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  1. The AVX mount States and as a 30 pound payload not counting the colander weight if I put 30 pounds on it and add collar waits to bounce the 30 pounds for visual is that ok. I have 2 12 lbs counterweights on it but need like 4 more lbs to balance it
  2. What is the optimal eye piece and even further filter for using for wide field views with the scope
  3. What is the barest sensuels you need to get live video on your laptop I have a 8" edge HD and and 80 mm explore scientific F 100
  4. so get an oIII? I deal with lp. But I travel to dark as well
  5. What filter should I get for deep sky. I have an 8edge HD and a ed80 f100 i have an adaptor 2 to 1.25 for my 2in diagonal so a 2in filter so I can use it for all my eyepieces and they are 17.5 mm down to 8. OIII?
  6. I have an 8in celestron. The lowest I would go is my televue 8mm. Jupiter and Saturn are in not good positions so alot of atmospheric turbulence. I would recommend you get good eyepieces like explore scientific 82 line and televue delos for that scope. You will hear its f10 and all that dont need to buy the best. But using that logic fs you when you get your nice new next telescope. I was gonna get the same scope you got a great scope but I went and spent the rent on the edge 8 HD and an avx mount. So mine being an f10 I didn't go cheap on eyepieces. I have 3 televue delos an an es 14mm 100 degree plus the 40 plossl it came with. That 40 isn't much use. But If I got cheaper eypieces ik would have had to buy all new eyepieces since I'm mounting an es 80ed f100 on top of it
  7. I was in your place 2 months ago. I have the 8in edge HD. Same size as yours. Same company. Ended up putting another telescope on top of it. I've been bitten lol
  8. How much weight has been put on these. My stuff is gonna weigh about 30 lbs with the included counterweight. But I would have to add another counter weight to balance it and that takes it to about 40 total pounds. And it says the max is 30lbs online. Can I push it that much. Not like I have alot of choice right now
  9. You rock dude I engaged them when installing the focuser thinking they were just loose covers of some sort. Ty so much
  10. It like winds up and snaps loud as you focus it. One way anyway
  11. I don't know how you do that lock the mirrors. But I pushed it like 1 inch
  12. I followed the instructions but I pushed the focuser in instead of screwing it. Idk if I should take the feather touch direct replacement for sct8 off and gently pull back on or what
  13. Last night I installed the feather touch micro focus on my Celestron edge hd 8. Once I had it on I pushed the focuser forward so the plate was flush again so I could screw it back on from the stock focuser It pushed forward smooth but I don't think I was supposed to push that in now my focuser seems like gets off when I'm turning it to get into focus it pops it jerks across the view I can get a focus to come in it doesn't seem like my focus is that great at all now I don't know what should do. So I can focus but it jerks like tension built up and pops back and my focus is ....only ok. I was thinking put the stock focuser back on to try to restore it and then install the micro touch again. I'm so stupid. Help
  14. Which program is the best for controlling in AVX mount making it slew or you get you know elected sky map and it's cool which one of these is a best that's cool easy to use And do I need to download other drivers to make them work
  15. What is the best program for laptop control. I know people use stellarium os that the one to go with
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