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  1. Yep with no issues and as you will have to use a capture program most have focus assistants built in as well.
  2. NGC6960Taken last weekend17 x 300 sec Ha4 x 300 sec S5 x 300 sec OStarwave Accent 80ED Altair Hypercam 1600mm ProTec with Altair filters and reducer Evoguide 50 with GPCAM2 290MM EQ5 with GOTO Stacked with DSS tweaked with help in PS3 Taken at the Norman Lockyer Observatory RGB and Hubble Pallete
  3. That's the purpose of the alignment, it will not be that close on the first star, adjust press enter, nearer on the second and should be fairly close on the third.
  4. You don't need it the right way up, ensure it is aligned correctly then you only need to get Polaris onto the circle, it doesn't require any other aligning using the picture or little circle. Use a suitable app to check on where Polaris should be on the circle and position as required, hey presto - polar aligned.
  5. Going to really kick it off, number 3 for me but I always have a tendency to over process my moon shots
  6. The clamps need to be tight, the motors have nothing to do with them. I use a Nevada transformer for a stable power at 13.8v (I was using just a cheap 12v transformer but was having mount motor issues as wasn't good enough), its also got enough juice for dew heaters, camera etc. I don't do remote stuff so cannot comment on the power tanks.
  7. Advice needed, My EQ5 goto has suddenly stopped slewing, did all the normal routine last night but it would not slew, reset to factory settings on the handset and hey presto - it worked again. Tried again tonight and nothing again, tried the reset again, moved cables around, universal power stop, switched to a single power source all achieved nothing!! Anybody seen anything similar??
  8. I have used a Mac for years but after much research on software etc for AP elected to grab a second hand Windows 10 laptop just for outside and downloaded everything I need to capture, stack and process for free! Cost £45 with a dodgy keyboard and never looked back really.
  9. I picked up a SW200P on an EQ5 mount with drive motors and loads of other bits including 2 cameras and various filters, battery packs, spares for £400, now has GOTO system fitted, new 50ED finder, EFW and better camera - always something to build on! But as part of an Astro group I have found the best advise and help and go every week without fail even when the weather is poor just to chew the fat and gain more insight from the pros.
  10. The relative orientation of the polar circle doesn't matter, its is just a circle, use a free app like PolarAlign and just place Polaris on the circle in the same place, the bubble doesn't help really unless you want to start messing with setting circles etc which you really don't need to do with a GOTO system.
  11. To check your Polar scope align on a distant object and only rotate through 180 degrees, it should carve an arc and come to rest on the same place, if not half the distance between start and finish point and move the lens using the three grub screws on the body to that position, but only adjust each grub by 8th of a turn each time otherwise you risk the plate falling out (did it twice till i learnt). Check again and adjust if required.
  12. I use Star Walk2 for finding, aligning and working out what I am looking at, works a treat and it sends you updates of major occurrence's in the night sky.
  13. If you have no power you can't use the mount, you are trying to work against the gearing and motors which are engaged, the only other way without causing possible damage is to move the OTA with the clutches but will be hard to accurately align on anything.
  14. If you have SYNSCAN fitted you should be doing any movement of the OTA (once set to a home position) via the handset. I only release the clutches to check for balance, polar align and set a home position. I have the SYNSCAN upgrade fitted to my EQ5 and have removed the knobs completely as they are now redundant.
  15. I use a laser collimator with an 8' reflector, thought I was doing well until I checked it and discovered it was well out itself, easy to correct though, takes minutes with a vice, piece of paper and allen key.
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