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  1. Okay Okay... I'll come clean... I'm up for being adopted as your annoying "little brother" if it means I get all your hand me downs... 😉
  2. Not only will I have your 70 APO and Mini Giro, but I've got your back buddy...
  3. Oh very well... Chuck them in too then if it helps you further down that path...
  4. Should you wish to reach complete enlightenment and inner peace Mike, I'll tell Susie "you're gonna need a bigger box" (to misquote Capt Brody / Roy Scheider) and you can toss in the AZ8 and the TV85 on the 9th...
  5. I concur with John. But would like to be proven wrong ultimately... Depending what the reasoning might have been behind your enquiry, this might be going up completely the wrong path. But might using one of these platforms achieve the goal ? If so, a fellow inmate is selling one that could be of interest...
  6. Ang Take it slowly and a step at a time. Soon you'll find you are walking and then running... Step 1 as I'd see it would be to not worry what you are looking at and learn to appreciate and enjoy your scope. Both during the day as some have suggested to learn to focus on trees and chimneys. Learn with the eyepiece with the highest mm number on it. Then move on to doing the same with the eyepiece with the lower number. Worry not about what Orion, Pleiades or anything else is. (They are interesting areas of the night sky, but you'll learn about them in time). Just start with the higher number (lower magnification) eyepiece. Have a look around. Learn to focus. Note the colours of the stars. Do you see any stars really close to one another ? (Doubles). Do you see some are Yellow / Orange rather than white..? Now you're making progress. That's how all the great astronomers started Now get a program like Stellarium on your laptop or desktop and on cloudy nights have a look at that. Be aware if you get stuck that Hertford Astronomical Group Has a night on 4th March to help people get to grips with their scopes maybe check out the Bayfordbury Observatory which has public open nights that are great for all skill levels And, if really stuck, PM Susie or me on here we're in Weston. Near Baldock...
  7. Yes Please... I'll PM you...
  8. Mike... I'm possibly back in the game... I've PM'd you about this and the TS 70... Simon
  9. Mike... I'm possibly back in the game... I've PM'd you about this and the Mini Ercole... Simon
  10. Apply for the PI trial. Then you have 45 days to form your own view...
  11. John I don't know whether this would help you at all. But to evaluate PixInsight and whether the wife and I wish to move into the AP world I've been playing with free to download data from Kayron Mercieca's Light Vortex site. There's stacks of options available and a significant amount of data for M42... Might help... Simon
  12. Dakaar Not sure whether you'd have any future interest in using the camera for any astrophotography ? But Juan sells previously owned Canon cameras and some of them are modified for both daytime and AP use...
  13. Like that... Appeals to my appreciation of "different to the norm"...
  14. Nice image Luis...
  15. I'll bring our golf clubs in case we're thrown off the course on day 2 !!!