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  1. If they can't do it, nobody can...
  2. A gunpowder fuelled chair...?????
  3. Fun...?? That is an understatement James... Well, about the first men on the moon. I always thought Tintin was the first. he actually 'landed' on the moon. If I'm not mistaken all other have crashlanded on the Moon. Even Jules Verne did not land on it. Just read the book(not completely). He launched his rocket using a 300m long canon. To return to the Earth he needed a second canon stationed on the Moon. Imo there's zero chance there was the same canon waiting there to do the job...
  4. Done...! One more to finish.
  5. Only the landing-feet needs to be done to finish this one.
  6. Had some spare time to work on this one.
  7. Total height of Falcon + Fairing is about 1.2m. I can replace the fairing with a Trunk/CrewDragon unit. The cutaway is there to show visitors at our observatory what's 'under the hood'.
  8. FInished ; In a few days I will be adding the decals.
  9. Dam... Chinese rubbish...!... I thought I had replaced all SSR's. Seems I forgot one SSR swap...
  10. This is how it all started on my laptop... It'll be 1.2m high(about 4') Fairing filled with Starlink satellites.
  11. We sent images to a company to have the decals cut by them. There were lots of problems with that company. The files we've sent were not high enough resolution, it was not in the correct format, then the files were not big enough, then the files were to big. Seems that company does everything in it's power not to agree to do that simple job, doing what they're suppose to do, making posters and cutting decals....strange... So in the end I cut these decals all myself by hand. Still working on that LUT right now. For each stages I need 24 bolts M2.5x6
  12. Built a few rockets in the past, most of them printed. And all of them were 'real' rockets. This time I'll build a rocket out of the '50 era. First man on the Moon were actually Tintin, captain Haddock and Bobby, the dog. It's a very beautiful machine I think. Most of the parts already printed. In fact the trigger to make this rocket was a friends challenge to grow hot peppers in a not so 'logical' way.... The challenge is to grow his peppers upside down. The question came from a group of people busy growing only peppers. Purpose is to make the challenge as original as possible. Well my friend Yves asked me to make him this rocket, and he will grow yellow peppers. These peppers will exit at the bottom of Tintin's rocket and represent the flames during launch. At the same time I will make a second one to be installed at our observatory. This is how far I got right now. Completely finished it will be about 1.7m high. Printing time for these 8 parts about 14 hours. All is done in 'SpiralVase' modus using a 1.5mm nozzle. Still to do the 3 landing feet + 'wings'. For these feet I need to finish the printer in the picture aside the rocket. I can print 490mm with it, I like to print these feet in one piece. Before red paint is applied a little sanding is needed to remove a few irregularities. To be clear on the matter, there were in fact a few other rockets before Tintins landing, I know, I know. But these rockets did not land but crashed on the surface like Georges Méliès rocket. It crashed in the Moon's right eye....
  13. Lots of water all the time....L-O-T-S of it..., to avoid dust(glass) particles getting airborne.
  14. Second mirror installed, next the focusing-part.
  15. I'll be using SkySafari-V4 and also my phone.
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