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  1. skybadger

    Quark power bank

    Ravpower on Amazon . Only issue is that some turn off if the current draw drops.
  2. skybadger

    Hello from Just South of Reading UK

    Hi Dave. Looking forward to meeting your mesu Sky badger.
  3. skybadger

    EQ8 Problems?

    Fair point , I hadn't noticed that as its searching similar issues with my EQ8
  4. skybadger

    EQ8 Problems?

    Maybe I'm mistaken. I shall check tonight. It will be on the engineering fly out (spanner) where the encoder on/off tick box is. MIKE
  5. skybadger

    EQ8 Problems?

    There's an option in the features of eqmod 2 that does encoder sync. That means you don't need the handset. M
  6. skybadger

    DIY Parabolic

    Which is what the naval observatory in Washington use as a transit scope. Been to that one. M
  7. skybadger

    Quark advice

    I have used a baader 35mm filter in front of the quark and decided it reduced contrast unacceptably. That was on a st80.
  8. skybadger

    Dismantling a Pulsar dome

    Do your nylon blocks ride in a moulded recess ? Mine don't. But it's still a great idea. Cheers
  9. skybadger

    Dismantling a Pulsar dome

    Hi Across, I'd like to understand more about your last paragraph, since I believe I have one of the too. My shutter rides on Teflon slides. Is this what you are describing ? Do you have some photos please ? Mike
  10. skybadger

    Using EQMOD to control mount.

    OK, I'll do that, thAnks
  11. skybadger

    Using EQMOD to control mount.

    I'm a bit surprised that ditching the handset is the answer. Is it only me that finds driving it from the PC such a poor experience ? I start mine (only recently acquired so still working out the best way to do all this for me) in handset mode, check alignment and then move over to direct mode. The reason for this is that the handset doesn't support slews using the skywatcher driver. Haven't worked out why yet, even though the firmware is up to date. Eqmod for me has problems with limits, parking, turning tracking off which I find restrictive and not obvious.
  12. skybadger

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    Why the square plate ? All you are doing there is sucking convective heat from the surroundings. Get rid of it, and surround the peltier with insulation to ensure you are cooling the back of the chip only. It will make a big difference. High density pu foam is good. M
  13. skybadger

    Dismantling a Pulsar dome

    I used a power washer to strip the rubber sealant remaining after splitting the clamshell halves. I also used the balde of a plane, used flat to slide between and cut the seal effetivelyy and later to remove the residual silicone. Worked well, just dont cut yourself. I powerwashed the dome and then brushed it down and applied polish via the power washer, like they do in a car wash. Wasn't ever going to polish Just needs a wash now to get the algae off, In the same way as everyone else's I spose. Mike
  14. skybadger

    Kingdel mini pc

    Thanks for that. Glad it works for you. Definitely exploring this.
  15. skybadger

    Jupiter ganymede and grs 07052018

    Thanks, working on the sequence, I have about 2/3 of a rotation but some are clipped at the edge. Mike

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