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  1. Richard, It compliments our 8" EdgeHD SCT perfectly... As a second scope to your SCT it would work really well. The only thing I'd point out is that, given its aperture, it's forte is planets, Clusters and the like. It can pick up some of the "brighter fuzzies", but as you'll appreciate on some of the genuinely "fainter ones" it does struggle somewhat... It really is a great addition to yield those widefield vistas of brighter subjects though... Simon
  2. Charl, I too have an ED80 and love its widefield views... But can I ask whether you've pressed your reducer into service for visual purposes ? I have one for our EdgeHD that works for visual and imaging. But as yet, I haven't found a way of using the dedicated 0.85 reducer on the ED80 for visual... Simon
  3. They're not the same. After your thought provocation I researched and there's 2mm difference
  4. The stats on Moonlite's site and Starizona's show differences to focuser length (2mm) when racked in and differences to drawtube lengths... I've double checked this with FLO too this afternoon...
  5. I can relate to that... We're used to that with our other refractors... That's what put the Moonlite on the radar over the Feathertouch. I'm sure you'll get your conundrum resolved. But I'm grateful for you bringing it to my attention...
  6. Got it... Should have put 2 & 2 together given the Hacksaw or Dremmel was being reached for... My bad !! The Feathertouch is a few mm shorter in "racked in" profile by the look of it than the Moonlite... Would that be enough for you ? Could the Moonlite hit the classifieds to keep the Pentax intact Mark ??
  7. Thanks for the "Heads Up". I hadn't realised there was such a difference in drawtube travel... I had been drawn towards the Moonlite because of the 8:1 fine focus (and if I'm truly honest the colour too !!). Although I'm sure all the current eyepieces we use would be fine with that travel, the extra the Feathertouch offers might "future proof" us. Is it outward travel you lack with the Pentax Sir ?
  8. May I ask if you've had any issues with other eyepieces since upgrading to the Moonlite please ? I've a LS50 that I'm thinking of putting the mini Moonlite on. At the moment I've been using a selection of Celestron X-Cel LX eyepieces with it... It hadn't crossed my mind that swapping from the Helical Focuser to a Moonlite might cause problems... Simon
  9. Excellent. I have people going back and forth regularly... Next bargain is a double stack Etalon for our solar scope. £1,200 here. £740 there !!
  10. Agh... If I'd known I'd have added one more of each to a recent order a pal from California brought over for me. I managed to purchase each from Lumicon directly for $90 and avoided delivery and duty issues by Jeffrey popping them in his briefcase... I need to improve my mind reading skills. Apologies...
  11. PM sent for 40mm & 32mm Plossls
  12. Goodness... That's a bit strong...
  13. @Louis D was probably referring to the fact you'll have to crank the mirror forwards from where it would focus with a 1.25" diagonal using the focus knob !! Thereby introducing the possibility of some SA. I doubt he was suggesting you need to get the tools out... I use a Baader Clicklock 2" and a 1.25" WO Durabright in our 8" EdgeHD from time to time. But the EdgeHD optics mean we don't suffer the risk of a little SA a 6SE might encounter with a 2" with the mirror cranked forwards...
  14. Seen in the online version of The Telegraph. Rather beautiful footage from NASA of cascading solar loops...
  15. When it's dark and when there's few clouds around I'd venture... Quite when that is; is anyone's guess given the vagaries of weather patterns (or lack thereof...)