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  1. Hi, im guessing your using the x0.9 one? the one i linked about actually wants you to back focus a little more so a lot better
  2. if you get the non reducing CC for the 130pds theres no cutting needed. this one here https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-2-coma-corrector.html
  3. Fixed my issue, the tension needed tightening up thank you all I have a project for a HARGB ( first time trying) this is my first 2 hours from 8 planned.( 4 HA 4 RGB) of the elephant nebula . Nothing but stacked just to see what it was like so far . Canon DSLR with the 130pds
  4. Wanted bundled or on it's own, many thanks
  5. That seems to be what mine was like but I was overthinking! I havent processed my image yet from last night but everything looked great on screen. I think the focusser needed the tensioners tightened up. Dan
  6. Ok thank you. I'm out imaging now and all looks ok so I'll see what one looks like tomorrow. Its imaging in HA tonight and it's hard to tell the stars
  7. Oh ok thank you, and theres no way to do this without the Cheshire? I've never had an issue before I used the cc so would it had not been off before hand? Dan
  8. Hi pixies, I dont have a cap no, just always used the laser and tbh other then the coma issue before buying the CC I've never had an issue with the centre stars. I've always collimated the same but this has puzzled me. I havent seen the guide I'll check that out now thank you
  9. Hi everyone, my previous posts have been regarding some stars lifting to the left slightly in my images since obtaining my SW CC (non reducing) Had some really helpful feedback regarding sorting out any twisted veins and also drill tapping another screw hole on the main focus clamp for extra stability and also tightening up my focuser. These have all been carried out but havent imaged yet. One thing that's been bugging me is that I always rqd the 130pds is very good at holding collimation and that doesnt seem to be the case with me as it's out everytime I go to do a new imaging session. I use a laser collimater normally but today while I have time I thought I'd have a look and see what's going on in there with the naked eye! It seems the secondary mirror wasnt aligned properly with the focuser and if I had my eye looking down I would see some of the edge of the focus tube to the right hand side, I'd loosen the mirror screen and put it so it's perfectly in line with no focus edge showing....great....I then as you can see from the pic attached the primary wasnt aligned properly and seemed off to the right so I played with that and got that bang in centre and though great everything looks good! I put my laser in just to check everything and as you can guess it's well out! So please can someone advise before tonight's session what I'm doing wrong, I'm guessing I'm right in saying I need no vision of the focuser in my line of sight while looking through ? If that's correct why does the laser not want this ? Is my laser out? Apologies first of all for wall of text and secondly for grammar...I am English so csnt blame it on that I'm just terrible at it. Many thanks Clear skies Edit...added pic
  10. Hi , I'm looking for an 80ed bundled with a flatner would be preferred but just the scope would be ok. I'm looking to *upgrade* from my 130pds Thanks
  11. Excellent Adam thank you! Were getting closer to the issue now then, I bought a new dovetail (bigger one) so had to adjust the scope rings! that must be the cause of the spikes!! Im guessing its no.1 because i didn't get the x.09 reducer version of the CC i got the standard one which actually made me focus out more then i currently was so def no protruding into the mirror path. With regards to 1. im guessing you mean the arms that hold the mirror? the ones with the grub screws for coilmation? thanks again this is great info
  12. this is the final image Adam, bloody hard galaxy M63, tbf i only ended up with 4 hours data with all these complications, can you see the main big stars and the spikes? not sure why theres two of them now lol
  13. Thanks Adam ill try the tightening it up, thats something i havent done, i will also look to drill and tap another hole and see if that helps at all. both can then be eliminated. thanks for your help with this.
  14. Oh dear! Scope is 130pds, focuser hasnt been touched since i bought it. never had an issue until i used the CC T-ring M48 is brand new and fitment is snug. Maybe i need a spacer due to the senor being removed? i think id rather have coma then the stars im getting now haha
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