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  1. If I use a 18-55m lens on my 450d with a aps-c sensor on 55mm the the focal length or crop factor would actually be 82.5m so the same would happen with a telescope as it's just a lens?? If I attached my canon to the telescope the focal length or crop factor would be 1875mm So what would it be for a 1/3 size sensor?? Surly it would increase the magnification??
  2. Hi, my (webcam) astro camera has a sensor of 1/3 and my telescope focal length is 1250mm what would the focal length be when then image sensor replaces the eye piece? I know that canon aps-c is times by 1.5 or 1.6 what is the math for the 1/3 sensor. Cheers
  3. I made my own with a bit of old wood and an old metal tripod top, as astronomy manufacturers like to try and rip us off. No way is a couple of weight and a bit of metal worth £200. They must think we are crazy.
  4. I just assumed it wasn't as important on fork mounts as stole can't be moved forward or backwards like a scope on a GEM mount. I will try and pay attention next time I take the scope out.
  5. Yeah, couldn't remember what it was called. I use the scope as is tbh without balancing didn't think it would make a difference unless I ran it with a camera. I only asked as I noticed it wouldn't lift the scope yesterday it would get half way and stop but the gears were still moving so thought maybe there wasn't enough friction on the clutch.
  6. This is the clamp, but the gear and plastic gets pushed together when doing up the Dec setting circle but I'm not sure if it is meant to have a rubber ring to help with friction.
  7. Its hard to show as I would have to remove the scope and undo the Dec clamp. Basically there is a clamp on the side that has to be done up so the motors can engage but as this is just a friction lock it isn't very strong, I've seen one post with a picture showing a runner spacer to help with grip but I'm not sure if they added this or if it's stock. Mine does not have one and the plastic and metal gear won't have much friction.
  8. Just a quick question for anyone in the know, On the Meade etx 90 Dec clamp should there be a rubber ring to help with friction when clamping down the Dec knob?? If there should be one then I obviously have somehow lost mine as even when I clamp the Dec knob all the way down I can still move the scope up and down so it can't be getting enough friction. Cheers
  9. I will be using a filed reducer to make it closer to 600 focal length. I have been looking at maybe going the drift align method to clean up what inconstancy is in the align process but as I don't have an illuminated reticle could I use my imaging camera and the capture software as the reticle?
  10. I didn't know you could get them, I will have to take a look. My mount likes to make polar alignment difficult as when it spins and does it's thing to polar align some times the eyepiece is pointing to the floor so it's very awkward seeing if Polaris is in view.
  11. Is astro photography worth it when not using auto guiding? No matter how much attention I pay to alignment it seems I am always limited to 30 seconds. Is this just want I will have to live with as my mount isn't capable of guiding... Well I don't think it is anyway. I also understand my mount and scope isn't meant to such a task as it's a fork mounted scope. But is there anything other than spending hours on polar alignment I can do? I have a Meade etx 90 with a reducer.
  12. I think my mounts issue was not down to any particular grease but the light diode or whatever it is called. The is a clear part then the gear with teeth spaced apart and a blue part on the other side... Well the blue part had been tilted back away from the gear so I pushed it back towards the gear and the strange slew problems seem to have gone. So hopefully the grease will work fine and the mount will be usable again.
  13. So far I've read a few articles online that said the same thing. I'm wondering now as white lithium grease is very light that is may not be binding the gears enough to help with the right amount of bite. To me the grease looked old and sticky but it seems it was meant to be like that.
  14. I'm more worried about the erratic stuttering the gears make when slewing at slower speed. It wasn't making noise like this until I had to replace a gear. And now both RA and Dec are giving erratic behaviour Inthe gears but they work fine at make slew speed. Its very strange. I left the cover off to show how the gears would jump and stutter at slow speeds.
  15. I have added a link o a video of how my mount now sounds after changed only grease and a single plastic gear. Both the RA and now Dec are having slewing issues. I'm sure or I hope you can hear how bad the mount sounds when slewing. The Dec gears only had new grease which I'm sure should cause an issues like this.
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