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  1. Going by the Space Weather site, the sunspots aren’t expected to make a decent return until next year.
  2. Failing that, position your scope until it’s casting its smallest shadow on the ground. Should get you pretty close to pointing at the Sun.
  3. Spotless but still good to look at, perfect against the black background. Thousand Oaks film filter on a SW Equinox 66 + AA IMX224C Stacked in AS!
  4. I bought some theatre black out material to make a shroud for my 12” truss dobsonian
  5. Really nice, natural looking. Not overdone it with the processing at all
  6. Hi Mike, Yeah I like the VV catalogue, a printed version would be a great thing to have. I find them interesting and I enjoy the challenge, make a nice change from the usual suspects. There’s just so much in deep space that gets overlooked. I think some of the VV do cross over into the Rose catalogue, but the Rose catalogue is small with only 33 targets. It’s said to be more of a challenge than the Hickson groups, with an 18”+ scope recommended for observing.
  7. Firstly VV274/275 in Bootes, mag 16 and I believe a mag 19 in there. Could definitely do with more time spent on this, another one to revisit another time. Then secondly Rose 12, from the Rose Compact Galaxy Catalogue, in Canes Venatici. Mags 15-17.
  8. Very nice! I struggle with the gain with my 224C, what are you using for unity gain?
  9. Thanks Martin, that bridge was a bit of a tinker to tease out! Amazing what can be picked up with amateur kit Hopefully clear tonight, so I’m planning on having a look at VV 678 to see how many I can tease out of that nest.
  10. The other night I thought I’d have a try at capturing the bridge on Arp 104/Ngc5216. It was harder to capture it than I thought, with 6 x 5min subs only just catching a whiff of it. I inverted my effort, as it was easier to see.
  11. It’s not THAT bad, fair bit of detail there. obviously rather green, but that can be sorted with colour balance in photoshop
  12. Others might confirm this, but a tip I’ve been given in the past is that the mirror grips should be just tight enough to just about slip a piece of paper under?
  13. A little fact about ARP 104, is that it’s also known as Keenan’s System, after Philip C. Keenan who first wrote a paper about the bridge in the 1935 .
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