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  1. Nope. No response as yet. I'm happy to give time. But I've been contacted by others who have been emailing since late April. So I'm not holding my breath yet ? But here's hoping... ?
  2. I know you were empathetic to what @Mrs Racey and I might have been "grumbling" about John. But your recent research echoes what we did before we pulled the trigger... And what we believed we'd be getting... Ah we'll. One lives... First world problems. And others have greater than ours this and other weeks... I hope those that misrepresent themselves, their products and company sleep as well as I do. Somehow I suspect those with no conscience or morality do sadly... ?
  3. Scarp, with @Dave In Vermont's contacts with the new owners at Lumicon and the interview they gave him late last year; allied to recent posts by the new owner on CN I'm afraid I know all too well what's going on.,, It isn't honourable..,
  4. Let me be clear. I bought a premium priced Oiii filter. Purportedly being a premium Oiii filter. This is the graph... Would you pay a premium price for this ?? If so let's swap...
  5. To all those saying my filter is acceptable, I'll pay the postage both ways to exchange with you all...
  6. Irrelevant. If you purport to be selling a premium product whether it is a 1.25" or 2" filter and you are charging premium prices, you should deliver... The bandpass of Oiii filters sold as premium since November are no better than mass market filters...
  7. @Mark at Beaufort all valid. Except I'd ask, have you seen the band pass graphs of the Oiii filters Lumicon are now selling since November ?? Since November they are sourcing products from a completely different manufacturer and this is the graph. Worth £100 direct from Lumicon or £150 via a seller over here ???
  8. I was after a 1.25". But given the way they've changed the specifications without changing prices or alerting people I'd be happy with the bottom of a beer bottle over the end of my scope than anything from Lumicon... Given $100 spent on nothing better than a budget filter; my sense of humour ain't what it was on this subject
  9. Unfortunately it isn't @Mark at Beaufort It's bandpass is no better than a Skywatcher Oiii
  10. That's what we come here for, helpful encouraging insight...
  11. How many of us said that about a scope purchase ??? ?
  12. Not any more according to a conversation on Saturday morning... Hence my Astronomik acquisition...
  13. @John we'll be able to let you know Sir in a few days. We placed an order for an Astronomik one yesterday...
  14. That's fantastic. How's rigidity @Chriske ?
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