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  1. Chriske

    6 Inch Ultralite Hiking Dobsonian

    Nice scope.. It could do with some blackening 'here and there' indeed. Especially when observing the Moon contrast will go down as it is now...
  2. Chriske

    Planetarium light Ceiling for Astro Van

    Completely 'nuts' ... I love it...
  3. Chriske

    3/8" T-nuts. Anybody know a good source?

    Shame on you....
  4. Chriske

    Help - 24in Mirror Flat?

    yep, that's Zerodur colour. But maybe, just maybe it is Cer-vit
  5. Correct Wim, Blender is not intended to be used for mechanical parts/assemblies as Gina need. Chris
  6. Chriske

    Play in focuser.

    Someone could print a new focuser for that scope...?
  7. Chriske

    Play in focuser.

  8. Chriske

    Play in focuser.

    I'm puzzled : How is the focusing tube held in place in the focuser... iow exactly in optical axis...?
  9. Chriske

    Teflon bearings for Dobs

    You need a slow cutting device to do this. If you use a bandsaw or whatever rpm should be set to a minimum. Cutting to fast will melt the PFTE instead of cutting. And yep, as Rusted suggested, a parting tool on a lathe should do the trick very smoothly, but most of all very clean.
  10. Chriske

    All sky lens

    I presume all this is done with a camera and a fisheye-lens. Would it be possible to just use a lens and a sensor connected to a computer(or other) to do exactly the same. In fact my question is do you really need a 'state of the art' camera to make this kind of images..?
  11. Chriske

    M42 to 1.25" adapter

    Hey Neil..! You just invented a new hobby : 'filament-knitting'... Gina :...thoughts...ideas...?? Here's mine : using 'flexy' filament it can be done. And using broomsticks as knitting-needles, you'll end up with a nice open structure.
  12. Chriske

    M42 to 1.25" adapter

    Start buying filament Gina..!!!!!
  13. Chriske

    M42 to 1.25" adapter

    I too print threads but never tried threads that small. Nicely done..!! Need to try that. But I first need to make a smaller nozzle I think. The smallest nozzle I use now is 0.4mm. (The largest nozzle I made -only a few days- ago is 2.5mm btw...! I need to test that one too.....) But there's one think I do not understand. The perimeter of the lower section of that part is rather rough and the thread itself is remarkably 'clean'(almost). Can you explain this please. A possible solution to accomplish this is by using 'Process transition' along the way...?
  14. Chriske

    1"1/4 - 2" 'in line' adaptor

    Using most of the time Newts there's no problem with these little gaps around the 1"1/4 eyepiece. I think there's another very BIG hole that most probably will collect far more dust than these little gaps. In my case there's no problem because I only need to clean my telescope mirrors every 10 years or so... And I too have stored all my telescopes in my workshop the last 39 years. On the other hand, I think you do have a problem. Never heard of cleaning the backs of lenses before. Refractors and SCT's never have to be cleaned on the inside. You only need to cover that eyepiece hole while storing.
  15. Chriske

    M42 to 1.25" adapter

    That M42 thread is it printed or is it cut afterward in a lathe..?

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