registax open in the background and on autostakert tick the box that says open in registack, you can then use that for wavelet sharpening etc
  13. No if you put it on the fine focuser you wont move anywhere, the steps (if you have a similar one to me) are so small (once you suss it out) that you only need to use the course focus knob. You cannot use the other focus knob with it fitted. I know where my rough focus position is and at the start of a session focus out by about @00 steps then focus back in again to get where I need, I also use an auto focus routine on sharpcap which does it all for you. I also refocus with each filter.
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