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  1. Many would suggest the use of an OAG system with an evo, but I went like this for my rig as I already had it for my 80mm, its the evo guide 50mm scope and altair GPCAM2 290M which I also occasionally use on the moon and planets as well.
  2. I run a very similar setup and regularly image in wind, just get it as sheltered as possible and have done 5 min subs in 15 kts of wind
  3. Tell me about it, almost cried when i priced up my imaging rig, then went and bought an edge
  4. If you are using a filter wheel as described above its internal to the wheel and doesn’t effect the distance
  5. I used a powered hub with my guide camera, filter wheel, mount control and focus unit and my main imaging camera on a seperate USB lead to avoid conflicts, If I had both cameras on the hub it would cause issues.
  6. Longer vixen bar and I use a Baader counter balance kit on both my edge 8 and ed80
  7. I started the same way but quickly just got a cheap second hand windows laptop (do you really want that mac out there in the dew), all the software is free and I downloaded chrome and use the mac on the sofa via chrome remote to control the windows laptop that runs everything.
  8. ADM do a fixing kit that fits on the edge with adjusting rings for the 80ed, also lets you move the top mount around for balance
  9. Sorry jiggy that was a question to Fred to see if we can work out if its a minor (set up) or major issue (blown board or power supply) or various other issues that can arise as i am sure you know
  10. Check your polar scope for alignment as well, i discovered mine was miles out, it takes a bit of fiddling to sort but is fairly easy, there are loads of tutorials out there on how to do it. I now use sharpcap (you need the pro version) and it takes a couple of minutes, before i used the pole star and polar scope just after sunset then have to wait till dark.
  11. I once corrupted a set of darks by looking at them in fits liberator! had to start again, think if you have done anything to them, i now just take them and leave them alone till needed then let DSS create a master and now never look at them at all. Also try stacking just the comet and see what happens.
  12. After you switch it on does the handset come on and after a few seconds using the arrow buttons can you move the mount??
  13. There are very few that you can do that visually on, I image but I am sure a knowledgable observer will give you a list of possibles.
  14. ADM do a kit that would do the job, but it is a long dove tail, i mounted my guide scope this way https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-mini-dovetail-series-mds-kits.html I dont think mounting like the finder scope would be rigid enough for the weight of an 80 but i may well be wrong
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