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  1. skybadger

    Easy PCBs

    That was it, I used them to create the Maxi pcb for the onstep controller and more lately the cam86 .
  2. skybadger

    Win 10 Home to Pro update path

    But you don;t do it that way, you activate a pro license key to an existing W10 home box using the system settings| licenses menu. Now going from 32 bit to 64 bit - that I understand. That's always been the case. I can;t say I've done it in 10, I did it in 8 and 7 by adding the upgrade license. They then got upgraded to 10. Back up your data to a folder on a usb drive and then re-install a 64bit version OS and restore your data. Dont forget the licenses.
  3. skybadger

    Win 10 Home to Pro update path

    Not true Try this : https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/12384/windows-10-upgrading-home-to-pro
  4. skybadger

    skysensor 2000pc internal battery

    I don;t recall filing anything. Maybe your solder is a bit lumpy. If anything, I think I had to solder tags onto the battery.
  5. skybadger

    All UK Stations up and guiding?

    Done my 2 hours before clouds appeared.
  6. skybadger

    Easy PCBs

    I bought 10 pcbs from a site in the USB based on a gerber file. Cost $2. Postage was $10 and they came from china. $2!
  7. skybadger

    skysensor 2000pc internal battery

    When I did mine it was soldered, a tagged thionyl battery available from RS.
  8. Mine is 12" diameter pier with a 13" top. The mount an eq8, sits directly on top of this. As long as the Dec axis to scope distance is the same or greater than the pier radius you will be fine.
  9. skybadger

    Setting up for an allnighter

    Hi Andy I have a fixed pier in an obbo so life should be easier than that. What is getting me right now is 1. Maxim isn't reliably Co nesting to the cameras 2, it will crap out in the middle of a sequence if I rdp into it from the warm room 3, if I slew to another target, I expect maxim to detect the slew, stop guiding and then pick up a new guide star once the slew has finished. Still frustrating !
  10. skybadger

    A Cheap Huge Worm Gear

    Hi Thomas, What's your experience in use ? I would be looking to measure expansion/contraction with humidity and worry about flatness and reproduce ability for PEC or auto guiding. But then you're using a dob, so maybe you're not driving the scope an d just using them to hold position ?
  11. skybadger

    Setting up for an allnighter

    ITunes -That's a phone spelling of ' it's a'. I have scripted out my sequence for startup and shutdown, the key frustrations are reliability and repeatability. That's about building confidence in the process and tools and the potential things that can wrong. For example, having built a remote power switch so Ivan turn all the 12v things on using web calls, I find my usb3 still needs a press on the switch to wake it up!
  12. skybadger

    Dome Slaving

    Does sharp cap control the scope through ascom ? Replace that driver with POTH and chain the original driver and dome driver from POTH to get to your desired result.
  13. skybadger

    Setting up for an allnighter

    When you say you try to set iTunes from scratch, what are you setting and why, if it's already tracking the scope ?
  14. skybadger

    Setting up for an allnighter

    Just the shutter, the flip flaps and the filter wheel controls to take care of then.... Does sgp handle meridian flips well ? Cheers Mike
  15. skybadger

    Setting up for an allnighter

    So are you running the acquisition scripted or kicking off sequences remotely by terminal ?

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