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  1. The problem with that DSLR ascom driver is that it needs bacK yard Nikon installed to drive the camera. There's a thread on cloudy nights about It.
  2. Two things: reduce load by surrounding Peltier in form fitting insulation foam and coat the electronics in conformal coating - varnish if you like.
  3. Peltiers respond to linear current control - ie big current transistors sourcing 5v at 7A. They didn't use to like power cycling quickly either since they delaminate due to thermal shock. I gather they are better these days.
  4. Was the CdC router a box of parts or did you make it all ? . How deep a cut can you make on the various materials ? Looks very promising.
  5. I gather the ups keeps the PC running g long enough to issue and validate the closure process ? My dome runs off a solar charged battery on the rotating and the fixed sections. It sounds like a good reason to have either a 12v PC or a 2nd watchdog micro to close down devices in case of power failure or loss of comms. I might start adding that to my devices.... Ta
  6. In the spirit of remote starts, if a serial port or power supply fails, then the mount loses connection and sometimes a reboot is the only way to fix this. Can you do this remotely? Secondly, if you reboot the scope, mine sometimes comes back on thinking its parked at home when a really it's somewhere quite different . The only fix is relax the clutches and swing it to hone and recalibrate. How do you recover from this sort of event ? Is the obbo roof under your control too ? Many thanks Mike
  7. What about the ascom remote model ? I am hoping device manufacturers start building the api in at device level now it's released and you can talk to them directly with software like ccdciel
  8. And what would your price point be ? You can buy pulsar after-market dome drives to do this. £750? How easily does your dome revolve ? Can you measure it ? I can t think of a kit that is cheap enough in brand new parts. Even using scrap parts, you still need new motor control parts , brackets, housing and software. What about a print-yourself kit?
  9. I thought we'd done as a community that via the belting and pulley solution.. What more do you need? There are ascom drivers for those solutions in open source.
  10. I tried that to start. However I recommend that you consider which is your primary pointing scope and whether it is cone error adjustable . Then decide.
  11. Mine does. I use Altair tms dual mount and it bolts to one end of the long dovetail .
  12. Absolutely it does. That's why I keep mine on under power saving mode. The reason mine died was due to a power cut and failure to restart after meant it got damp..
  13. No sooner had I written this than my PC died, with a psu fault.
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