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  1. Yup I gave up too after only managing to capture 6 subs on the Elephants Trunk. Forecast was “clear” all night and it was even mentioned on the news that it was going to be great for UK astronomers. Like you did, I used the cloud time to fiddle with things. PhD settings and nail polar alignment a bit better for me.
  2. So much for the most “perfect” night for UK astronomers, it’s clouded out here in S.Wales 😩

  3. SharpCap can be used for long subs for deep sky work, because I do for subs lasting minutes, along with many other people. SharpCap can also be used to capture Fit file format as well as PNG. The “offset” is the “black level” slider under the gain. It can also capture your Light subs and apply your master Dark frame to it at the same time, it saves all your various darks in a folder. The latest version of SharpCap also does dithering linked with PhD2.
  4. I use SharpCap with my cmos camera, and I can concur the Smart Histogram is very good for measuring your skies and working out the correct exposure, gain etc. SharpCap Pro version is £10 a year and find it more stable than APT, which I found froze all the time with my cmos.
  5. I think I’d like to try for Pluto too next time I’m out. Can just about catch the Sagittarius region over my garden wall A plate solve in the right region, then upload to Astrometry should do it
  6. Nice! Love my 150P, The ol’ Girl serves me well
  7. The clear forecast has disappeared, with a sudden downpour signing it all off. I wanted to catch the GRS :(
  8. I did however manage to sit on my glasses in the dark Now got a nice hairline “artefact” on one lens
  9. You had the heavy rain too then Gina? Here in Pembrokeshire it literally rained all day from 7am to about 6pm Don’t think there was a drop left for last night lol
  10. Managed to get a good hour or so observing tonight, before the clouds rolled in. Easily found M13, which was a generous peppering of stars right down to the core, more appeared the longer I looked. Then it was on to M31 and it’s companion M110, M31 still just a very large bright smudge but the large Moon that was rising didn’t help. Also looked at my favourite double, Albireo
  11. The 224 chip particularly is also already more sensitive in the red part of the spectrum, so that’s a plus if you want to go for HA nebula etc.
  12. So if luminance is captured 1x1 and colour binned at 2x2, would astro software match all the stacked subs, size wise?
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