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  1. Arduheater - Intelligent heat controller

    Just give it a rest Api over json and call that from ascom or indi.?
  2. Arduheater - Intelligent heat controller

    You can use the ascom switch device which takes an output value that's not just 0 or 1. Ie any pwm or temp value.
  3. OGEM open source mount

    I would need those disks to be encased in covers first. But depending on how the controller turns out, that looks the right stuff. I hated the option controller. Didn't like the Meade autocrat controller and love the ss2k , so I may have problems there...
  4. Half- Moon shaped guide stars with OAG

    Agreed with the latter. It is another degree of freedom to control however. I have the TS OAG and the Brightstar. The latter had a prism tilt facility. But if you position the pickup right on the edge of the camera for you will get the best stars. And I find it's worth spending the time to focus as sharp as possible since you want as many stars to guide on from all over the sky as possible and sometimes they are hard to come by.
  5. Lazy Susan...no thanks.

    According to simply bearings, the pressed steel bearings need a dose of lubricant to smooth out the balls motion and also add some damping, at which point they will glide. I suggest some dabs of normal lithium grease will provide the smoothness and sticktion you want. I don't see the point of using a bearing like this and then raising the base onto ptfe gliders such that the bearings aren't running in their races properly - there's no advantage of a bearing there at all other than to provide a centre of rotation. I like the idea of transport bearings if you have a hard enough base surface.
  6. Laser pointer are dangerous, so...

    Laser pointers are only as dangerous as pointy sticks. Let's ban them too. Can you tell I disagree with the title? Idiots are dangerous , laser pointers are useful tools.
  7. Powering a DSLR

    Look for Ex-pro https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias.
  8. MORE 3 inch eye pieces!!!

    I used to use a big brass eyepiece with a 6" f/12 Cooke refractory dating from 1890. It gave a Mag of X32. Nice to see those eyepieces coming back.
  9. It is. I love being able to open up and image or view in minutes. There's even pieces of your kit in there ...I'm trying to rename what though.
  10. I always tend to have a baader uv/ir cut filter in place but that's about it. It gives great detailed views of Jupiter.
  11. Here's my na140 and VC200 on a non-vixen mount. There's an additional 80mm guider hanging off the visac. Had the visac for years. Good as a bucket but not on the planets.
  12. I really like my na140. It's a real delight on the planets and has a low degree of colour and quite a large flat field. It's my goto scope unless I wheel the 12" Newt out.
  13. Any ASCOM experts

    Opinion. I tried indi. Works, a bit klunkie. You will also find spurious com ports that windows remembers, especially after unexpected disconnects. They are safe to delete if you know which ones are real. I must say, I don't see this test in my ascom port trace so I suspect this is not ascom probing but testing those 'remembered' ports to see if they are real. Of course you could check the source code in source forge to find that out for certain. HTh
  14. Help please - software controlled 12v timer?

    Your scheduled scripts would do this, is rather the point, Mike