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  1. 224 found thanks to Mark, ADC still to find
  2. Hi Im after a half decent barlow as my current one doesn't match the nice optics in my diagonal, preferably the below one if poss or at least one with the clamps so it doesn't mark my eye piece https://www.altairastro.com/altair-lightwave-2x-flat-field-tele-extender-barlow-2432-p.asp A red dot finder with skywatcher shoe , again similar or the below one https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-red-dot-finder-kit-rdf-with--skywatcher-compatible-dovetail-stalk-all-metal-2519-p.asp A decent 1.25 inch moon filter Just wanted to test the water here before i have
  3. As the title, after both of these or one or the other many thanks
  4. Excellent Neil, Enjoy! its a fantastic scope!
  5. Ill put my name down as interested in the mount and wedge if it starts to sell separately.
  6. apologies Lloyd i didn't get notified of this response, happy to pay £17 so you clear £15 after postage? 1st class is £1.83, let me know mate thanks
  7. Hi , would you take £15 for the link astro cable at all please? thanks Dan
  8. Thank you, Funny enough i was just about to watch Cuiv's video, yes i have had a little browse through the forum, kind of wanted some first hand experience with folks using the same scope, thanks for the info ill keep digging and watching
  9. Thanks @vlaiv Is there much of a difference between that and the SA? think there's about £100 in it between them (new anyways) thanks for the heads up on the mosaic, something i hadn't though of
  10. Hi, Ive recently sold up most of my astrophotography gear as it just wasn't being used, last year for me was terrible weather wise and decided to sell up while the prices were good with a view to take it back up again when i retire. That being said i kept my 127 mak as still want to view but id also like to still do planetary imaging, What type of mount will be sufficient without breaking the bank? is a Star adventurer enough payload wise to image with the mak? I think it will be the mak, a red dot and an asi 224 or 290 ill be using, i know im a bit foolish as i sold my HEQ5 pro but
  11. I decided to split all my gear in the end as every item bar two were claimed just of the photos I posted. I've now updated my photos and am unfortunately selling my Altair Astro 80ED-R FPL53 frac and guide scope Scope is less then 1 year old with original recipe and invoice direct from Altair, this comes with matching guide scope and now includes the Altair guide scope clamp and V3 flattener. Plus both scope and guide scope have longer dovetails with no marks as they have been clamped when in use. This scope is in sensational condition and is a fantastic 80mm frac. Fpl 53 glass,
  12. Hi, im at work atm and these are the only pics I had on my phone, I will update them when I get home or on request. If I don't put it up for sale now I'll keep questioning my decision! All gear has been kept in my spare bedroom in brand new pick foam cases. The mount has the usual wear and tear look but on the whole is in great condition. I average 0.4 - 0.6 rms with this setup. HEQ5 PRO tuned with new bearings and grease and rowan belt mod carried out. Tripod is included and so is the mains power supply not the cheap cigarette lighter one. Also has modified alt/az knobs for ease of
  13. Thank you and this is what im thinking. Im roughly 30 years from retirement atm maybe a little less, my kit will be far obsolete by then, we could even be living on mars haha, if i sell now and get some good money for it all im sure for my retirement present i could treat myself to some new kit! its just between now and then im worried about and how much ill miss it, lately its been not at all but they always say you dont know what you got till its gone....
  14. Ah yes them pesky gremilins! haha thats the worse bit, im gagging to get out there to see how i feel about it but the task of it all after being away for so long seems daunting....
  15. Agreed Steve, My set up is pretty portable to fair and this is my stumbling block, the two most expensive things in my rig are my cooled asi 294 mc pro and my Hyperturned HEQ5 pro. My scope is of money dont get me wrong but i feel if i downsized then id be jeopardising my image quality. Ive had a full spec DSLR before and the difference between that and my cooled cam imo is night and day, do i want to go back to that again...probably not, so thinking more about it, its either sell or all nothing at all. I have a 127 mak for viewing with some nice lenses, i can easily get an eq3 cheap to v
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