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  1. Purchased from here a while ago and I have really tried to enjoy using it but its just not for me. I x unbranded binoviewer in a case and 2 ES Maxvision 20mm 68 degree eyepieces. The barlow is also included although I have never used it. Everything is in a used condition but works fine. Looking for £130 for everything inc postage. Thanks for looking.
  2. I've just replaced the battery in mine, cost £33 and was a straight forward job. Works perfectly now.
  3. Hi, I used Stellarium and then downloaded Stellarium Scope. I had already set up Eqmod and made all the adjustments as above and it worked 1st time. My skill level ends here i'm afraid ! Good luck, Tim.
  4. Hi, I had the same problem earlier this week, as above I changed all the settings and it worked 1st time but I connected my pc to the mount via a usb cable. The AZEQ5GT has a usb port on the mount, I used this. Tim. From The Manual... (USB Port: The USB port connects to an internal USB-to-Serial device (Baud rate 115200bps). It can be used to control the mount directly from a host PC. It is also used to update the firmware of the motor controller)
  5. Hi, I think there are some settings that need to be changed in eqmod? If you click on Toolbox ....Driver Setup and make sure Show Advanced Options is ticked and then click on the spanner icon next to mount options. You need to change the Total Steps to 5184000 Worm Steps to 384000 and keep Tracking Offset to 0. Click on ok. Go back to Toolbox and click ASCOM Connect. This is how I got my AZ EQ5GT to connect to EQMOD and then Stellarium. I used the usb port on the mount and if you do use this you have to change the baud rate to 115200bps.
  6. I have an orange sodium streetlight about 30 feet from my back garden which kept me pinned into a corner of the garden behind a conservatory whilst observing. I wrote to the local council about the light and they sent a polite letter back saying that they didn't have any responsibility for street lighting !!! and that I should contact EON who looked after the street lighting for my area. Again I sent a polite letter to EON explaining that although public safety must take priority when it came to street lighting, the damn thing was still ruining my hobby. As expected, they wrote back saying that public safety was a priority with street lighting and that there was nothing that could be done. I wrote to my local councillor about my problem and a month later EON fitted a fantastic shield/shade to the light and my back yard is now so dark that my wife wants me to look at some sort of security lighting ! Should be an interesting conversation.
  7. Following a clear-out at my folks house I came across a 6 inch mirror and secondary . Now this must have been something I purchased in the 80's and it looks like it has accumulated about 30 odd years of dust but it might clean up ok?? Free if anyone is interested or its off to the tip. Seems a shame to throw it though. Not sure how well it would travel so I would suggest collection only. I am very close to the A38/A50 Burton Upon Trent. Cheers Tim.
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