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  1. I’m not out tonight, I need to get some sleep. Three nights imaging till past 1am has beaten me, I felt awful in work today
  2. I’ll be out tonight, going for the hat trick! Dare say I’ll pay for it later, when I’m tired and aching....but how often does 3 clear nights in a row happen? Tomorrow night is also forecast clear....go for 4th hmm?
  3. Moon not very convenient for carrying on with M33 project, so was imaging in HA with the Nifty Fifty last night.
  4. I’ll be out tonight, in fact the next 3 nights are forecast clear so plan to be out for those
  5. Swathes of high cloud here, watching to see if it moves away otherwise I won’t be setting up afterall.
  6. Forecast looks set to be clear until midnight, so tempted to set up for some HA wide field at least. Cant carry on with M33 project until the Moon shrinks away.
  7. Not a cloud in the sky, but up early for work in the morning....how cruel Telling myself the Full Moon rules most things out anyway...feeling slightly better
  8. Murky, wet and cloudy here in Pembrokeshire. Tomorrow night is forecast to be clear all night, but typically I’ve got an early shift on Saturday so will be going to bed around 10pm for a 4am wake up
  9. Honestly what would I do with two of them? apart from a dual rig of some sort. I’ll pass
  10. That’s a very good price....hmm do I need another 183M?
  11. Heart & Soul Nebula, and the Double Cluster. Canon Nifty Fifty, Altair 183M + Baader 7nm filter. Roughly 5mins of 15s subs live stacked and dark subtraction in SharpCap.
  12. Quick experiment last night with the Canon Nifty Fifty lens attached to the Altair 183m Hypercam + Baader 7nm filter. Roughly 5mins worth of 15s subs live stacked in SharpCap.
  13. After last nights late one, I won’t be out....it gives cloud anyway. On early shifts this week, so won’t be able to get out until Saturday weather permitting.
  14. Don’t suppose you’ve got any 2” Ha filters going too have you?
  15. Very much so, I think the “clear” nights previously have been quite bad compared to last night. I would actually use the term “gin clear” no sky glow, actual black skies for once.
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