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  1. Here's my first image with this lens taken at the end of March, had to send the first one back since the stars were awful in one corner, this one is much better though! Nikon D5300 49 x 90s @f2.8 Iso 400
  2. Hi! That's great! I am slightly jealous of your holiday to Mauritius, must have been good to see some different things in the sky. That site is definitely a big help, looks like its fingers crossed for some clear weather towards the end of June! Hi Mike, Great photo, glad to know it's possible to get images of it even though the timeframe is limited! I'm using a Samyang 135mm and Nikon d5300 on a SW star adventurer, its unmodded, but I'm hoping that won't make too much of a difference. Good luck with your imaging in tenerife, looking forward to seeing what you get Mark
  3. Hi Xiga Thanks! It’s definetely my favourite deep sky view, so much colour! I thought that might be the case! I’m at 51 degrees N on the south coast of Wales so slightly better but not by much. That must be frustrating for you though, maybe you need to take a trip somewhere abroad one day to get a proper chance to image it That’s my long term plan If I can’t get anything half decent! Like you said, you need the weather too and that’s definitely not guaranteed I also like the look of the blue horsehead slightly above it, that may be a bit easier! Thanks for the link, a very useful site!! Hope you get a chance of imaging it too. Mark
  4. Hi Carole Sounds good, I hope it turns out well for you! I’m currently using a 135mm lens with a crop sensor, I’m hoping I’ll be able to capture the majority with this! Mark
  5. Hi Dave, thanks for the welcome! Luckily if I travel 20 minutes I have a clear southern horizon with no light domes, so I shall give it a try! Looks like people have had some success!
  6. Hi all, Not sure if I’ve posted this in the right place! Is it possible to image Rho Ophiuchi from the UK? If it is, what time of year is best, I’m guessing the summer? I’ve used stellarium to try and figure out when would be best but I’m pretty new to locating things in the sky! Any help would be appreciated!
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