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  1. Painting inside of a fibreglass observatory?

    I recall that to overcoat the top of a grp shell, you need to sand the shell because it already has wax added to it to prevent it being sticky which will prevent the overcoat adhering. Otherwise you do it while still tacky. Is this not the case for the resin coat you are suggesting ?
  2. Oh . Can we have a great big lightshow with fireworks please ?
  3. Yep I enjoyed that last time . Good way of meeting people.
  4. How about setting up some mentoring ? Pair people experienced in a skill with someone looking to Develop one ? Answers the maxim and PI questions ... ?
  5. I hate .... I love

    I love building stuff and getting it to work. I hate when it doesn't and it takes the obbo out of action while it's clear. I love observing with a collimated scope. I hate knocking it all out of alignment in the dark
  6. It looks like mine is a copy of a pulsar then, based on Anne's pictures rather than an original. (Ta muchly!). I'll upload some pics into my gallery https://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/album/4361-skybadger-dome/tonight to show what I mean. Basically I have internal ribs that project into the dome which means I can't drive off the inner surface which is why I've had to make a drive unit to fit inside the internal lip. Cheers Mike
  7. Skybadger dome

    Skybadger dome drive and assembly details
  8. IMAG0690.jpg

    From the album Skybadger dome

  9. IMAG0686.jpg

    From the album Skybadger dome

  10. IMAG0682.jpg

    From the album Skybadger dome

  11. IMAG0678.jpg

    From the album Skybadger dome

  12. IMAG0679.jpg

    From the album Skybadger dome

  13. Anne, could you provide a picture of the internal s of the dome please - so I can compare with mine? Sloz, that's a fab drive. Well done. How do you couple the sprocket to the motor ? I have several of those motors which have a male mating thread on the output shaft which means a threaded shaft extension could undo itself occasionally ... Mike
  14. Where do get custom size optical blanks cut?

    Thanks all, I can trepan the blanks I have but it's quite wasteful for cutting disks only just larger than the major radius. Is there a supplier who provides custom sizes ? I even have a porthole glass but it's hardened...
  15. It's time to make some mirrors. This is going to be a Cass secondary. Have both some thicker blanks 8" square by 1.5" thick and some thinner 6" round by 1". I can either buy a custom pair or I can get them cut from my existing stock. Anyone know a water cutter in Berkshire or can I take it to any old glazier ? I need a pair 92mm round by 12mm or so. Cheers Mike