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  1. I’ve found that the focus is extremely critical, tiny movements have changed the elongated stars in my corners/switched the bad corners. To be honest I crop most of it out but I’m lazy!
  2. Hi Dave Thanks, makes sense! I use the camera histogram yes, are you saying that I could possibly use a lower iso without clipping data? Would there be any way of getting a RAW histogram showing somehow out in the field? I’ve read the sweet spot for the D5300 is ISO 200 or 400 which is obviously a fair bit lower than what I’m using. Mark
  3. Hi all, My local imaging site is SQM 21.2 Bortle 4, with my gear I can get 60 sec exposures reliably, I use ISO 1600 to get my histogram just clear of the left side. My dilemma is that I want to travel to a nearby site which is SQM 21.8 Bortle 2 but with my gear I think I’ll need to use ISO 3200 to get separation from the left. How much is the reduction in dynamic range going to effect my images? Does lower dynamic range reduce the amount of faint detail I’m going to be able to capture? I use a Nikon D5300.
  4. 00:24:43, 26/8/19, 60 seconds
  5. Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this, mods feel free to move if its in the wrong place! Was looking through my subs of Andromeda and came across this.....is it a meteor? Or something else? Pretty new to imaging so not sure what it is! Mark
  6. Cheers, I’ve been using a 3D printed bahtinov mask for the Samyang that I bought online which does help things, though I tend to get elongation of stars in one corner if the focus is slightly out, suppose it’s what you get with fast optics! I’ve been trying to experiment focusing in different areas instead of the image centre but I think I need to be able to fine tune! A manual micro focuser would do me fine, I like to keep things simple haha! You’re right, BY Eos/Nikon is great! Very kind of you to say, thank you! I am very pleased! Looking forward to seeing more of your images, they’re inspiring me! Mark
  7. Thank you! I’m using a Star Adventurer, Unguided. Still need to pin down the focus better, may have to invest in a micro focuser!
  8. First go at Andromeda! Nikon D5300, ISO 1600, 53 x 60 secs @f2.8
  9. Hi David First off, great images! I’m using a Samyang 135mm camera lens. I’d love to spend on a mono setup with a refractor - maybe one day. The lens has a hood but I still get stray light entering on one side. Really annoying since when I moved in the developer had not connected the lights and I had dark skies on my patio! I’m 40 minutes away from bortle 3/2 skies so I may just bite the bullet and put up with the drive!
  10. Hello all, I’m considering buying a LP filter so I can image from my garden. The main problem is I have a streetlight directly behind me, just wondering if a LP filter would be effective at this short distance from the streetlight, especially with the glare etc. I believe it’s a sodium type not LED, any recommendations for a clip in filter for the D5300? I know it’s not ideal but I don’t have the time to drive to dark skies as often as I’d like, so just experimenting to see if it’s viable or not my skies are 20.88, they could be worse! Mark
  11. I managed to go out again and try the focusing away from centre...it made a huge difference and much better! I will look into this though since I still have a little bit of elongation of stars at the very bottom, I usually crop them out. What would you recommend for a D5300 and Samyang? I’m guessing all mounted to a single dovetail?
  12. I have the samyang and a few issues with coma that seem to vary night to night. I always stop down to f2.8 but one corner is pretty bad, and what has me at a loss is tonight the worst corner was the opposite corner of the image! Bearing in mind the rotation of the lens/camera was not changed from previous nights. I think I may need to try out your idea, I normally just focus at the centre of live view with a bahtinov mask....
  13. I took this of Rho back in May with the Samyang from South Wales, bad tracking meant I lost a lot of data so it’s only 16 minutes worth, I’m hoping to top it up!
  14. I use the Samyang and was thinking of a QHY183C as an upgrade to my D5300 in the near future, a good match possibly? I was looking at the QHY247C with the same sensor as the Nikon but it’s quite a step up in price!
  15. Most definitely portable! To be honest the guiding scenario I’d really want to avoid for now, I’ve done a fair bit of research and I’m trying to keep my setup as simple and straightforward as possible. There’s no doubt I’ll eventually go for it though!
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