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  1. I wondered when you'd be along... I'll await the Baader classified...
  2. @iPeace I felt the same, until Canon refused to take them in for a simple recollimation task. "Sorry Sir, we will only take the most recent versions in for service". Given the parts required weren't even available to self service they were passed on at zero cost to a friend who lost his sight in one eye after a head injury. At least he can get use from a wonky pair of unserviceable, over complicated monoculars... Thats why we had to buy the Pentax 10x50 and 20x60s... While mates still service or get their old conventional bins serviced, I had to toss mine because Canon wouldn't resit the prisms because mine were one version older than they'd accept for service... 🙄 May yours never go out of collimation after Canon change their service policy on a whim... Up to that point I'd have agreed with you...
  3. JOC, without wishing to sound like a politician, who never answers a direct question, I'm going to start by saying "it depends what you are seeking...". The familiarity you have with "the grey wispy colour" is good to have as a reference point. Many of the DSO Nebula certainly, to my eye, display similar "faint fuzzy" qualities... With your scope accurately "star aligned" use the GOTO facility to get you started in the right direction... (I'm sure everyone will have their own ideas on what is a good target to aim for and, indeed, their favourites. But to be fair, it very much depends on which directions yield you better skies and unobstructed / unpolluted skies...) One Susie and I found relatively easily and enjoy looking at, for example, is The Ring Nebula - M57. Another is M31 - Andromeda Galaxy. Whichever we've chosen, we make sure our eyes are dark adapted and that the GOTO has us pointed in roughly the right direction. Sometimes, something large like M31, is obvious in the finder... Other times it isn't. And when I say obvious it isn't going to leap out at you. What you're seeking is a "smudge" or traces of the grey / pale blue wispy. Essentially, something that looks different to the pinpoint well focused stars... If what you are seeking isn't seen in the finder, check from your star atlas or Sky Safari that you are in the right area. If not adjust in the finder until you think you're closer. Something "large" like M31 often then appears in the finder as you refine the position. Other smaller targets don't appear in the finder even though you know you are close... When you think you are close to the area of your target, then it's eyepiece time. If, as I mentioned, it's obvious in the finder. It should be in the eyepiece if they are well aligned. If you are confident you are in the right area but can't yet see it, give yourself time. Ensure you use patience, scan the low mag eyepiece carefully seeking that smudge... That's how we generally find the smaller or fainter targets. If you find it, enjoy the view and maybe see if transparency and seeing will let you increase the magnification... But you certainly won't see anything to "fill the eyepiece" quite like M42. Sometimes averted vision helps too. If after a while you still haven't seen it, make small adjustments and repeat... Some days things evade us because of transparency, seeing or tired eyes... Don't lose heart. Hunting them down (sometimes over days) makes the end result even more satisfying. But you are seeking things that are almost "not there"... Think Small, Indistinct, Grey & Wispy and go for it.
  4. Thank you @PeterW I'm loving the wide-field Bush Babies... Those shields look great.
  5. Stunning read @Stu used this and the Devon & Dorset escapades as the basis of an observing list for our trip to La Palma next week... Thanks for taking the time to write this
  6. Cracking read @Stu Thanks. Just worked through this to create an observing list for La Palma next week. Won't have our 8" EdgeHD with us though !! Just the little carbon 70mm APO
  7. Hmmm... Scope Mule may buckle under the weight of that... I'll get her into training !!
  8. Peter, there's plenty still around in USA. But I sourced my 2x lenses in UK, and Mike's in Netherlands where he lives. I've also just got hold of 2 of the 3x lenses here in UK to build a set of those... But they are getting tougher to find I agree
  9. I had the eyecups printed as per design. I was advised that printing in flexible materials is a bit hit and miss and ridiculously expensive comparatively. (Maybe because the Hub I used doesn't do it ??) We stuck to the Z-ABS and I heated the inner ring with a heat gun until it softened. Then, before they cooled and hardened, I slipped them over the backs of the lenses...
  10. Moderators, please delete or archive. Lenses sourced. Thank you.
  11. And for "TeleVue Mike" (@iPeace) a special limited edition I've commissioned
  12. Neither do I. I went on to I loaded up the designs I wanted printed. I had got those from the Thingiverse site. The zip file has all his revisions. So don't send the whole lot off. I only uploaded the "New versions with strap mount" for left and right and the eyecups I wanted. You then can select who you want to print it. I used the person listed as PrintHubLondon. A lady called Semra. She posted free of charge 1st class. She's worth using as she did mine so well and she's just done another set as a friend wanted me to build some for him.
  13. Printed carefully, using Z-ABS Huw, the tolerances are such that the lenses merely push into the housings and stay there. For the eyecups, for spectacle wearers, I'd suggest sourcing a 32 / 33mm diameter rubber eyecups. The sort Baader provide as after market options. Those would fit over the flange just below the screw thread where the rear caps fit.
  14. Stu Worry not, all initial niggles can be overcome !! You'll learn to love them... Since building my Nikon TC-E2 "specials" I've had my own teething problems when observing from my hammock. I need to fashion a strong piece of elastic to keep them firmly in place, thereby allowing hands free operation to cradle a Claret in one hand and a Cohiba in the other !!
  15. Done... With a second PM to add the email I forgot in the first !!